Friday 25 January 2013

Boy Band get their Butts Buzzed

Lawson Receive Electric Shocks to their bottoms

Lawson are an upcoming UK Boy Band, and rather cute.  Here Emma Willis quizzes them on Celebrity Big Brother's Bit on the Side and administers electric shocks to the seats of their pants if they get an answer wrong.

The full interview lasted about four and a half minutes, during which the boys received repeated electric shocks to their bottoms, if anyone knows where the full version can be found please let us know. 

UK viewers can watch the full 1 hour show here
The interview with Lawson is about half way through (sorry!)


  1. I could have a lot of fun if I can get some of those shockers. I'd put them in the pants of some real hot guys.

  2. Perhaps they should be issued to school teachers...!

  3. Any chance to see a new piece of your great art in the near future?

  4. Thanks Anon

    Yes there will be an update to this blog shortly