Monday 10 October 2016

Justice For Joel (Part 1)

 Justice for Joel

Miles Rutter looked hard at the picture he had just been handed. The youth at the centre of the image was hardly recognisable as the gangly youngster he had last seen six years before. Over those years, Joel had grown into a strikingly handsome young man, who would not look out of place in an Amercrombie & Fitch Commercial. However, his pose was hardly one which he would have expected to see mainstream model adopt,let alone a grown man.

Standing on a balcony, with a sea view behind him, Joel was looking over his shoulder with a broad and mischievous grin on his handsome face. What made the picture striking however was that Joel had lowered his shorts, exposing his nicely shaped, bare, white bottom, and appeared in the act of mooning at the camera. Behind him on the balcony, a smartly dressed couple were observing the young man's behaviour with obvious disdain.

Where was this taken” asked Miles, his eyes still fixed on the photo, and in particular Joel's well proportioned and fully exposed bare rump.

On vacation in Sausalido, last Summer, he gatecrashed a reception for a visiting Congressman and his wife” replied Tom Barrett, turning his sad eyes away from his old friend and across the city park, where the two men were sitting “He got drunk, he totally disgraced himself .. and the family, and groped the Congressman's daughter!”

And this resulted in his first conviction?” asked Miles, still looking at the photo.

The Congressman's staff called the police” replied Tom “Joel was charged with indecency and sexual assault, only misdemeanors, but that was just the start!”

So that was followed by the D.U.I. Incident and now the theft conviction?” murdered Miles

Yes!, plus the assault on the store guard who caught him” Tom put his face in his hands “As you know he is in court tomorrow for sentencing, and I am certain he will be sent to prison! And in this state it will be a long term” he looked down despondently at his wheelchair “What can I do? He is out of control, and since I broke my back I am unable to discipline him!”

And discipline is just what he needed!” replied Miles “If only you had told me earlier, I could have come down from the farm and stepped in.”

I know!” wailed the clearly distraught Tom “I wish I had, but I was ashamed to admit failing as a father …. anyway, it is too late now!”

Miles put down the photo, leaned across and placed his hand on the other man's knee “Maybe not Tom!” he said “Maybe not!”

Tom quickly turned to face Miles “What do you mean?”

Trust me Buddy!” Miles smiled mysteriously, “If you give me full authority to deal with this as I think best, I might just be able to keep Joel out of prison!”

Anything you say!” replied Tom “Please do whatever you can to save the boy's ass!”

Miles Barratt glanced back down at the picture of Joel mooning the camera “I might just keep him out of prison” he though “But that little bare butt will definitely not be saved from what it deserves!”

Joel was more scared than he had ever felt in all his 18 years. The three nights he had spent in the police holding cells, following his conviction on Friday had kicked his usual, cocky and care free manner squarely in the butt. The arrogant young man who had sauntered into court three days before had been replaced by a frightened child.

While in the cells, just bars away from hardened criminals and gangsters, Joel had seen and heard what he would face in actual prison, it was then that the reality of his situation had dawned on him, and it was terrifying.

As the guard led him into the courtroom, Joel noticed a familiar figure sitting next to his solicitor at the lawyers' table “Miles Rutter?” he thought “What's he doing here?”

All thought of Miles Rutter was then forgotten, as the man who would decide Joel's fate, Judge Able Flinthard, entered the court.

Stand you little jerk!” hissed the guard grabbing hold of Jole's shirt collar and pulling him to his feet. It had been years since Joel had been handled roughly by an older man, and he did not like it. Immediately his face adopted a sulky and brat like expression which, although he did not realise it, was guaranteed to irritate the judge.

Judge Flinthard took his seat, and glanced around the court, before his eyes focused on the defendant like a piercing laser. “Does the defence have anything to say in mitigation before I pass sentence on this young felon?” he snapped.

To Joel's surprise his Dad's friend, Miles Rutter, stood up, “Yes, your honour!” said Miles “I have been authorised by the defendant's family and legal representatives to speak in mitigation.”

