Sunday 16 May 2021

The Shaman's Revenge Chapter 22 (part 1)

 The Shaman's Revenge

Jordan and the Speedos from Hell

(Part 1)

It was early on a late summer morning, and the sun was just peeping through the curtains of the small bedroom where Jordan had spent the night. Jordan's new guardian come baby sitter the Ranger had forced him to give up his usual, much larger bedroom, to his visiting cousin Harley. Who, he had been informed, knew how to behave like a well bread young gentleman man, and therefore deserved a better room.

Muts that behave like coyotes don't get to sleep in the kennel!” the Ranger had said, pointing Jordan in the direction on the guest room, a room Jordan had disliked and avoided ever since Aunt Blossom from Boise had died in it when she visited a few summers back.

That, combined with the spanking he had received for some misdemeanour earlier in the evening meant Jordan had retired in a very bad mood, with the result that he slept badly and was beset my unpleasant semi-conscious nightmares. In the most vivid of the nightmares, the Ranger in the jousting regalia or a medieval knight and on horseback was pursuing him across a wild and empty landscape, jabbing at his bare behind with the pointy end of his lance.

These nights the Ranger featured in most of Jordan's nightmares, invariably cajoling and bullying him while simultaneously assailing his exposed rear end with some instrument of torture.

Jordan could therefore be forgiven for imagining he was still dreaming when he heard the the familiar voice booming “Time to get up ya' lazy bug in a rug, there's a treat in store for you!”

However, he was instantly wide awake when the Ranger jumped onto the bed, sat on him legs, Trapping him face down, and whacking his exposed bottom with the rubber sole of a beach shoe.

OW ...OWWW! That hurt” complained Jordan angrily “Stop it man!”

Don't be such a wimp!” laughed the ranger “You should be happy, this is a special day!” he continued to enthusiastically spank his captive prey with the rubber shoe.

The day didn't seem special to Jordan, and it seemed even worse, when he spotted his cousin Harley, standing in the doorway, watching with a sneering grin on his scrawny face.

Before your surprise though..” said the Ranger, putting down the beach shoe “You have to have your shots!” He took one of the syringes from the dish he had brought with him, which Jordan had not noticed, until that moment and which was perched precariously on the corner of the bed.

Oh No! Not That!” Yelled Jordan but before the words had left his mouth, the Ranger had jabbed the needle hard into Jordan's left butt cheek, causing an angry yell of pain to echo round the house.

Jordan struggled to free himself and avoid the second jab, but the Ranger swiftly climbed on top of him, sitting on his back and holding him firmly in place. “Harvey!” he called “Come hear and give your cousin the second jab.

Harvey quickly scuttled over and gleefully did as requested

Jordan struggled helplessly, seething with fury at the humiliation of had his butt injected by his hated cousin, who he knew would be enjoying him self and would seek to make the injection as painful as possible.

Hold on!” ordered the Ranger “That's the wrong cheek … damn too late! You have injected him the same cheek I just did!!”

Sorry!” squeaked Harley “I got confused … should I get another needle?”

NOOO!” yelled Jordan “That's enough!”

In that case you will need a second shot this evening” Replied the ranger

Jordan scowled moodily, he had a reprieve, but only a temporary stay of execution, as he still had a further injection to look forward to.

Now for your treat!” grinned the Ranger as he finally climbed off Jordan “I had a discussion with the Doc and he agrees that you should now be allowed occasional breaks from the current bare butt treatment!”

Jordan, who had been sulkily scowling and rubbing his sore behind perked up immediately at this unexpected turn of events.

Only very limited to start with!” he put his hand in his pocket and brought out a tiny pair of blue speedo swimming briefs, which he held out towards Jordan.

You can wear these to go swimming for a few hours this afternoon!”

Although a break from the embarrassing nudity was a welcome surprise, Jordan was confused and a little dubious given the size of the garment being offered to him. “They are very … small!” he said

Nonsense!” Replied the ranger “They are perfectly big enough, come and try them on!”

Jordan didn't need asking twice, he leaped off the bed, grabbed the proffered speedos and quickly pulled them on, before checking himself out in the mirror.

The speedos were indeed very brief, the shiny blue fabric barely covering his groin and most of his butt cheeks! “Man but these are skimpy!” he complained

The Ranger laughed and gave Jordan hard slap across the seat of the tiny swimming briefs. “You are such a spoilt brat Jordan!” he said. “I told you the break was to be only a limited one! Those trunks are perfectly adequate, in fact I think they will serve their purpose very well indeed!!

To be continued.....




  1. Glad to see Jordan back and that the ranger has kept him in his place since the credit card incident. Really curious what will happen next. ;)
    I remember from the last installment that Jordan and the ranger was going to help out at the local fair at the "Test your strength" stall. Jonathan's two drawings of a similar situation is one of my favourite works of his, so would really enjoy seeing you create something similar, Bruce. :)

  2. Great start to what looks like another very exciting instalment in this brilliant series.

  3. I’m a bit sad that this chapter didn’t include other part of his morning butt treatment but otherall amazing as always! Can’t wait to see what’s next

  4. Hot start to the chapter...
    would be a real shame if Jorden falls asleep at the beach and his new shiny swimsuit lets all the sunlight right through to his unprotected buns. ;)

  5. I love spanking with rubber beach shoe, thanks for added it to your story ;)

  6. ranger forgot his ointment, perhaps he will remember later and forced to apply it in public, Jordan needs it twice a day.

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  8. I think getting poked by a cactus can rip the speedo a little, just so we get a small window for Jordan's pinky little winky hole to say hi to everyone. And in the pool for Jordan to accidentally get a huge bloaty enema from the unfortunate(very fortunate) placement of a water jet. Poor Jordan might try his best to reach the toilets but sadly the lifeguards are really strict about that no running rule, and he'll become the cutest water fountain in town showing everyone how far he can shoot clear crystalline water out his perky behind. Of course he would probably be asked to wear a thick "stopper" for the rest of the day and every time he swims from now on, to stop the clearly "overtly curious" boy from "playing" with the water jets on future visits, and a good spanking for disturbing all the swimmers, and the swimming classes around.

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