Sunday, 23 March 2014

Caption it - Two

A second picture created some while ago but which never developed into a story. If this inspires anyone to write a caption, or, if you feel really creative, to describe the scenario, please post it in the "comments" section below. 


  1. Caption: You're about to learn what happens to men who break my daughter's heart.

    Caption: Don't worry, we won't call the law. We have our own way of dealing with thieves around here...

    Caption: Anyone who wants to work in this machine shop has to be man enough to undergo a little hazing. Well, maybe not just a little...

    Caption: My stepdaddy always told me that a whuppin' now and then does any young man a world of good. I reckon that must go double for any young man caught spray-paintin' graffiti on folks' property.

  2. "Well, it looks like you're either not too bright or not too lucky, son. Either way, you're sure gonna be sorry for trying to break into my house the night me and my old fraternity buddies were reminiscing about our hazing days. Let's see if I can still swing the paddle like I used to..."

  3. Derek knew he'd been rude to the new couple next door. He'd been a prick to call the cops on their housewarming party for a little noise, and to fail to own up to denting their car with his, thinking no-one had seen anyway. And he was needlessly snotty at the park last weekend to dismiss the younger man, Josh, as "desperate white trash" over his penchant for ill-fitting jeans and cheap polos, and the older Mark as his "ridiculous sugar daddy." Perhaps all this was why he'd let his own partner, Bruce, seduce him into this absurd, rather humiliating bit of foreplay with rope and a wooden paddle. Little did he know that it was also why Bruce had concocted the scenario in the first place--until the doorbell rang, and Bruce went to answer it with a devilish grin. Now Derek found himself squirming hopelessly before of all three of them, rudely exposed from the waist down, and himself looking the very picture of desperation and ridiculousness. Especially since he'd always had a secret thing for being put in his place by "white trash", as was now embarrassingly evident to everyone in the room.

  4. "I told you that if I caught you again spying on the neighbours while they would have been consequences... now they'll see your naked butt becoming deep purple"

  5. As the youngest of four brothers, Guy was expected to have a meal on the table when his siblings arrived home; so when it didn't happen, the kitchen seemed an appropriate location to give little bro a good tanning for failing to fulfil his duties.