The judge looked back at Joel “Are you in agreement with this?”
uh.... uh … er .. yes ….I.. guess!” replied Joel, in some confusion.

agreed” snapped the judge, “go ahead”

I wish to call the defendant back to the stand” said Miles,

The judge agreed and after a rough shove in the back from the guard, Joel reluctantly made his way to the stand. His mind was racing, unsure what was going on and what on Earth Miles was doing there, and speaking, instead of his lawyer, who was watching proceedings with a barely disguised grin on his face.

Miles Rutter looked Joel straight in the face “I have known you and your family for many years have I not Joel?”

...uh huh!” agreed Joel

Up until two years ago, you were an exemplarity student at school, were you not?” continued Miles holding up examples of Joel's old report cards “As these report cards show, you regularly received “A” grades and commendations for good behavior. You were also a star of the swimming team, and I have a number of testimonials ..” he held up some sheets of paper “ ...confirming that you were generally considered to have a bright future and to be an asset to the school and the community!” Without waiting for Joel to reply Miles turned to the judge “Your honour, I would like these report cards and testimonials to be considered as part of our mitigation.”

The judge nodded, an irritated frown crossing his face, he had heard all this before, it did not matter if the defendant had once been an Honours student, what mattered was that was now a violent, thieving young thug, who, he had already decided, would be spending the next few years of his young life in a particularly unpleasant correctional facility.

All that changed though, didn't it Joel?” continued Miles as Joel stared at him blankly “All that changed after your Dad's accident! ….Right? …. After your Dad had his accident you started to misbehave, you stopped getting good grades and you were finally expelled from school. That is correct isn't it Joel?”

His question elicited nothing more than a grudging shrug from the increasingly surly youth, so Miles continued. “After your Dad broke his back, there were many things he was no longer able to do!” he paused, knowing how much of a risk his next words would carry. “One of the things your Dad could no longer do had a serious impact on your development Joel ….. Do you know hat that was?”

Joel shrugged again, “Dunno!” he said “What you on about?”

What your Dad could no longer do for you Joel” said Miles “Is he could no longer take down your pants and spank your little bare bottom when you got out of line!”

A gasp of shock ran round the court and Joel's mouth fell open as he stared at Miles stuggling to take in what had just been said. Meanwhile, Judge Flinthard's eyebrow shot up in the air, never in his twenty years on the bench had he heard such a statement made in mitigation “This is a most unusual line of q ….” he spluttered

Please bear with me your honour.” interrupted Miles, “This has considerable bearing on this young man's current situation”

The judge nodded, his interest now perked as to what would come next.

Miles continued to address Joel “Before his accident, your Dad used to spank your bare bottom often, didn't he Joel?”

A look of incredulous fury fell across Joel's face “”Fuck off man!” he snarled

I will warn you just once young man!” snapped the judge “If you use language like that in my court again you will be punished. Now answer the question, …. did your father spank your bare bottom often before his accident?”

Joel felt a warm flush rise across his face at the sheer embarrassment of being asked such a question. He shifted uncomfortably in his chair before answering ”I … um .. guess so .. he was always fu …. er … I mean … yes he did …. a lot!!” he scowled and looked down at his feet, as the total humiliation of having to answer such an embarrassing question in such a public situation.

'A lot'” repeated Miles “Your Dad spanked you a lot, because you needed regular hard spankings to keep you from misbehaving! What better evidence is there than the fact that, as soon as your Dad was no longer able to perform his fatherly duty you stopped behaving, went out of control and ended up where you are now!” He looked intently at the now seriously mortified Joel. “Don't you agree?” …. uh ….er ….'spose!” muttered Joel. “What's that got to do with anything?”

If your Dad could still spank you like he used to, do you think you would have done the things you have done, which got you into trouble?”

...dunno!” Joel's face now wore a fixed scowl “What's it matter?”

I think you do know Joel!” smiled Miles “I think you would have behaved yourself so as to avoid another sore bottom!”

