Tuesday, 10 December 2019


Sorry for the lengthy delay with the latest posting, this was due to offline events, however, I hope to post the next episode of the Shaman's Revenge next week

Note: as threats against this blog have recommenced, please remember that all postings are now backed up at the new Sore Bottomed Guys site at http://sorebottomguys.com/

Please Bookmark the new site in case anything happens to this blog


  1. Look forward to the update for Shaman's Revenge. Will Crispin Cherrybutt be making any appearances soon?

  2. Hi Bruce. How are you? Hope your Christmas Season is going well. Just thought I'd stop in to see if you posted anything new. I like the series featuring Tarzan and Boy and hope you'll add more to that one, as well. So insanely, hot and creative.

    Anyway Bruce, I'm wondering, outside of the obvious, gay oriented nature of this site, what else people have to complain about here. Is anyone giving you any examples of what it is they find so offensive? If they can't or won't then yes, maybe you can file harassment charges against whoever is doing this. Maybe you already have, I'm not sure. As far as this being a gay, oriented site, will damn, they know that at the start and no one is forcing them to stay around if they don't like the content. Right? But no, these dictators feel the need to spoil it for everybody else, as well.

    The more I think we are moving ahead with tolerance and acceptance Bruce, the more I realize how much we are moving backwards. There is nothing featured here, that is not featured equally, as graphically if not more so, over straight sites where women are degraded horribly, but I never see any complaints there, and they possibly, quadruple anything available to gay and bi-sexual people over the web.

    Keep your chin up Bro. My Best. Out.