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The Shaman's Revenge (Part 6)

The Shaman's Revenge Part 6”

Characteristically, Jordan gave no further thought to the kitten he had just kicked, and felt no remorse for what he had done, instead he was far more occupied in feeling sorry for himself, and cursing his recent streak of bad luck.

Jordan stopped when he was less than a block from the Medical centre where he was supposed to be seeing the doctor. “Fuck it!” he thought “I'm not going to let him jab me in the ass again, ... that really fucking hurts!” he shrugged “If I don't turn up, what can he do? And if anyone asks, I will just say I forgot!”

He turned intending to make his way back in the direction from he had come, only to find a large, figure in a sweatshirt and tracksuit pants, standing behind him. “C...Coach!” he stammered.

Where are you going Jordan?! Asked the coach, “I believe you are supposed to be seeing the doctor this morning …. for some booster injections?!”

I ...I ..I...” replied Jordan, his eyes darting from side to side, in search of escape, but there was none.

I was training the basketball team!” continued the coach, “But thought I had better check that you hadn't forgotten!” He smiled “as your coach, your well being is a matter of importance for me.” He put his hand on Jordan's shoulder “Come on, young man, I understand you may be nervous, but it is for your own good. I will accompany you to your appointment ….. as moral support!”
Jordan opened his mouth to protest and assure the Coach that he didn't need support, but no words came, he knew, before he spoke that it would be pointless to argue. The Coach's firm grip on his shoulder told him the older man was determined to accompany him to the clinic.

Jordan's heart sank, it was clear there would be no way of avoiding those painful injections.

Minutes later, Jordan and Coach Amundsen had reached the waiting room outside the clinic and they did not have long to wait before the doctor put his head around the door

Ah Jordan … And good morning Coach Amundsen..” the Doctor greeted them, without questioning why the Coach was also present “Jordan, please strip off your clothes in the disrobing cubicle here” he indicated a door to the side “and then come and join us in the examination room.”

Jordan failed to pick up on the word “us” in the Doctor's instruction, but balked at the implied requirement for nudity “All my clothes?” he groaned

Yes!” replied the doctor, his tone clipped and efficient “ALL your clothes!” he frowned “And be quick about it!, we haven't got all day!”

Do as the Doctor tells you Jordan, I will be waiting for you” smiled Coach Amundsen, his words echoing ominously in Jordan's brain, with the subliminal message “You ain't getting out of this kiddo!”

His face set in a pouting sulk, better fitted to a disobedient five year old than an 18 year old athlete, Jordan walked as slowly as he could into the small changing cubicle which the doctor had indicated and moodily began removing his clothes.

Once naked, Jordan felt very exposed and vulnerable, his every fibre yearning to put his clothes back on an run out of the building as fast as he could. It was only the, still very clear, memory of the Coach's hard leathery palm which prevented him from doing so.

Now stark naked and clutching his hands over his dick and balls, Jordan reluctantly left the sanctuary of the changing cubicle and slowly made his way to the examination room as instructed. As he did so he tried to steel himself for what was ahead, but was totally unprepared for the sight which met him on entering the room. Not only was the coach and the Doctor, who was now dressed in operating scrubs, waiting for him but also two students, who he recognised immediately, both dressed as male nurses.

His, now much hated, adversary Martin Clifford and also Milton Rumbold, a skinny, and somewhat nerdish, youth whom Jordan had singled out for bullying ever since they were both at junior school, were standing next to the doctor, both trying unsuccessfully to appear serious.

What are they doing here?” Jordan demanded, outraged that these two should see him naked like this.

Milton and Martin here are studying human anatomy prior to going on to medical school!” replied the Doctor “they are here to observe your examination!”

Examination??!!” Jordan's voice had become slightly high pitched.

I am concerned by the results of your earlier tests!” replied the Doctor “And I have determined that you require an anal examination ...”

A what?!” cried Jordan “No Fuc …. No way!!” 

"Do not use that tone when speaking to the Doctor young man!” boomed the coach “The Doctor knows what's best!”

I think there could be a problem, and that we need to check”, continued the doctor, reaching for a box of disposable rubber gloves. “Now climb onto the examination table!”

No!” wailed Jordan “I don't need my a … anal hole examined!!” he looked as if he was about to cry “ not in front of ...them!” he pointed to Martin and Milton both of whom were now struggling top suppress broad grins!

Jordan Draper!” shouted coach “Get on that table now, or you will regret it!”