He turned back to the judge “As you see, your honour, when this young man had regular discipline, in the form of bare bottom spankings, he was an ideal, law abiding citizen, with good prospects. However, when, as the result of his father's tragic accident, that discipline ceased to be applied, chaos ensued. There are some boys, your honour, who require regular chastisement, young Joel is one of those boys. Boys like Joel Bennett only behave themselves whilst their bottom still stings from their last spanking. Let the sting fade for long enough and they run riot!”

I certainly take your point Mr. Rutter” replied the judge “but how is this relevant to the matter before us?”

What I am saying your honour” replied Miles, aware that a courtroom full of people were hanging on his every word “is that young Joel is in the position he is because of the lack of spanking. If you were to release him into my custody, I will ensure that he receives all the bare bottom spankings he has been missing, and a lot more, as and when it is requited.”

Hey!! .. Hold on!!” cried Joel in horror

Be quite boy!” snapped the judge “please continue Mr, Rutter”

Clearly the aim of any judgement would be to combine the need for punishment, with rehabilitation so that the convict can become an upstanding member of the community.” continued Miles “With all due respect, our prisons do not have a great track record in terms of rehabilitation, however, as I have demonstrated, in the defendant's case, regular, hard, bare bottom spankings have a proven track record of producing a well behaved member of society”.

judge … uh Sir .. you can't take this shi … uh .. stuff seriously …!!” wailed, an increasingly alarmed, Joel.

In have warned you boy!” boomed Judge Flinthard, “I'll have you know I am taking this argument seriously, and you had better be quiet before I change my mind and send you straight to prison”

Still terrified by the prospect of prison, Joel fell into a glowering silence, despite the horror of what was being proposed.

The judge frowned, clearly in deep thought “I am always open to progressive sentencing suggestions, and there is a lot of merit to what you say” he paused “However, how can the court be sure that you are capable of undertaking the … ahem ...task in hand?”

Miles glanced briefly at Joel's court appointed lawyer, who gave an almost imperceptible wink, as his face broke into an undisguised grin. The two men had discussed the possibility that the judge would ask this question and, also, how best Miles should respond to it. Miles suspected that the lawyer was looking forward to what was about to happen a lot more that he admitted.

Then again, so was he.

Miles then opened a briefcase on his desk and took out a shall leather paddle. He then stepped away from the lawyer's table and moved towards the witness stand from where a sulky and embarrassed Joel was watching him with barely concealed loathing. “If the court requires proof of my ability” he answered “I would be more than happy to provide a demonstration!”

Another gasp ran round the court, as Miles's reply hovered in the still air. It took a short while before it's meaning registered with Joel, but when they did he recoiled in raising panic “FUCK NO!” he yelled “NO WAY!”

If anything was guaranteed to encourage the judge to agree to Miles's suggestion, Joel's reaction was that thing. “I think that is the least the law would expect!” barked the judge, suddenly concious of the heat in the room, he took out a handkerchief and mopped some beads of sweat from his brow “Is this room conducive to a demonstration, its a bit warm!”

I can spank anywhere Sir” smiled Miles “Joel, will you come here please!”

Fuck you faggot!” snapped Joel

Officer please assist Mr Rutter with his demonstration!” ordered the judge.

The court bailiff did not require asking twice, Joel had seriously pissed him off during the original case, and he was looking forward to seeing the brat get his comeuppance. He quickly strode across the room, grabbed the violently protesting defendant by the arm and pulled him from his chair, before leading him, with well practised firmness, to where Miles was waiting.

Please hold him still officer” said Miles, before with two quick movements he undid Joel's belt and unzipped the front of Joel's smart black pants, which, being borrowed and two sizes too big, immediately fell down to nestle embarrassingly around the shocked and humiliated youth's ankles.

Thank you Bailiff, I will take over from here!” said Miles, taking hold of Joel and pulling the boy towards him.

