Sunday 16 June 2019

The Shaman's Revenge Part 13 (Unlucky for Jordan)

The Shaman's Revenge Part 13 (Unlucky for Jordan)

Jordan was a very unhappy jock, not only had he been abandoned in the middle of the great American wilderness, facing a walk of over 70 miles to get home, but he was bare ass naked as well.

If that was not bad enough in itself, he knew for certain exactly what would be happening within minutes of Cindy Mae Carpenter reaching the vicinity of a telephone. She would phone every member of her vast group of girlfriends to tell them that she had tricked that dumb jock Jordan Draper into stripping naked, then stolen his clothes and left him to walk home in his birthday suit.

He knew Cindy Mae well enough to know how much she would relish boasting about what she had done, and would make sure everyone knew every detail. No doubt she would embroider the details, to boost her role and make him appear even more comical than he already did. He cringed, at the thought of her yapping voice, trilling with excitement as he repeated the tale over and over again, and at the scornful laughter which would greet the message.

Then the friends, like a sonority from Hell, would tell their friends and then all the girls in town would tell heir boyfriends, and within 24 hours it would be the talking point of every bar and and locker room within a fifty mile radius. Everyone would have a good laugh at yet another total humiliation for the guy who, only weeks before had top jock on campus and master of all he surveyed.

He knew that his good looks and sporting prowess, combined with his arrogant manner meant a lot of people secretly resented him, and he knew just how much they would enjoy his comeuppance, and telling others about it. 

How could he ever live this down and face his team mates and buddies, let alone the local girls. The thought of their mocking laughter echoed in his head, as he walked disconsolately on through the forest .

An always in the background of his thoughts another face hovered, this time a male one, also wearing a scornful and mocking expression. Jordan had no idea how the ranger was behind what had happened to him, but, somehow he knew he was.

After walking for almost an hour his mind consumed by his mournful thoughts, he realised that he was no longer on the road. He must have left it without noticing and was now in open countryside. He quickly spun round and looked behind him, but there was no sign of the road, and he had no idea where he was.

As he stood there, a look of horror and fear on his handsome face the awful truth began to dawn on him, he was lost, naked and many miles from home.

He attempted to retrace his steps, but he had been so deep in thought he had not taken note of his surroundings and, therefore he could not identify any familiar location which would confirm he had been there before. The upshot was that within twenty minutes he had completely lost his bearings and was totally lost in increasingly unfriendly terrain.

He eventually reached a clearing in the middle of the forest, and found himself in what appeared to be an overgrow, and, he incorrectly assumed, unused, field, at the edge of which was a wire fence.

Jordan realised that as the fence was self evidently man made, there must be something beyond the fence, maybe the road, or some form of dwelling where he could get help, despite how embarrassing that might be. He therefore, made his way across the field towards the fence.

He say there was a notice on the fence, but assuming it was an order not to trespass, he did not bother to read it. He would have to trespass if he was going to find help.

When Jordan reached the fence he could see it was almost waist high, and that was no obstacle for a lithe young athlete such as Jordan, He could easily get get over such an easy object. 

Raising his body with one foot on tip toe, he lifted the other leg so that he was defectively straddling the fence. Unfortunately for Jordan, the ground beneath the one bare foot which was taking hs whole body weight was in fact the roof of a ground hog burrow. Hence at the very point where his tentacles, prostate region and tight, still in real terms virgin, anus were hovering above the wire. the ground beneath him gave way.

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Tuesday 11 June 2019

The Shaman's Revenge Part 12

The Shaman's Revenge Part 12
Jordan's Wilderness Adventures (Prologue)

Briefly leaving Crispin Cherrybutt to his Medieval mishaps at the hands of the demonic monks, we now travel back to the present day and to Jordan Draper's Southern US home town where Jordan had just taken a shower after a working out, and he was lying naked on the bed lithe and perfectly formed young athlete's body still damp and glistening. He was sulking.

Even though, for the first time in weeks, his bottom had stopped stinging, he was in little doubt that this happy situation would not continue for long. Ever since the damn incident with Martin Clifford and his fairy boyfriend, and more especially since the damn ranger's arrival in town, spanking seemed to be the go to option for every adult male Jordan encountered.

To make matters worse, he appeared to be going through a very accident prone phase, resulting in a series of mishaps all of which seemed to, very literally, leave him with a pain in the backside.

His Father was away on a business trip, but he was due back the following day, and Jordan had little doubt the moment he accidentally infringed some forgotten rule, he would be back over the paternal knee getting his bare butt toasted! This should not be happening to a guy who was due to turn 19 in just two months, and he was very tempted to leave home, except that he would lose his allowance, not to mention his credit card.

His handsome good looks notwithstanding, it would not be so easy to pick up chicks without a credit card.

One bonus was that he no longer had to visit the Doctor for for those god-damn injections in the butt. He had no idea what the doctor put in his fucking needles, but his ass always hurt more after a visit to the clinic.

It was also weeks since he had been laid, and the lack of sex was deeply frustrating and left him with an ache in the balls, which Jacking off did not relieve.