His face etched in misery Jordan climbed onto the examination table as instructed, surely this could not be really happening, this must be a nightmare from which, any minute, he would awake in a cold sweat. “Please let me wake up!” he prayed.

But this was no dream, it was cold reality, and Jordan was about to have his most intimate place exposed and examined in front of ….. Oh no!!

Dr Schultz pulled on the tight white rubber glove and stepped towards the examination tale “Spread your legs and raise your bottom Jordan!” he ordered, speaking in the same clipped and efficient tone as he had used earlier.

Mortified, but knowing that objections were pointless, Jordan did as he was told. As he dis so, his eyes fell on a large metal tube like object lying on small set of shelves next to the examination table. He had no idea what it was, or why it was there, but the very sight of it sent a chill down his spine.

The doctor moved closer and proceeded to prod the edge of Jordan's puckering pink anus with the tip of his rubber tipped finger. This caused a sensation which Jordan had never experienced before, his reaction was instantaneous and instinctive, jerking forward away from the invading finger.

Stay still Jordan” ordered the Doctor “You seem unusually sensitive …... hmmmmmm! What's this?” he pointed to a slightly swollen and discoloured section of Jordan's tiny rectum “You have a bruise on your anus!” he raised an eyebrow “have you been putting things up your bottom ….. or letting another boy do so?”

The watching boys both giggle audibly at this question.

No... I HAVE NOT!!” growled Jordan, now in an agony of embarrassment as he remembered the toy truck in the lily pond “I ...I sat on something!”

The doctor frowned “I don't know about this!” he murmured, “That is a very unusual bruise “It looks as if a hard object has been inserted into your anus …. take a look at that Coach, don't you agree.

The coach leaned forward to take a closer look. “Well, indeed” he said “that is bruised ….what have you been doing boy?”

It got stuck up there!” moaned Jordan in an agony of embarrassment “it was an accident”

I see …!!” The Doctor did not sound convinced “I need to check further up the passage!” he said

No pleased don't...” Jordan began to object but before the words had left his mouth, the doctor's rubber gloved finger was already pressing on the tight rim of his rectum, before it began to penetrate inside. 

The weird sensation caused by such a foreign object as the doctor's finger being inserted into him caused Jordan to instinctively tighten his muscles, with the result that his anal muscles firmly gripped the Doctor's finger.

Hmmm!” Said the doctor “It is very tight! … are you trying to squeeze my finger Jordan?”!” whispered Jordan his face now glowing pink with humiliation recoiling in horror as he could sense the doctor's finger pushing further inside. He could hardly believe that another man was physically penetrating him and this was being keenly observed by people for whom he had previously felt nothing but contempt.

It could not get more humiliating than this he thought, however, as he would soon discover, it could get more humiliating …..... and it was about to!

The doctor continued pushing his finger as far as he could up Jordan's back passage, feeling around for any abnormality, whilst the young swimmer's coil tense anal muscles continued to resist him. “I need to get a better look” sighed the medic in exasperation “Martin pass me the probe on that table” With his free hand he pointed to the large metal object which Jordan had noticed earlier, and had been right to fear.

With a broad grin on his face, Martin obediently picked up the extra large rectal probe the Doctor had pointed to and handed it to the doctor.

Thanks Martin, and the petroleum jelly too please!” Smiled the Doctor

W...what that for?” asked Jordan, his voice having developed a quiver.

It's a medical probe” replied the Doctor, “it will enable us to see further up your bottom and ensure there are no problems!”

You are not putting that fucking thing up my ass!!” yelled Jordan “It's fucking huge!” he moved forward, intent on jumping from the table, only to find the coach's muscular frame blocking his way.

Stay where you are!” commanded the coach “this is for your your own good ….... and if I hear you swear again you will be sorry!”

Unable to escape, Jordan looked back over his shoulder , and watched in increasing terror as Dr Schultz smeared the jelly onto the shaft of the probe which seemed to get more gigantic the longer he looked at it.

So intent was Jordan on the large metal object, that he failed to notice the a faint grin pass across the Doctor's face.

Jordan had been correct when he said the device was “fucking huge” for this was not the standard size probe, he would usually have used, as that had unaccountably disappeared, so that it had been necessary to borrow an extra large one from the veterinary school in the next building. It was Jordan's ill fate that he would be probed with an appliance primarily designed for use on a cow or a medium sized pony.

Once the shaft was fully lubricated it was time to insert it into Jordan's small, and unusually tight anal passage. This was not easy, as every muscle in Jordan's fit young body strained in protest at such an unwelcome penetration, and the tiny aperture seemed almost clamped shut.