Joel was a strong and athletic nineteen year old man, usually able to defend himself in a fight, but ten years of working on his ranch had made the older man even stronger, and struggle as he might Joel could not overcome the vice like grip. In desperation he lifted his fist in an attempt to punch his would be disciplinarian, only to find his wrist gripped and held firmly behind his back.

With a swift and seemingly practised movement the handsome rancher bent forward, took Joel around the waist and lifted him off his feet, before tucking the stunned youth under his arm and holding him with his long, tanned, athletic, legs and tight white, underpants covered, bottom raised high in the air. 
Miles raised his hand above his head, and then brought his palm down with a hard “SMACK!” across the centre of Joel's uplifted bottom. This first smack was followed by a second and third, each “SMACK!” accompanied by a furious yell of protest from Joel.

Judge Flinthard's voice raised above the noise “Excuse me Mr, Rutter, but as I recall, you specifically guaranteed that the defendant would receive 'bare bottom spankings' but his bottom is clearly not bare!”

Indeed you are right, your honour, I shall rectify that immediately” replied Miles with a grin.

NAAAH... NOO!” Joel roared “Don't you FUCKING DA....!!” before the words had left his lips, he felt Miles's firm hand grasp the waist band of his underpants and with one purposeful yank, pulled away the last vestige of his rapidly shrinking dignity exposing his bare, eighteen year old, bottom to a courtroom full of observers.

Rest assured, your honour all spankings will be on the bare bottom in future!” promised Joel's new full guardian as he raised the leather paddle high in the air in preparation for the next spanking slap.

As they should be!” replied Judge Flinthard approvingly “As they should be”

Almost immediately, the paddle landed hard across the tender bare skin at the lower part of Joel's exposed behind, the whippy leather connecting sharply with the centre of both cheeks at the same time. The resounding “SMACK!” being followed, almost instantly, by an outraged yelp of pain from Joel.

The next couple of dozen smacks fell almost rhythmically, first on the left cheek, then the right followed by a hard “WHACK!” across the centre of the cheeks. 

Ever the showman, and aware that he was being observed by a court full of people, Miles laid down the paddle and began spanking Joel with his broad and work hardened palm, swinging his spanking arm in large loops as he smacked, as if conducting an orchestra through a particularly lively section of music.

As a rancher, with eight young ranch hands under his control, Miles was an experienced spanker and his skill at the art was clearly evident as the demonstration progressed.

Joel was also keenly aware that the scene was being observed by a crowd of people and the sting to his pride burned almost as powerfully as the escalating sting in his bottom. Nothing in his 18 years of life had prepared him for the embarrassment and humiliation of this moment. He guessed there were around thirty people in the court that day, and they were all watching. He remembered that two of his buddies, and his new girlfriend were in court to support him, they were watching right now, and he knew they would tell everyone what they had seen. The hot pink glow of embarrassment rose in his face.

Nothing in his life also compared to the spanking he was receiving from Mr. Rutter. Miles was considerably stronger, fitter and more experienced than Jole's Dad had been, even before his accident. The many spankings Joel had received in the past may have stung, but they were minor by comparison to the relentless stinging bombardment his sensitive behind was now enduring.

Miles Rutter sure knew how to spank a guy!

Frantically seeking an end to his torment, Joel tried struggling to free himself, by the rancher's grip just grew tighter, and the young miscreant's efforts only caused him to tip further forward raising his bare bottom higher in the air. To his added mortification, Joel realised that raising his bottom higher had caused his cheeks to part, exposing the tiny tight pink button on his virgin anus to anyone who cared to look, and he knew they were all looking.

His most intimate crevice, unseen by anyone since his mother last changed his diaper as a baby, was now showcased to the world, could anything be more humiliating?

As Joel would soon discover, life could get more humiliation, and it soon would do.

SMACK! ..SMACK! SMACK! The hard and calloused farmer's palm continued to smack the unfortunate Joel's naked backside, which had quickly turned from ivory white to a rapidly reddening pink, as each impact left it's mark on the now very sore bubble butt.

