Sunday 30 November 2008

Torn pants

Thanks to Spankfan (from the Jockspank blog) for this hot drawing.

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Saturday 29 November 2008

Poll Results - Justice for Josh

Well the poll results are in and the results are quite decisive. 73% of those who voted, a total of 177 people, want to see Josh soundly and humiliatingly spanked, bare assed, in front of his girlfriend, hence our handsome bad boy will certainly be going over someone's knee very shortly.

The majority in favor of of giving Josh a spanking was overwhelming, however, other leading results were as follows:

39 votes (16%) were cast in favor if Josh receiving a series of painful injections in his bottom
34 voters (14%) wanted to see a group of guys kick handsome Josh in the butt
26 (10%) thought Josh's perfect 19 year old butt should become a human dart board
while a further 21 (8%) felt that a sun burnt bottom would teach Josh well deserved lesson

It seems that a lot of visitors agree that Josh deserves to become a sore bottomed guy, and they won't be disappointed.

Justice is coming Josh's way, it may take a few days to arrive, but sure as Christmas, destiny is on its way, and it is heading straight towards Josh's bottom

Watch this space

Monday 17 November 2008

Poll: What should happen to Josh? # 3

Handsome, but arrogant, hockey jock, Josh is still unaware that well over two hundred gay men have already voted to decide which painful and humiliating punishment, accident or act of fate will soon befall his tender 19 year old bottom.

However, although he may not know about the vote, but he is becoming aware of the fact that the charmed life he lived up until now was beginning to change. The boy who had always got what ever he wanted and had always won at every thing has suddenly started to experience a spate of very bad luck.

It had begun earlier in the week when, on a very warm day he had gone on a run, wearing nothing but a pair of blue Lycra shorts which showed off his bulging groin which was so admired by so many girls (and guys, although homophobic Josh ignored then). They also showed off his pert behind very nicely, as shown in the photo below.

After running around ten miles, he developed a cramp, which was unusual for such a fit and athletic hunk, and unwelcome for someone with such a low pain threshold as Josh.

In an attempt to ease the pain Josh performed some stretching and bending exercises, presenting a most attractive display of firm Lycra covered buttocks to anyone approaching from behind.

The display became even more appealing when with a sudden ripping noise the tight Lycra surrendered to the strain and tore apart right across the seat, revealing Josh's beautiful white bottom in all its glory.

As Josh was miles from home and had no other clothing, he was obliged to make the journey home in that state, his humiliation made worse by the obvious enjoyment the display if his fully exposed bottom gave his neighbors.

To make matters worse, Josh was so pissed off by what had happened that he forgot to take his sports gear to the gym that evening, and to his horror coach made him work out wearing nothing but his jockstrap, revealing, as the picture below, which was taken by one of his team mates on their mobile phone, and widely circulated, shows that Josh was very much a virgin, at least in one respect.
So far. Josh's bad luck had just been embarrassing and humiliating, however, his luck was obviously changing, and who knows how unlucky he would soon become.

As 74% of those who have voted so far believe that Josh should face the humiliation of being spanked in front of his girlfriend, it now seems inevitable that will happen. However, even after that, Josh's luck is unlikely to improve, among the other options which are doing well in the voting are:

# Josh should receive a series of painful injections in the bottom
# Josh's victims should tie him down and use his butt as a dart board
# Josh's behind should get badly sun burnt
# Josh should get kicked up the butt

If those, or any other options appeal to you, or if you want to add to the majority in favor of a spanking, you can vote in the poll in the right hand column of this blog.

To read more about Josh, and why you should vote, click here.

Yes, Josh's luck is on the change, and it is about to get a lot worse

Branding Iron

Saturday 15 November 2008

The Tanning Salon

Cody Custer made a huge mistake when he tried to rob the local gay tanning salon. Two members of staff were working late and they soon caught and overpowered the would be burglar.

"You are in big trouble Dumbo" snarled Dwight Ready, "we are gonna' really tan your butt."

"But first" laughed Clyde Luster "...we are goona' tan your butt!!"

With that the two men grabbed Cody, pulled down his pants and bundled him face down onto one of the sun beds.

Cody was not the sharpest tool in the the box, so it took a few moments for the meaning of Clyde's words to sink in, However, when they did he began to struggle in a desperate but vain attempt to escape from his predicament.

After twenty minutes of tanning your butt will really feel this tawse, chuckled Dwight.
In a state of panic, Cody realized there was no escape, he guessed that a spanking would really sting after a session on the tanning bed.

....... which was a fact he would soon find to be true, as one of his tormentors slammed down the lid and turned up the heat.

The Perils of Bruce Fletcher - by Jonathan

Friday 14 November 2008

A forking fantasy

An early William Higgins "Dury Bound" set - the model with the fork poking his butt worked under the name of "Dreamboat"

Thursday 13 November 2008

Poll: What should happen to Josh? 2

Ten in the morning, long after Josh should have been up and at college, the indolent youth is still lazing in bed. As he smugly dreams of his prowess of the hockey field and his success with the local girls, Josh is unaware that already 170 gay men have cast votes as to the painful and humiliating treatment fate has in store for his firm, round and athletic, 19 year old, bottom.

The handsome bully has no idea that his crisp white Calvin Klein underpants will soon be pulled down, to expose his vulnerable white butt for all to see as it receives some well overdue punishment.

Right now life seems good to Josh, and he arrogantly believes he will continue to get away with what he has been getting away with up to now, on account of his good looks and his skill with a hockey stick, but all that is about to change. He doesn't know it, but it already seems that he is very likely to suffer the ultimate embarrassment of being spanked bare assed, in front of his latest girlfriend, of who's ample breasts he is currently dreaming. If so, that will be an event so humiliating that he will never be able to look her in the face again, and one made worse by the certain knowledge that she will tell everyone in college.

However, given Josh's rap sheet a single punishment is nowhere near what he deserves, and we at Sore Bottomed Guys believe that his perfect bottom should suffer more than one of the painful punishments currently being voted on. So, those of you who would like to see something other than a spanking inflicted on Josh's butt should still vote because your choice could also come true.

What would you like to happen to Josh's behind? It appears that it will will almost certainly be spanked, but will it also receive painful injections from a mad doctor? Become a human dartboard? Get sun burnt, stung or kicked? Keep voting and find out.

You may think we are being cruel, but the girls Josh has dated and dumped (and worse) won't think it is cruel that his backside should pay for what he did to them, neither will the gay men he has tormented and battered, or the old woman who'd hip was broken in that hit and run DUI accident he never got punished for, or any of his other victims over 19 spoilt and arrogant years. So, you can vote with confidence, knowing he deserves what is coming to him, whatever it is, and feel free to enjoy imagining it.

You can vote in the poll in the right hand column on this blog. To read more about Josh and the sore bottom options in store for him and which you can vote for click here.

If you have any other suggestions as to what you would like to happen to Josh, please feel free to add them to the comments section (anonymously if you prefer) or write to

Kicking his butt

Another Jonathan drawing

The Hot seat

By Jonathan

Wednesday 12 November 2008

Rubber Band Spanking

Rougher than it sounds

Nettle birching

These images from the Sting nettle birching scene were originally posted to the wonderful Jock Spank blog, but I think they are equally at home here. (Thanks to Ward from Jock Spank)