The doctor placed one rubber gloved hand on Jordan's left butt cheek and pressed the hard metal tube against the tight, button like opening between the cheeks. For an instant the image of a shiny silver battering ram pounding against the firmly shut gates of a fairytale punk castle flittered through his mind.

With one further firm push the shaft was in, and Jordan gave an audible gasp of shock as it entered.

Relax, or this will hurt!” said the doctor gently, however, relaxation was now well beyond Jordan's capability, so it was necessary for Schultz to apply some force in order to push the probe more deeply into Jordan.

Jordan gritted his teeth and kept his eyes tightly shut as the cold meta cylinder forced it's way deeper inside him. For most virgins the first penetration can be painful, and for Jordan this was painful in so many different ways. It was not just the physical discomfort of a solid and sturdy item gradually impaling him which hurt but also the mortifying knowledge that four sets of eyes were right then focused on his anal deflowering burnt into his fragile ego as if those very eyes were laser beams.

Once the doctor has successfully managed to force the first five or six inches of the extra size probe into Jordan he picked up a small torch and shone it into the now uncomfortably stretched orifice.

Still crouching on the table on all fours, Jordan closed his eyes tight and tried to focus on anything other than the discomfort caused by the hard metal implement now invading his body, and the devastating realisation that his private inner sanctum was being illuminated for all to see.

The atomic wedgie and paddling in from of the swimmers and lacrosse team had been embarrassing and humiliating, but even that had not come close to the shame and humiliation he was now experiencing.

After what, to Jordan, seemed like an age, the doctor spoke “Well, apart from a little bruising, I can't see any problem up there! All appears in order” he said, before adding “Here Martin, or Milton, do you want to take a look?”

Yes please Doc” replied Martin quickly stepping forward “that will be …. most informative!”

NO!” yelled Jordan looking back over his shoulder at the beaming boys

I told you to behave!” snapped the Coach pointing a wagging finger at Jordan “these boys are merely getting an education!”

Martin took the probe and torch from the doctor, and proceeded to push the metal tube back into Jordan. “It is very tight!” he said

Try pushing it back and forth as you insert it” replied the Doctor helpfully “that should loosen it up!”

Martin did not need telling twice, and within moments he was enthusiastically pushing the tube back and forth up Jordon's bottom in in a firm rhythmical movement. “Yes, that's better!” he said as he proceeded to shine the torch into the open end of the probe. 

It might have been 'better' from Martin's perspective, but it certainly was not better for Jordan. Not only was the sensation most uncomfortable, but as the realisation dawned on him that his worst enemy was literally fucking him with what amounted to a large metal dildo, the depth of his mortification reached a whole new level. Could his shame get any worse? …..... just possibly it could.

The human body is a complex structure which can react to stimulus irrespective of what the mind may be thinking. Even totally straight and homophobic males such as Jordan have inconveniently placed g-sports, and as Martin manipulated the probe, it was lovingly stroking one of them.

Therefore, although Jordan's mind hated what was being done to him, as the probe moved back and forward inside Jordan it pressed against nerves connected to previously unexplored pleasure zones, which in turn stimulated the body to respond as it would to sexual pleasure.

To Jordan's increasing horror, he realised that he was developing an involuntary erection. He could not believe what was happening to him, how this be having such an effect on him?, what if someone saw it?, they would think he was actually enjoying what was happening, which he certainly was not. What if …........??!!

He frantically tried to think of something, anything to take his mind off the sensation and stop what was happening.

However, it was the doctor who inadvertently saved Jordan from the ultimate humiliation, whist at the same time introducing a new nightmare, by his next words.

That's enough of that!” he said “It's time for Jordan's injections!”

At the word “injections” a wave of cold dread rushed though Jordan's body, washing away any other sensation or emotion and, as if instantly deflated, his previously swelling penis began to shrink to a shrivelled size smaller even than it had been before.

After what he had just experienced he there was no way he was going to now put up with being jabbed in the butt. For once ignoring the looming presence of the Coach, he kicked backwards, his foot landing a winding blow to Martin's stomach, causing him to tumbled backwards, still clutching the metal probe, which had slipped out of Jordan's anal passage much more quickly than it had slipped in.

Jordan jumped off the examination table and spun round glowering at the Doctor “Fuck off you sick pervert!!” he snarled “you are not going to stick those fucking needles into my fucking ass …....OWWWCH!!!!!”