Word of the spanking demo had quickly spread round the court house, with the result that court staff and members of the public who had been attending other courts had all hurried to see the show and crowded into the small courtroom, many using their cell phones to photograph and film the scene for posterity, and social media distribution.

At any other time, Judge Flinthard would not have permitted photography in his court, but he was now to preoccupied with the activity in the centre of the court. Rumours of his honour's private interests were proving to be well founded, and Joel's lawyer, who was now sitting at the table with the broadest possible grin on his face, had not been wrong in guessing that the old man might respond favourably to Mr. Rutter's proposition.

Bailiff get the gentleman a chair!” ordered the judge.

I am fine standing sir!” replied Miles, looking back at the judge while still spanking Joel with well practised aim.

No … no! Mr, Rutter” insisted the judge, “You must look after your back … it will have a lot of work to do!”

The bailiff quickly picked up the spare chair from the lawyer's bench, and carried it to the centre of the court room where Miles sat down and pulled Joel over his knees in the traditional spanking position.

Then, to Joel's even greater humiliation. Miles picked up the paddle again and proceeded to spank him exactly as he would a naughty little boy, except that he was being spanked on his bare adult bottom, and in front of a courtroom full of fascinated observers.

Joel attempted to struggle and kick, in an effort to free himself, but the older man was just too strong for him, and there was clearly going to be no escape from his, mortifying and embarrassing punishment.

With horror, Joel realised that tears were running down his cheeks, and that he was actually crying like some little kid, in front a crowd of increasingly amused spectators, surely nothing could be worse than this!

Poor Joel would soon discover that actually things could get worse and they were about to do so.

Meanwhile, however, this stage of Joel's ordeal finally came to an end, when, resisting the strong temptation to view more, the judge called for the demonstration to end. “Thank you Mr. Rutter, we have seen enough to reassure the court that you are more than capable of undertaking the task you have suggested”

Miles immediately stropped what he was doing and pushed the still blubbering Joel off his lap, causing the boy to land heavily on his well spanked behind, adding further discomfort and humiliation to his already mortifying situation.

I am now ready to make my decision” said the Judge “The prisoner should stand!”

Acting in unison, Miles and the bailiff both grabbed hold of Joel, by an arm each, and hoisted him to his feet, so that he stood between then, facing the bench.

The judge looked at Joel through piercing ice gray eyes his expression clearly revealing his contempt for the young man “Joel Aaron Bennett, you have been convicted of committing a violent felony assault, during the course of perpetrating a robbery. These offences were committed while you were still serving a, in my opinion, particularly lenient sentence of probation as a result of a previous conviction for driving a motor vehicle while under the influence of both alcohol ...” he paused for effect “and other illegal substances!”

Joel shifted uncomfortably from one white socked foot to the other, wishing he had had time to put his pants back on, and still far more impacted by the sting in his throbbing bottom than in the gravity of the judges words. The judges next statement, however, certainly got his attention.

Even without consideration of a number of previous convictions” boomed the judge “Such behaviour warrants a lengthy period of incarceration of no less than three to five years!”

A chill of fear ran down Joel's back a beads of cold sweat formed on his brow, as he recalled the leering threats from other prisoners while in the holding cells. He knew what fate awaited a cute white boy in prison

The judge allowed himself the satisfaction of watching the look of terror flood across Joel's handsome face before continuing “However, it is your good luck, albeit you may not consider it as such, that you committed a crime in one of the few remaining counties, in one of the few remaining states, which still allow corporal punishment as part of the judicial process and I have decided that you are uniquely suited to such a punishment.”

Joel stared blankly at the judge, not fully understanding what was being said, but sure that whatever it was he would not like it.

I have listened to the wise words spoken in mitigation by the excellent Mr. Rutter” continued the judge “and I am minded to agree to his suggestion …... with certain conditions. You will be placed under Mr. Rutters care, and will reside on his ranch in Culvers Gulch for a minimum period of three years. Mr. Rutter will effectively act as your guardian and parole officer …. on the following conditions.....”

Joel understood that part of what the judge had said, and was now certain he would not like the rest. 

