Sunday 25 September 2022

The Future of Sore Bottomed Guys


As long term readers will be aware, this site has been under attack from time to time, and has been repeatedly reported to Google, which owns Blogger. This situation became stressful and unpleasant, and was one of the reasons I was slow to return to creating images, following my injury earlier this year.

I had assumed that, as the site has been on hiatus, the problem had gone away. However, this week I was contacted by Google, who informed me they had deleted some content which they considered “possibly illegal”, and that if I continue to post content of which they disapprove, my entire account would be deleted.

As is standard practice for Google they did not tell me what content had been deleted, or what their concern was. They also did not allow me the right of appeal, or any means by which I could contact them, question their decision or even gain clarification. (They, of course, are Masters of the Universe, and we mere peasants may not object to their actions.)

However, upon investigation, it turns out they have deleted all the pictures from Part 11 of the Shaman's Revenge, where I briefly introduced the character Bobby O'Rouke (who got stung on the bottom by a wasp)

Bobby O'Rouke's age is not mentioned in the text, but as he is relatively young looking, I can only assume they imagined he might be under-age. This was never my intention, and, as the blog description clearly states, the stories feature hunky young guys 18+. However, the Google operative who deleted my artwork clearly did not bother to read that.

In view of what has happened, I clearly can no longer risk posting my work to any site or forum controlled by Google, or where I can be threatened with being reported to Google.

Therefore, all future Sore Bottom Guys updates will be posted to my other site at:

I hope you will follow me there.

(I am aware there are some issues with the text formatting of some of the older stories when they were copied across to the new site, however I will work to resolve that shortly)


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