The coach's reflexes were like lightening, before the last word had left Jordan's moth, the older man had grabbed him by the ear and dragged him struggling and protesting across the room to a chair, placed next to a row of shelves.

The Coach sat down and pulled the naked Jordan face down across his lap “Refusing to take your shots are you boy?” he asked “We will see about that!” 

Holding Jordan in place with his muscular athletic arms , the Coach nodded towards Jordan's upraised bottom “There's the target Doc” he said “Now get your needles!”

No .. no don't!” shouted Jordan “It hurts, can't you give me a pill instead!!” he struggled in the vain attempt to free himself, but as he had discovered before, when the Coach gripped a boy, he stayed gripped.

Even so, the coach asked for assistance “Will one of you boys help me hold him down please.!”

This time it was Milton who scuttled forward. Keen to take his turn in helping to punish his long term nemesis, he placed his hands on Jordan's shoulder and pushed downwards, helping Coach Amundsen keep Jordan in place.

No, son, I am afraid it has to be an injection!” said the Doctor in reply to Jordan's earlier plea. “A pill would not be as effective!” he picked up the first to two pre-prepared syringes and squirted a small amount of liquid into the air. Then, as the coach and Milton held Jordan down, and watched intently by Martin he stepped forward holding the large syringe in his hand.

Jordan gritted his teeth, knowing what was coming, but that didn't lessen the fiery sting as the Doctor jabbed the needle hard into the fleshy centre of his unprotected bottom. “YEEEOWW!” he yelled

That's one!” said the doctor, withdrawing the needle with a faint grin as he thought of the impact that single jab would have “Just one more!”

May I try Sir?!!” said Martin quickly “it will be very …... educational”

Fuck off!!” shouted Jordan attempting to look back over his shoulder but finding his view blocked by Milton and the Coaches arms, which were holding him down. “I don't want that bastard jabbing me!!”

The Doctor paused for a moment in contemplation “I don't see why not!” he said, totally ignoring Jordan's protests. “As long as I supervise you!” He handed the second syringe to Martin “Here you go!” he said “Now insert the needle here!” he pointed to the lower part of Jordan's left butt cheek “It's easier if you jab it quickly!”

Martin felt a thrill of excitement run down his spine, as he struggled to stop his hands shaking whilst simultaneously attempting not to grin too obviously. He was about to stick Jordan Draper in the ass, something he had dreamed of doing on so many occasions.

He moved closer to Jordan upheld backside, holding the syringe as if about to throw it like a dart, then following the direction instructed by the doctor, he too aim, before thrusting the needle forward into the tender skin at the bottom of Jordan's butt cheek and then pressing down with his thumb to inject the solution into the most sensitive part of Jordan's bottom.

AAAAAGGGHOOOW!” Jordan let out a yell of pain “YOU'RE DEAD FUCKER!.... I WILL GET YOU FOR THAT!!”

I warned you Jordan!” snapped the coach “Your language has been disgusting and I have warned you repeatedly what would happen if you carry on swearing!!”

Excuse me for saying so Coach!” interrupted the Doctor “but it seems to me that the young man is in just the right position for you to deal with his behavour right now!”

The coach looked down at Jordan lying, bottom up, across his knee “Well, I declare!” he said in a passable Southern accent “It seems to me you are right!” he raised his hand into the air “I promised you another spanking Jordan” he said, “and a spanking is just what you are going to get!”

Awww, please no Coach!” wailed Jordan “My butt's real sore from those injections...”

Good!” replied Coach Amundsen “I am about to make it hurt a whole lot more!” with that he brought his large palm down onto Jordan's bottom with a loud WHACK!

AAOOWW!” I am sorry Coach “I didn't ...OWWWW! .. mean it!”

However, as usual Jordan's protests fell on deaf ears as the Coach's palm continued to pound his well rounded and much punished bottom, carefully aiming each second or third smack to ensure it landed exactly where first the Doctor, and them Martin had stabbed their long needles into the unlucky young swimmer.

As he, Milton and the Doctor stood watching the latest phase of Jordan's humiliation, Martin grinned to himself. He would long remember this day, when he had both observed and personally participated in first anally fucking then Jabbing Jordan Draper, and was now enjoying the spectacle of watching Jordan receive yet another bare bottom spanking

As he watched this incredible scene, something seminal and hardly developed began to stir in Martins mind, a sixth sense which told him that Jordan's streak of bad luck would not be coming to an end any time soon.

To be continued …....