As he was gloomily contemplating his misfortune , the phone beside his bed began to ring, guessing the call would be from his Dad, announcing his imminent return he picked up the receiver and glumly grunted “Yeah?”

Hello handsome, is that you?” 
The sound of a familiar female voice instantly perked up Jordan, in a manner similar to a male dog first smelling the scent of a bitch on heat. He sat up straight and, with considerable effort responded in a voice which sounded both cool and unconcerned “Uh … Cindy Mae, Hi Babe … is that you?”

Who did you think it was, blue eyes? … one of your other girlfriends”

Come on Babe, you know you are the only one” he drawled casually “Does this … uh … mean you've forgiven me?!”

Course I have sweet cheeks!” laughed Cindy May “I know what Megan is like. You are just a red blooded man Handsome and she led you astray!”

Yeah, Babe, she made me do it” shrugged Jordan, grinning to himself, he should have known no girl could resist him for long “And ….uh … the mouth thing, how is your … um … tooth!”

Oh that is fine Jordan” Cindy Mae laughed “The dentist put an implant in, and it looks even better than the original.” she paused “I know you didn't mean to hit me.!”

Oh you know I didn't Babe … I wound never hurt you!” Jordan quickly agreed “You just pissed me off, bitching about …. uh ...Mary …. um Megan!”

Cindy Mae changed the subject “You want to go up to Brown bear lake tomorrow?”

Why do you want to go all the way up there?” Jordan was doubtful “It is a long ride, why not go somewhere closer, like the Movies, or the park!”

Oh we can take my car, not your bike!” insisted Cindy Mae “Please handsome do it for me ….. I will make it worth it!” she giggled meaningfully

Jordan was now very interested “Like how?”

Well maybe I will give you that ...'giggle' .. blow job you keep asking for!”

WOW! Really …. do you mean it Babe?!”

Well, the idea of gong up to the lake seems so romantic, it would be the right place to do it!”

Jordan had never been a man to stop when he though he was ahead “and how about the other … thing?!”

Cindy Mae was silent your a moment “.... you mean anal?” she asked “Well, well see, it depends how good you are!”

Oh I'll be good Babe!” cooed Jordan “You know I love you!”

After agreeing a place and time to meet for their trip to the lake, Jordan hung up. He had a fixed grin on his face, and was feeling considerably more cheerful


Cindy May arrived in her car at the time and she and Jordan had agreed. Jordan walked over to the driver's seat door “Shift over Babe!” he commanded “I'm the man, I'll drive!”

Cindy Mae did as she was ordered and smiled coquettishly”My man!” she murmured

Jordan beamed with the innate satisfaction of confirming his manliness and superiority.

I love the new hair style Sweetie” Cindy Mae Chirruped “It makes you look really handsome and preppy!”

Yeah … like .. wee, I just felt like a change Babe” he muttered “Quiffs are for Dweebs!” there was no way he was going to tell Cindy Mae that his Dad had banned him from buying hair gel, because the damn Ranger has said that “Young bucks who look like hoodlums are gonna' behave like Hoodlums!”

Brown Bear Lake was high in the mountains many miles from town, and the drive took over two hours, even at the speed at which Jordan drove. He only received his licence four months before but was proudly intent of showing his woman the he was in control.

Also, he wanted to get back before his Dad got home, and found out he wasn't studying as he was suppose to. Disobedience tended to lead to spankings in the Draper household these days. Something else, he had no intention of telling the chick!

Even so, he slightly regretted insisting on driving, as it hindered his ability to grope Cindy Mae. He was now keen to get to their destination, and thereafter to first base.

When they finally arrived at the lake, Jordan was pleased to note that they were completely alone with no prying eyes which might inhibit what he and Cindy got up to. However, to his annoyance, Cindy no longer seemed to be in the mood for romance.

When she removed his eager hand from her breast with a terse “not now!” he moaned sulkily “Aww Sugar I'm, real horny …. and … um … I need to show how much I love you!”

Be patient Jordan Honey!” she grinned “all in good time, but first lets go skinny dipping!”

Shucks do we have to?” grumbled Jordan, he usually loved swimming, as it was something he did well, but right now he was in the mood for something very different than swimming, a fact which was evidenced by the stiffening body part pressing against the inner zip of his jeans.

Please Handsome!” she cooed fluttering her long lashes “It's my fantasy to swim naked with you first, … as an hors d'oeuvre …. before we make love on the bank after.” she tilted her head girlishly “If you love me, you'll indulge my little fantasy, won't you Sweet Cheeks!”

The promise of making love on the bank after was enough to convince Jordan to go along with the dumb broad's fantasy, he knew females often had weird ideas, and sometimes a dude had to play along in order to get what he wanted. So he quickly began removing his clothes, while Cindy Mae stood watching him.

Come on Babe!” he said, noticing she had not begun to disrobe.

You go first Honey!” she replied “and check it's not too cold ….. after all you are so much stronger and braver than me, and such a good swimmer …. er …” she pointed to the boxer shorts he was still wearing “Those too” she giggled “I said I wanted to go skinny dipping!”

