Wednesday 16 August 2017

The JockPunishers - Episode 1 "Logan and the Chilli Crushers"

The JockBusters - Episode 1
Logan and the Chilli Crushers

Adam Murphy, Darren Galloway and Todd Singer, had first met at their local gym after many years during which all three, being shy and studious boys, with limited skills on the sports field, had been the victims of bullying and hazing by handsome, athletic jocks who had made their lives generally miserable.

This pattern had continued when they became young adults, and by pure coincidence, all three had finally concluded that the best way to deal with the ongoing harassment was to toughen up and fight back, it was for this reason that they had joined the gym.

The trio soon became good friends, and it was not long before they began sharing their experiences, and it was then they discovered how much they had in common, both in terms of what had happened to them, and also a shared desire to exact revenge, not only for themselves, but also for other victims of bullies.

Together they decided that it was time for payback, and that the handsome, arrogant, jocks and athletes who believed their superior strength and good looks gave them the automatic right to torment weaker guys would find themselves on the other side of the punishment, and it would be they who would be getting their cute butts kicked, spanked and generally abused.

And thus the Jock Punishers were born.

The first unfortunate jock to encounter justice at the hands of the Jock Punishers was Logan Fairchild. Logan's family had made a fortune importing hot chillies from the Far East, bought for a pittance from poor farmers and sold at ten times cost price in America.

Despite being a talented swimmer, with a great physique, Logan's grades would never have earned him a place at college, had his family money not eased his path.

Although Logan's athletic good looks made him stand out from the crowd, he also stood out by virtue of the sheer unpleasantness of his character. Things in life had always come easy for Logan, however, instead of being grateful, his good luck had made him arrogant and selfish, features which, together with his innate cruel streak made him the ideal subject for the Jockpunishers' brand of justice.

Logan had often bullied smaller, weaker guys, however, he had also developed a nasty habit of hitting his girlfriends. This was getting more violent each time it happened, and his last girlfriend, Mary Jane Danvers, had ended up in hospital after he got drunk and beat her up.

Of course, as usual, Logan's Daddy's money had saved him from the consequences of his actions. An expensive, smooth talking, lawyer had made any charges go away, and the girl's family had been paid off. So, once again, Logan thought he'd got away with it and that he could carry on being top Jock on campus, as if nothing had happened. The Jockpunishers however, had an entirely different plan for him!


After a late night swim, Logan was in the locker room shower, he thought he was alone, however, he was wrong.

Intent on cleaning his private parts in advance of an anticipated hot date with a new girlfriend later that evening, Logan did not notice that three shadowy figures had entered the room and were quietly creeping towards him.

It was not until they were standing right behind him they he realised someone was there! He spun round to find three men, all dressed in black, grinning menacingly at him. All three held what appeared to be large Paddle ball pats, with the ball and string removed.

What the fuck do you perverts want?”! He snapped

Your Ass!” replied one of the men. As he delivered a resounding SMACK to Logan's bare, wet, butt cheek!

OWW! Fuck You!” shouted Logan, trying hard to hide how nervous the malevolently grinning men made him feel. “Who are you?”

We are your worst nightmare Logan!” replied one of the grinning men, “We are going to give you what you deserve!” He lifted the paddle he was holding “and that means you will not be sitting down for a while!”

Like most bullies, Logan was a natural coward, strong and aggressive when dealing with a woman or a lone and weaker male, he reacted with increasingly terrified panic when confronted with three strong men.

Guys... guys, … I don't know what your beef is, but can we talk about this?”

No chance!” Came the reply, as the men grabbed him and and pulled him, protesting, to the athletic medical training room next to the showers.

They pushed him face down across a training table and tied his hands and feet together, before securing them to the table.

Logan realised there was no point trying to argue with the three men so he tried calling for help “HELP! … HELP ME!!” he yelled.

Moments later, he was silenced when a sock was pushed into his mouth and held there with a white cotton gag.

Struggling against his binds, Logan's eyes widened with nervous bemusement when one of the men took a plastic bag from his pocket and emptied a small collection of chillies onto one of the training benches. Logan recognised them as Thai Demon Chillies, a particularly hot type of chilli pepper, which his family imported from the Far East.

All will become clear!” grinned one of the men, noticing Logan's bemused expression.

We are here to punish you Logan” continued another of the black clad men. “I doubt you have ever been really punished in your life, and you have got away with many things, now its payback time!”

Comeuppance!” added the third man.

We are going to ensure that you pay for what you did to people like Mary Jane and all the others you have abused and bullied in the past!”

And we decided to make it a poetically appropriate punishment. We will punish the part of you which most symbolises your character, and we will use the very things which enabled your family to buy you out of trouble! Continued the first man, as he picked up a chillie.

We are going to demonstrate an inventive new method of crushing chillies!” he laughed “and we are going to use your pretty ass to do it!”
Then, while the other two men held Logan still the first man reached out his hand and parted the cheeks of Logan's smooth white buttocks, exposing the young jock's tight, pink, and, until then, virgin anus. 

He inserted the pointed end of the chilli into the tiny, puckered, orifice, which closed tightly around it, so that the other end of the chilli, with the tip of green stem protruded upwards, poking out, like a periscope, from between the snowy white cheeks.

Due to his fear, Logan's muscles tightened, involuntarily gripping the chilli even tighter, so that it became impossible to shake it free, even if the men had let him try. 

The first man in black, then held the bat under Logan's face “What d'ya' thinka' our chilli crushers fella'?” he laughed “d'ya' think they'll catch on?” 
NNNMMMMNNNH!” stammered Logan through his gag, as, the realisation of what the men had planned began to dawn on him.

The men then took up position behind Logan, before each in turn raised their paddles in the air and, one by one, brought them down with a WHACK! On the unlucky jock's tender bare behind, as Logan struggled in a vain attempt to avoid the blows.

At first the resilient chilli remained intact, the whacks from the paddles simply forcing it more deeply into Logan's quivering rectum. Then, as the men continue to aim swats at Logan, bit by bit the chilli began to split and break up, leaking juice and fiery seeds onto Logan's exposed and sensitive skin.

Logan had a very low tolerance of any form of discomfort, and as the bruising whacks from the large hard paddles sent shock waves of pain shooting into his buttocks he was convulsed in agony. However, it soon got worse, as the burning chilli juice and even hotter seeds began to have their effect on the most private and delicate region causing a searing burn, not dissimilar from what he imagined having a red hot poker inserted into him might feel like.

As one chilli was destroyed the men replaced it with another from their small supply, until all had been thoroughly crushed into their unfortunate captive's anus.

By the time they had finished Logan was moaning and weeping through his gag, as tears ran down his face. His butt cheeks and ass hole a searing furnace of pain.

The Jockpunishers were satisfied that this arrogant and cruel young jock had been suitably punished for his crimes, but they had not quite finished with him yet.


The next morning the students arrived at college to a most unusual spectacle, of Logan's final humiliation as he dangled, bare assed from the college flagpole displaying a sign announcing that he beat up girls, and inviting his fellow students to take a swat at him with a conveniently placed paddle beneath him.

Logan's battered butt cheeks remained red for the rest of the day, but it was almost a week before the burning sensation in his little pink rosebud finally faded. Even so, it took much longer than that for the scalding pain to his ego to subside, only to be lit again from time to time, as the memory of his humiliation took it's place in college folk law and returned to remind him.

The Jockpunishers had brought justice to one deserving jock, but their work was not done, there were many more handsome, spoilt and arrogant young jocks in need of punishment, and the three avengers intended to bring it to them.


If the JockPunishers prove popular they will return now and then as an occasional series