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Jordan's Big Mistake

Jordan's Big Mistake

It was a beautiful late July morning, although bright and sunny, it cooler than it had been for most of the month, and had lost the oppressive humidity which could make summer in the southern states uncomfortable at that time of year. Having been raised in cooler temperatures of the Carpathian mountains, Goran had never become fully accustomed to the high summer temperatures of his adopted homeland, so he welcomed this respite, even though it was likely to be short lived.

As such, the old man was in an unaccustomed good mood as he made his way down the street, heading towards the nearby park, where he planned to sit in the now more bearable sunshine and enjoy the day. His good mood was further improved by a few undisturbed night's sleep, as, since the incident with the hornets, his, now much subdued downstairs neighbour Chase Colby, had ceased playing loud music into the early hours, for which Goran was very grateful and he resolved to forgive the lad for his previous lack of consideration.

Chase, of course, was not the only local youth who had recently angered Goran. Young Jordan Draper had done far worse that Chase Colby, not only had he assaulted Goran, but he had deeply offended the old man, to the point where the aged shaman had summoned up slumbering and long forgotten forces from deep within the Earth dark heart to enact revenge.

For a while, in the red mist of his fury, Goran had been blind to compassion, and as such Jordan, and in particular, Jordan's cute, 18 year old, bottom had paid dearly for his crimes. However, today, for the first time in a long while, Goran felt calmer and happier, he was finally in a mood to forgive, maybe even to forgive Jordan Draper.

It was then that a faint “meowing” sound attracted his attention to a small ginger ball of fur on the side of the path, a tiny kitten, maybe only a few month's old, and perhaps having ventured away from its mother for the first time.

Goran was an animal lover, with a particular affinity for cats, a creature been the familiar of Goran's type. He bent over and petted the tiny feline, which rubbed it's head against his calloused old hand in a friendly manner. The little animal's display of innocent affection warmed the old shaman's heart, and quelled and remaining desire for vengeance. Perhaps it was time to call back the forces he has unleashed, and to cease punishing Jordan.

As he hobbled on, Goran was thinking about Jordan Draper, and whether the recent experiences might have improved his character, when, by an unexpected coincidence, Jordan himself appeared, walking down the pavement towards Goran.

Jordan did not recognise Goran, he had quite forgotten the incident the previous week, when he had knocked the old man over, then kicked and insulted him. In fact he hardly noticed Goran as he walked past forcing the older man to step off the path as he did so. He had more important things on his mind than some irrelevant old fossil.

Jordan was both angry and nervous, today was the day he was supposed to return to the doctor for his booster injections, and he needed to fathom a way of avoiding that, especially as the Doc insisted on jabbing those huge needles into his ass.

As Jordan continued down the path, the kitten, which had only ever known kindness in it's short life, trotted forward, meowing prettily, in the expectation of being petted and perhaps even given food.

Jordan was not by nature cruel to animals, and was, if anything, usually indifferent to them, preferring to bully weaker humans. But now he was angry, frustrated and in and an altogether very bad mood. Sill in discomfort and with the memory of his recent humiliations still fresh in his mind he felt the need to lash out at something, and the kitten offered a suitable target. So it was that Jordan committed and act of brutality which would have consequences which he could not imagine.

Fuck off rat!” snarled Jordan, aiming a kick at the diminutive creature, hitting it in the rump and sending it flying through the air with a high pitched and plaintive cry of pain to land heavily, for a kitten, on the grass at the side of the path.

Jordan walked on without looking back, or caring what had become of the baby cat.

Goran watched in horror, at first unable to believe what he had just seen, or comprehend how anyone could be so cruel to such a fragile and innocent creature.

As fast as his old legs could carry him he hobbled back to where the kitten had been, anxious to check that it was alive and unhurt. However, having lost forever it's innocent trust in humans, the little animal now hissed at him and ran away to hide in a nearby bush .

Goran turned to watch Jordan heading down the road and felt the rage which had all but abated rise again within him. As his tiny but piercing eyes focused on Jordan's jeans clad behind any remaining vestige of compassion and forgiveness evaporated to be replaced by pure white hot fury.

He could pardon what had been done to him, but such an act of cruelty against a helpless animal was unforgivable. As he stood there, his ancient claw like hands gripped into tight fists and his habitually bent back now ramrod straight, his lips began to move as he began to chant incantations in an archaic and long dead dialect understood only by forces now stirring again in the deep and airless caverns far below his feet.

As Jordan walked on he had no idea how close he had come to a reprieve or how one split second act of animal cruelty had blown it for him.