Okay!” muttered Jordan reluctantly removing his last vestige of clothing, and letting the boxers fall round his ankles “But you better make it worth my while!” he frowned “you're not fooling with me are you Sugar?” 

OF course I am not fooling with you Jordan, I promise you will get what you have been asking for!” she grinned, letting her eyes travel slowly up and down his naked body “Ohhhh!” she simpered “you're so handsome … and such a big boy …” she said looking down at his still partially erect penis “that huge thing of yours is going make little old me me a really scream!!” 
Nobody had ever told Jordan he had a large dick before, and the compliment made him glow with smug delight.

Why not impress me even more with one of your incredible dives Big Boy!” said Cindy Mae with a sweet smile “The lake is deep at this point, so you could safely dive off that high part of the bank over there!” she giggled again “It would be so hot to watch you! .. that would sure get me in the mood”

As a typical jock, Jordan loved showing off his sporting prowess, especially to such an appreciative audience as hot chick Cindy. So he did not need asking a second time, and sprinted naked up the bank to the high point she had indicated. Now totally nude he stood on the top of the bank and looked back at Cindy Mae, who waved to him encouragingly “Oh my word!” she cried excitedly “Your butt looks so hot like that! Now I remember why I call you Sweet Cheeks!” 

Suddenly Jordan's cute bare bottom, was again the subject of attention, and that made him feel uncomfortable, especially after recent events. Although, it was hot for a chick to admire his dick, it seemed weird to have a woman objectify his bare butt. He quickly attempted to change the subject.

Now watch this Sugar Babe! … prepare to be amazed!” he shouted back to her, as her stepped forward, held his arms in the air, and stood on tiptoe before launching himself into the air.

Jordan performed a perfect dive, throwing himself forward in a smooth, curved, motion out into the deeper water, which he entered with hardly a splash or ripple, and dived deep in the dark cool water, committing a series of underwater somersaults as he did so. For the first time in weeks he felt like his old confident self, refreshed and invigorated, he was dong what he did best and was able to show off. On top of that, he was about to get all the pussy he could want from the hottest piece of ass in the county … and maybe some ass too!.

His underwater gymnastics complete he surfaced like a beautiful sea otter coming up for air, and turned his head towards the bank expecting to see a highly impressed (and, with any luck aroused) Cindy Mae standing there applauding him. However, to his surprise she was not where she had been standing. He glanced around and caught sight of her running up the beach in the direction of her car, carrying his clothes which she had apparently scooped up.

What on earth was she doing, where was she taking his clothes? and why was she not watching his brilliant dive?

Confused and increasingly angry Jordan waded ashore and ran after the fleeing girl. However, Cindy Mae had a good head start, and by the time a wet and naked Jordan reached the car, both she and his clothes were inside, and she had locked the doors.

Cindy Mae then wound down the window just enough to give her a small gap to shout through. “You really are a dumb jerk Jordan Draper” she snarled, her voice dripping with mocking contempt “Did you really think I would let you near me after the way you treated me?” she laughed, her usually pretty face now ugly and contorted with malice “Then you are even stupider than I thought! I would rather gargle with gasoline than put my mouth anywhere near your tiny dick!!” she curled her lips into a sneer “And as for anal …. Ha! …. Well now it's your ass that's on the line!”

Come on Sugar, don't play games … be reasonable!” wailed a now very unhappy Jordan

I ain't playing games Dick for Brains!” replied Cindy Mae with a smirk! “Enjoy the walk home, it's only 72 miles!” She grinned “And I suggest you stay away from the woods, you've seen “Deliverance” haven't you Handsome ? And you would make a real cute squealing piggy for a Hill-billy mountain man to play with !”

Fuck you bitch!” yelled a now very angry and slightly frightened Jordan, banging his fist on the roof of the car “Let me in or I will break your fucking neck!”

No chance Looser!” replied Cindy Mae “You are walking home bare assed! It's less than you deserve, but Hey, I'm a nice person!” her voice turned serious “And you better not come near me, I spoke to the ranger guy who lives across the street from you, told him how violent you are! He said, if you lay a finger on me, he'll make sure you don't sit down for a month!”

Jordan was stunned, he should have known the Ranger was behind this. 

Before he could reply, Cindy Mae turned on the car ignition, and after blowing him a final sarcastic air kiss. Jordan frantically grabbed hold of the door handle in a desperate to open the door, but to no avail. The hottest pussy in town put her foot on the gas, and drove off speedily down the lane, leaving a horrified, humiliated and sexually frustrated Jordan staring after her.

As Jordan watched the car disappear into the distance the fully enormity of his predicament began to dawn on him. He was alone, naked and there was 72 miles of wilderness between him and his home.

Jordan's Wilderness adventures had just begun, and by the time he got home, one especially tender part of his anatomy would be very sore indeed. Which was only what he deserved.

The Shamen's curse continued to ensure that Jordan got exactly what he deserved, and he would get it where it would do the most good.