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Sting of the Jungle III (Part 2)

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Boy felt very sorry for himself, he had not been able to sit down comfortably for days, after Tarzan had spanked him immediately after removing the porcupine quills from his bottom. To make matters worse all his loincloths had been confiscated because he kept losing them, therefore, he was naked at all times, which was not only embarrassing but he also felt very vulnerable, especially since he had discovered that the object he had seen Tarzan whittling was a paddle.
If anything, night time was even worse, as the sting in his bottom kept him awake, so he just lay there thinking about how awful it was to be stuck in a boring jungle with a strong armed muscle man who believed the answer to any problem was to spank it. He determined that, as soon as he could, he would escape to America and live in a city, where he could wear clothes and never get spanked again.

However, he would keep that plan a secret, he didn't wish to give Tarzan any reason to make his bottom any sorer than it already was.

Luckily Boy was young, and the young heal quickly, so within a few days his bottom returned to an unspanked and, rather delightful like pink shade. Once again as the sting in his tail faded, so did his self-seeking resolve to be good. He was just about to sneak off and find somewhere private, where he could jack off, when he heard Tarzan calling for him.

Damn, what's that jerk want now?” he thought. 

He considered hiding, however, the memory of the last spanking had not sufficiently faded for him to risk another one just yet. Adopting a pose of nonchalance, tinged with as much insolence as he dared, he sauntered into the jungle clearing where Tarzan was waiting, his arrogant attitude somewhat undermined by the fact that he was as naked as a baby.

Boy grimaced at the sight of the two large empty containers at Tarzan's feet, as he knew they meant he would be ordered to carry out one of his least favourite chores.

The barrel is almost empty again!” snapped the older man “I told you to keep it full, or we will have nothing to drink or wash with! You need to fill it up now”

The sulky expression on Boy's face expressed exactly how he felt about this task. It would take ten containers to fill the water barrel, that meant five trips to the river carrying heavy containers of water.

You had better wear this” said Tarzan “holding out one of Boy's confiscated loincloths “In case the women from the village are there." he added “However, if you loose this one, you won't be able to sit down this side of the monsoon season!”

Of course I won't loose it! sneered Boy hurriedly grasping at the first vestige of dignity he's been allowed in days “I am not stupid you know!”

Tarzan raised one eyebrow as he watched Boy hurriedly putting on the loincloth, but decided to keep his council for the moment. The older man grinned, he had a sneaking suspicion that boy's pert and perfectly formed bottom would be back over his knee, receiving another well deserved spanking, once again in the very near future!


It was a hot day and, despite being remarkably fit and athletic, by the time Boy had completed two trips to the river and back carrying heavy containers of water he was hot, sweaty, irritable and feeling in need of a break. The cool river water looked very tempting, he decided to take a quick swim before continuing his heavy task. Careful not to get the loincloth wet, he stripped naked and left the precious garment by a tree on the river bank before diving into the water for a brief skinny dip.
He did not notice that Hector, one of the chimpanzees which Tarzan had raised from a baby, had followed him to the river, and was sitting on the bank, watching him splashing about in the shallows.

The chimp harboured a strong resentment for Boy, who had bullied it cruelly for years, and as it observed the naked boy, oblivious to his beauty but keenly aware of it's animosity towards it's sometime tormentor, a plot began to form in Hector's almost human brain.

A highly intelligent creature, Hector understood a lot of human language and the line “You won't sit down ..” was a phrase it had heard often enough to understand what it meant and to appreciate the implied threat they held for it's adversary's bottom. It understood that Tarzan had used the phrase in connection with the piece of cloth he had given to Boy, and concluded that, were Boy to loose that piece of cloth, Tarzan might inflict pain on Boy's rump. If so, it would be an outcome which the vengeful ape would find very pleasing indeed.

The Chimpanzee hurried over to the loincloth and snatched it up, waving it in the air and making loud hoots and screeches to attract Boy's attention.

Hearing the noise, Buy spun round and spotted the chimp on the bank “What's that dumb ape doing?!" He thought, then he spotted the loincloth gripped in Hector's fist “Put that down you stupid fucking monkey!” he yelled, but Hector just let out a chattering laugh and scuttled off toward the woods, still carrying his trophy.
At that moment Boy suddenly realised that his bottom was very bare and very, very vulnerable

He waded hastily to the bank, knowing he had to retrieve the loincloth or he would be in for a serious spanking, he gulped, maybe Tarzan would even use that damn paddle on him!