The Shaman's Revenge Part 6” will be posted shortly

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The Shaman's Revenge Part 5

The Shaman's Revenge Part 5

Jordan gets spanked (again)
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Jordan was painfully aware of his nakedness, made worse by the people people all around staring and pointing at him. He desperately looked around for something to cover himself with, but the only thing he could find was a child's comic, and that of course would only cover his groin, and not his shiny red and well spanked bottom.

There was no way the two teams of athletes would allow him back in the locker room to collect his clothes, so he had to somehow make his way home. Unfortunately, home was on the other side of town. The quickest way, and his usual route, would have been through the busy centre of town, but there was no way he would do that in the nude.

He considered taking the side roads, but to his despair he saw that they were also full of people. The only option was to take the long way round, through the park.

Jordan ran as quickly as he could until he reached the park entrance, trying but failing to ignore the surprised laughter of people who saw him passing by.

Once in the park, he hid behind a bush and attempted to gather his thoughts, hoping that he could think of some way he could rescue the situation and regain his position as the top jock on campus. But no solution came to him, his reputation had been permanently damaged, and he would now forever be known as the guy who got a wedgie spanking from the coach. He cringed, as the realisation that, at that very moment, word was spreading like wildfire through the college.

His humiliation was complete, how could he ever show his face at college again?!!

His even more immediate problem was how to get home without showing is bright red and very sore bottom to that section of the town who had not already seen it?!!

While a sore bottomed and humiliated Jordan was hiding behind a bush and pondering his dilemma, in an office elsewhere in the town a telephone rang and was answered by a muscular man in his late thirties with the words. “Hello Gordon Draper?”

Ah Mr Draper!” said a serious sounding voice on the other end of the phone. “I am phoning from from the college to inform you of a serious disciplinary matter regarding your son Jordan!”

Regarding Jordan” Mr Draper sounded concerned “Is there a problem?”

I am afraid there is!” replied the voice “and it is very serious ..”

Mr Draper frowned “Go on” he said “… tell me more ...”

Back in the city park, Jordan had decided he could not stay hidden in the bushes indefinitely, and that, nude or not, he had to try and make it home. So he crawled out from his hiding place and began to make his way across the park.

It was then that he heard the sound of voices signalling than a group of people were approaching. Anxious not to be seen by any more people he crouched down and began backing towards the bushes. However, as Jordan really should have learnt by then, it would have been wise for him to check exactly where his butt was heading as he moved. However, as he was fixated on the direction the voices had come from, did not think to glance back over his shoulder.

Had he looked back, he would have seen the large spiky Arizona cactus right behind him, and realised that his, still very sore, bare bottom was heading straight for it. However, Jordan didn't look back, and moments later his much abused and exposed behind came into contact with one of planet Earth's most prickly plants.

Jordan let out a high pitched yell, as the sharp pricks of the cactus jabbed into his bright pink butt cheeks. And he leaped forward rubbing his now pricked, paddled, singed and jabbed backside!! tears welling up in his eyes. The Doctors little injection had now taken full effect with the result all sensations, especially unpleasant sensations, were considerably exaggerated.

However, Jordan's thoughts were briefly distracted from the pain in his backside, by the sudden arrival of a stray dog. Jordan did not recognize the animal, but it recognized him as the unkind human who had thrown a brick at it a few days previously.

Although Dogs have no concept of nudity, the ancient instincts inherited from the animal's wild ancestors enabled it to sense that Jordan was now exposed and vulnerable. Now was the time for the hound to take it's revenge. Bearing it's fearsome fangs and snarling the dog lunged at Jordan.

Luckily for Jordan, he had the reactions and agility of that athlete he was, and these enabled him to avoid the dog and climb a nearby tree, instants before the brute was able to sink it's teeth into his flesh.

However, if it seemed to Jordan that escaping the dog meant his luck was finally improving, he was very wrong! Our ill starred hero had only climbed about 20 foot up the tree when a branch gave way beneath him and he fell forward into a fork between the branches, where he immediately became stuck, with his front part on one side and his still rosy red bottom and kicking legs on the other side.

Jordan struggled and kicked but it look him a good ten minutes to free himself from the tight position he was in.

For those ten minutes, Jordan's beacon like bottom presented a group of little boys a perfect target for their slingshots. 

Jordan was an infamous local bully, and most of the youngsters had either suffered at his hands or knew friends who had. Hence, they took considerable pleasure in peppering his already well punished bottom with the hard pieces of gravel and small stones which they found lying around.

