Saturday, 2 September 2017

An Unlucky Skinny Dipper

Randall should have looked before sitting down on that rock, but who Knew hedgehogs sunbathed?!! 

Randall's luck got even worse, as he was jumping up and down clutching his sore, hedgehog pricked bottom, Officer Dickman came past and saw that he had broken park rules by swimming nude in the pond.

Within moments Randall was over the policeman's knee receiving a hard bare bottom paddling. To make matters worse two players from the baseball team arrived to watch.



  1. Poor little hedgehog. Let's hope Randall's butt was stinging for a while for that. ;)

  2. Moments later Randall's dad arrived on the scene, say Randall was breaking the no swimming rule, put him over his knee and spanked his little pricked bottom

    1. Thanks for the suggestion, it inspired me to add an extra picture to the story, with Officer Dickman turning up!

  3. Unfortunately, while doing the spanking dance afterwards, Randall loses his footing and plants his red hot bottom right in the middle of that cactus patch

  4. Those pointy porcupine quills are sticking him right in his sweet spot.