Tuesday 28 January 2014

The Sting of the Jungle IV - Boy gets his bottom singed

Boy sat on the edge of the lake, trying to think of something different to do for a change. He was bored, there was only so much to do in the jungle, apart from swinging on vines and taking a swim in the lake there really was no fun, at least, not the sort of fun a 19 year old boy wants to have.

He dreamed of living in the city. In the city he could go to raves, hang out with some cool dudes or go watch some chicks pole dance. Whereas in the West African rainforest the closest he had got to fun had peeping at the village girls bathing in the river, until they had spotted him and reported him to Tarzan, with the inevitable consequences.

He left the lake and headed back into the jungle, deciding he would build a camp fire and roast a yam and some sweet potatoes.

Unfortunately for the jungle creatures, when Boy was bored his sadistic streak came out, and having no humans smaller than himself available to bully, he often enjoyed torturing small animals. He was in just such a mood when, after he had made the camp fire, Boy spotted an unwary frog hopping by.

Boy's agile young body was swifter than the frog, he quickly caught it and laughing cruelly he dangled the unlucky creature over the flames.

As usual, however, Boy's luck ran out just as he had begin to enjoy himself, as Tarzan strode into the clearing and saw what he was doing.

Tarzan strode forward, snatched the frog from boy's hand and dropped it safely into the grass.

Suspecting a spanking was on the cards, Boy attempted to escape, but too late, Tarzan grabbed him by the wrist with one hand while he tore off the younger man's loin cloth with the other. Tarzan then lifted boy up and held him bottom down over the camp fire “How do you like it?” he snarled “How do you feel being dangled over the fire?” he lowered Boy closer to the flames “Shall I drop you?” he demanded “should I throw your bottom into the fire, just as you were about to do to that poor frog?”

Boy could feel the heat from the flames, just a few feet from his backside, his instinctive desire to struggle tempered by the fear that doing so might actually cause Tarzan to drop him.

I tell you what” growled Tarzan, “I am going to toast your backside anyway!” with that, he sat down on a fallen tree trunk and threw Boy over his lap. “If you are going to be cruel to animals, I shall be cruel to you!” he said, and, with that, he proceeded to give Boy's bare bottom a long, hard and very well deserved spanking.

Finally, after a very long spanking, Tarzan stormed off, leaving Boy rubbing his very sore bottom.

Boy spotted the frog and with the lopsided logic of the very selfish, decided that the poor creature was somehow to blame for what had happened. He aimed a kick at the frog which sent it flying through the air. However, the violence of the kick caused boy to loose his balance.

It seemed that Karma had come back to burn our bad boy on the ass, as he stumbled and fell backwards

Landing bare bottom first into the smouldering camp fire

Ahhh!!!” boy screamed in genuine agony as his, already very sore and tender bottom landed heavily amongst the flames and red hot coals. Fate had decided to to deliver justice in a very painful manner.
Boy jumped to his feet, clutching his well singed behind.

Letting out an agonized shriek he ran through the jungle clutching his bottom, desperate to reach water to cool his roasted behind.

On reaching the rived boy lowered his punished and burnt behind into the water in an attempt to cool off the burning pain. However, it would be many days before his bottom stopped stinging

Meanwhile boys carelessly placed camp fire set fire to a large area of jungle causing serious damage to the local environment.

Later, Tarzan rubbed soothing cream into Boy's griddled rump, and as he did so lectured the younger man about the damage he had caused and telling him exactly what would be done to him once his bottom had healed.

It would take a couple of weeks for Boy's bottom to recover, and return to it's usual pert, white and very spankable state. However, Boy decided he had no intention of still being around when it did, as he knew what Tarzan had planned.

That night as Tarzan slept, Boy stole the older man's savings and then took the canoe down river to the nearest city, where he used the money to purchase a one way ticket to America.

As Boy made his escape, he hoped he would also escape the pain in the ass which his life had become! However, little did he know the sangoma's curse had not gone away and would follow him across the Atlantic …..

The End??