AAAAHHHH.... OOOOWWW!! … OUCH!! … Fuck you!! … I'll kill you, you little c..... AAAAOOOOW!! yelled Jordan's as the missiles hit their target with significant speed and impact!

The casual observer, might wonder at the mysterious coincidence of the boy's, equipped with slingshots, arriving just as Jordan got himself jammed into the tree, and in so doing became so ideal for their target practice. However, as we have learned, such coincidence were now becoming the normality of Jordan Draper's life.

Finally Jordan managed to free himself, at which point the young boy's made a swift departure, anxious to avoid their earlier target's fists.

After checking that the dog had also given up and moved on, Jordan carefully climbed back down the tree. He realised that his plan to get home through the park had been a mistake, and that he needed to get to sanctuary, to his clothes and some soothing cream for his bottom, as quickly as possible, even if that meant running stark naked through the centre of town.

Gritting his teeth he turned and ran out of the park and down the road leading to Main Street. He knew this would be embarrassing, and it certainly was.

As Jordan sprinted across Main Street, people turned, gawped and laughed, as he knew they would, sights like this were not common in small town America, and would, therefore, be remembered and talked about for many months and probably years to come.

To his horror and increasing embarrassment, he spotted a familiar face in the crowd. Lucy-Mae McCormick, the gorgeous babe he had been planning a hot date with only days before, was staring with wide eyed and shocked amusement, her hand clasped over her mouth. That hot date would now never happen, as Jordan ran on he realised that not only was his reputation destroyed but his sex life was as dead as General Custer's horse for the foreseeable future.

Finally the shamed and naked runner reached the street on which he lived. As he ran down it, that street had never seemed so long before, and why was everybody out in their front gardens?. Old Miss Turpin out tending to her roses, Mr Ericson mowing his lawn, the Turner triplets playing with their dog and that sexy well preserved MILF Mrs De Marco sunning herself on her front porch. All of them, all his neighbours, could enjoy at his nakedness and still spanked butt as he ran past, and being a handsome guy, most of them did enjoy the sight (although Agnes Turpin had to lie down in a darkened room until the palpitations subsided).

Thankfully the back door was unlocked, as Jordan's door keys were still in his sports bag back in the locker room.

As soon as Jordan got into the house he rushed into the shower and spent the next half hour in a desperate attempt to sooth his burning bottom with a carefully regulated flow of tepid, warm, water. At first it had almost no effect, but finally the healing power of cool water began to work its magic, and, although still tender and smarting, the worst of the sting in his backside began to ease. With a sigh of relief Jordan stepped out of the shower, and dried himself with a towel before making his way to his room.

His mind was spinning. Trying to fathom how he had ended up in such an uncomfortable and humiliating situation, there must be some way he could restore his reputation and then he could get his revenge on that Martin Clifford fa.......

His thought came to an abrupt halt as he stepped into his bed room and saw his father standing beside his bed, his arms folded and a furious look on his face. Bizarrely and, somewhat disturbingly, one of his Dad's size 11, rubber soled bedroom slippers was lying on Jordan's bed.

Dad? … what are you doing here?” asked Jordan, surprised to see his hard working father home so early.

I am here to deal with you son!” snapped his father “I have received some very disturbing reports about you from the college!”

Like..w ..what?” stammered Jordon, nonplussed by the sight of his usually calm and taciturn father appearing so angry and agitated! He suddenly remembered he was naked and quickly wrapped the towel he was carrying around his waist. He had never had much respect for his father, and certainly no fear, but now the man terrified him.

That you stole valuable trophies and attempted to blame fellow students for your actions. That you have been bullying younger and weaker boys, and that you have brought our family name into disrepute!” stormed the angry older man!

No Dad... its all lies ...” spluttered Jordan, “I can explain!”

The time for explanations are over Jordan!” roared his father “I have come to an agreement with the college, … and I plan to start honouring my side of that agreement right now!!”

w.. w ...w what do you mean?”

They have agreed not to prosecute, provided that I take you in hand and start imposing some long overdue … discipline!”

D.. discipline …?”

Physical discipline!” as those words still echoed round the room, Gordon Draper strode across the room and grabbed the still stunned Jordan by the ear, before dragging him towards the bed, sitting down and pulling his son over his lap.

I have agreed with the college that I will spank you Jordan, and that I will spank you hard and spank you often!” he grabbed hold of the hem of Jordan's towel and pulled it up over his waist revealing the 18 year old's bare bottom “There has not been enough spanking in your life Jordan, but that is about to change!!!”