In the event that you misbehave in any way, show any impertinence, or indeed do anything which irritates Mr. Rutter, he, or anyone he delegates the duty to will take down whatever pants you are wearing and spank you!”

Judge Flinthard was delighted by the priceless look of stunned horror and embarrassment, on Joel's young face as he continued. “All spankings will be on your bare bottom and will be applied as hard and as often as you deserve them ….. which I have no doubt will be very hard, and very often!”

Joel's mouth began to open and close, not unlike an extraordinarily good looking fish, struggling for a suitably rude response to shout at the judge, but no words came.

Although I have full confidence in Mr. Rutter's dedication and efficiency, the court will periodically inspect the progress of your punishment. The County Sheriff's office will undertake regular inspection visits, and ….. I, myself will make occasional unannounced visits to ensure the sentence is being executed correctly …..... and I shall expect to see evidence! …. “ The judge leaned forward, lifted his hand and wagged his finger. “The court has treated you very leniently young man. However, be under no illusion, any breach of probation, including attempts to abscond from Mr. Rutter's custody, will result in immediate incarceration in a state correctional facility for a minimum of five years!” he lifted a glass of water, and took a sip “Do you understand?”

Wide eyed and stiff with shock, Joel's mouth continued to open and shut silently.

He understands, your honour!” interjected Miles, “I will make sure of that!”

Good! … I should hope so!” replied the Judge, standing up abruptly as the Bailiff called upon the court to rise. “Well” he said “That is a very suitable outcome.” the old man left the court, with a satisfied smile on his face.

Miles turned to Joel's lawyer “It worked!” he said “I thought the judge might require more persuading!”

The lawyer smiled mysteriously “It can pay to find out a Judge's private interests” he said “You had better be prepared for the old man to come calling! ….. to check on Joel's ….progress!”

Not a problem” replied Miles “What now?”
You are both free to go” answered the Lawyer “I will arrange the paperwork, but you had better get Joel out of here. The press will hear of this judgement soon, and you should be gone before the reporters arrive!”

Miles turned to Joel “Come with me Joel” he said “We need to make a start if we are to reach the ranch before nightfall”

Fuck off!” snarled Joel “I am not going anywhere with you!”

Oh yes you are Kid!” smiled Miles ”You don't have a choice!”

Before Joel knew what was happening Miles had taken hold of him, lifted him off the ground, and thrown him over his shoulder in the traditional 'fireman's lift' “What the fuck are you doing?!!” he yelled

Taking you to your new home kid!” replied Miles, delivering a resounding slap to the top of Joel's bare thigh.

That slap, as well as stinging like mad, reminded Joel that he was still naked from the waist down, and that, once again, his elevated bottom was on full public display. “My pants!” he cried “where are my pants?!!

You won't need those!” laughed Miles “I am minded to keep you bare butt on the ranch …. it will save time!” With that, he turned sharply and began to make his way towards the door, still carrying his new, bare bottomed, ward over his broad shoulder.

As he did so, the courtroom full of spectators, who had just witnessed Joel's humiliating chastisement, Joel's two buddies and new girlfriend among them, broke into spontanious applause and laughter, many again taking taking photographs, which would live forever on the internet, and come back to embarrass Joel for years to come.

Out in the foyer, People who had been unaware of the spectacle playing out in court 4 spun round in amazement as as the tall man, carrying the half naked youth over his shoulder strode past them, Joel's glowing, and still bright pink bottom bouncing up and down in rhythm with Mile's confident and somewhat jaunty pace.

Sown the court steps and into the street they went, past crowds of people, gasping, catcalling and laughing at such a bizarre but somehow hilarious site, the redness of Joel's bottom, clear evidence to all that he had recently been spanked, adding to the amusement.

As Joel peered over his shoulder at the laughing throng, his face flowing no less pink than his bottom, he wished that the street beneath Mile's feet would open up and swallow them. However, there was no escape from his thoroughly deserved punishment, which he suspected had only just begun.