Spanking?!! No Dad, you can't!” yelled a very alarmed Jordan “I'm 18 … and besides, my ass .. uh .. my bottom is real sore!”

Yes, and I am pleased to hear it, I was told the coach had to discipline you!” replied Mr Draper “I must thank him for, starting the job, but I plan to finish it … NOW!”

Jordan attempted to pull away and get to his feet, but his father seemed to have acquired strength he never knew he possessed, and firmly held Jordan face down across his lap.

In future, Jordan, when ever you step out of line, you will get spanked!” he raised his hand above his head, and brought it down with a loud SMACK! on Jordan's bottom “If you are rude to your Mom, or bully your brothers, you will get spanked!” SMACK! “If you get up late on a school day, you get spanked!” SMACK!

OWWW!” yelled Jordan, “Dad please stop, can't we talk about this”

However, his father continued “Anything less than an 'A' grade in your college tests , will earn you a spanking!” SMACK!!

What?” yelled Jordan, who's lifetime best academic grade in school work had been a D+ in English “I can't get A's!”

Then you are going to get lots of spankings!” SMACK” replied his father. “In fact, to start off as I intend to carry on” SMACK! “I will spank you every night for the rest of this week!” SMACK “It is no less than you deserve!” SMACK “And, if you don't behave I shall do it again every morning!” SMACK “If you think your bottom is sore now young man, that is how it going to feel every night this week!!”

You can't!” protested Jordan furiously “I'll fucking leave fucking home!”

How dare you use that language to me?” SMACK “In any event, you can't 'leave home'!” SMACK “You are forgetting a little matter of a court order!” SMACK “following the little matter of borrowing the neighbours car” SMACK “driving underage, wrecking the car and being caught in possession of Marijuana!” SMACK”The court put you under my care until you are 21!” SMACK “If you leave home, the sheriff's deputies will just bring you back … every time!”

Jordan hissed a profanity through his teeth, he had indeed forgotten that damn court order, at the time he thought it no big deal and that he had got away with what he'd done, it didn't seem like that now.

It's two and a half years until you are twenty one son, I know maths isn't your strong point, but you can get a hell of a lot of spankings in two and a half years!”

OOOWW! … no Dad please!!” wailed a now very miserable Jordan

At that point the bedroom door opened, and Jordan's two younger brothers, made curious by the noise, entered the room!

GET OUT” shouted Jordan “Make them leave Dad, I don't want them to see this..!!!”

Your brothers can stay and watch!” replied Mr Draper “It will do them good to see what happens top naughty boys …. even if they are 18! SMACK!!

Jordan's embarrassment at his spanking being watched by his brothers would have been even worse, had he realised that, with the bedroom windows open the sound of his bare bottom spanking was floating out of the window to the street below where a crowd was already gathering. A curious observer might ask why both Martin Clifford and Coach Amundsen had chosen to walk down that suburban street that very afternoon. However, the curious observers were too occupied by the sounds coming from Jordan's bedroom to notice the two men joining them.

They, however, noticed each other and exchanged a glance, which briefly revealed a kinship. The coach maintained a straight faced expression, but Martin could not hide the grin which spread across his face as he realised that he was not alone in the sensations he was feeling.

A thrill of previously unknown excitement ran through him, as he listened the smacks and yelps coming from the open bedroom window, in his mind's eye he imagined Mr Draper's hard palm smacking down again and again onto Jordan's beautifully formed bottom. Handsome swimming jock Jordan Draper was getting the comeuppance he so deserved, and the excitement and pleasure which that knowledge gave Martin would stay with him for a long while.

As the men outside the house, continued to listen to Jordan's spanking, a very old man hobbled past them. Goran, for it was he, stopped briefly and listened to the sounds. He then chuckled to himself, straightened up and then walked on, now with a renewed and more youthful vigour to his stride.

Back in the bedroom the smacks had turned to WHACKS as Mr Draper had picked up his slipper and begun spanking Jordan with that. The towel had fallen away, and Jordan was now naked. The pain in his bottom was now unbearable, and despite being observed by his little brothers, tears were now streaming down his face and he, Jordan Draper, the handsomest and coolest dude on campus was crying and blubbering like a little kid.

Nothing in his 18 year on earth had been so painful and humiliating. He had been publicly shamed, stripped naked, his bottom subjected to a multitude of agonising punishments, and now it seemed he was facing a full week of spankings. It could not possibly get worse than this …..

Or could it ….....?