The chimp scampered away through the long grass towards the jungle with the naked Boy in hot pursuit desperate to retrieve his loincloth and avoid a paddling.

Once in the jungle, Hector looked back and impudently waved the loincloth at Boy, as if taunting him.

Damn you, you little brute!” snarled the angry boy running towards the monkey. Unfortunately, Boy was so intent on catching the animal he did not watch where he was going, he tripped and fell forward into the narrow crook of a tree.
Boys continuing streak of bad luck was showing no signs of leaving him. To his horror he found that when he attempted to free himself, he found he could not, he was held tight in the tight gap between the trunk and a branch, which gripped him firmly round the waist. He struggled in an effort to get loose, but this merely made his predicament worse, by pushing his front half forward whilst raising his peachy bare bottom up and presenting it naked an exposed like a sacrificial offering to a pagan god.

He heard Hector's shrill chatter transform into a mocking cackle and he determined he would, one day slaughter that ape!
He had been stuck in the vice like grasp on the tree for a few minutes when he became aware of the sound of something approaching him from behind. He stiffened in fear and a bead of sweat formed on his forehead. Not all the predators in the jungle were tame, due to his position he was unable to clime a tree to avoid sharp teeth and claws, whilst he knew his lower half would appear a tempting feast for a hungry carnivore. 

In fact the approaching “thing” was two young men from the village on the edge of the jungle, returning from an unsuccessful hunting expedition.

The first youth to enter the clearing stopped in amazement at the sight which met him, a handsome white bottom and legs protruding from a fork in a large wild fig tree. His surprise did not last for long, there were only two semi naked white men this deep in the West African jungle, and from one glance at the pert young bottom and toned athletic legs he could be reasonably sure it wasn't the more bulky and muscular Tarzan.

Boy was well known to the villagers, but, unlike the popular Tarzan, Boy was not well liked. He was generally considered an arrogant and selfish brat, whom they widely suspected spied on the village girls. They all delighted in the stories of Boy's many misfortunes, which invariably resulted in Boy receiving a very sore bottom, which in their view he richly deserved.

It was no great surprise to find that Boy had got himself into yet another embarrassing predicament, and the youth's heart missed a couple of beats at the prospect of this time being the one in a position to give Boy his sore bottom.

Joined by his companion, who exploded in giggles upon realising what an opportunity for a bit of entertainment they had happened upon, the two youths approached Boy's exposed and vulnerable backside. The first youth lifted his spear and jabbed first Boy's left butt cheek then the right one with the sharp point.

Boy cried out in shock and pain, his first terrified thought being that the sharp points were the teeth of a leopard , and then he heard the very human sound of laughter and his fear turned to anger and humiliation!
The other youth joined in and both had some fun jabbing Boy's sensitive bottom with their sharp spears and laughing as their target squealed in pain and outrage, threatening them with any amount of revenge he was in no position to inflict.
The youths eventually tired of that game, but they were not finished with Boy by any means . Freeing him from the crook of the tree, they immediately trussed him up like a turkey with hanging vines and proceeded to hoist him into the air.  Whilst he hung helplessly before them they smeared his behind with fresh honey from the honeycomb they carried with them for energy.

Laughing happily at Boy's discomfort, the two youths then headed back to the village leaving Boy hanging from the vine.
At first Boy did not understand the purpose of the honey, but it soon became clear, as the sweet sticky substance attracted every stinging insect in the vicinity, which all came swarming around his behind in a frenzy of buzzing and stinging.
Boy yelled and struggled as the as the tiny but toxic creatures attacked him with vigour, covering his well jabbed and honey smeared bottom with painful stings.

Boy's struggling snapped the vines by which he was hanging from the tree, and he hurtled toward the hard jungle floor….

Where he made a painful landing.
Boy lept to his feel, clutching his tortured behind and let out a yell of anguish, a not unfamiliar sound in that corner of the jungle.

The loincloth briefly forgotten the red bottomed Boy made his way home. However, he remembered it as soon as he met up with Tarzan and saw the look on his face, and the paddle gripped in his hand. Boy knew instantly that he was about to be spanked!
Boy was not wrong, Tarzan was furious, not only has his miscreant ward clearly lost his clothing again, but he had only filled a quarter of the tank with water. To make matters worse when he had gone to the river to find what was taking Boy so long, he had been just in time to see the precious containers, which Boy had left on the bank floating off down stream towards the mighty Congo river, where they would be lost forever

The containers had come from a aircraft which had crashed a few years earlier and would not be easy to replace that deep in the jungle. Boy would have to carry water in banana leaves in future. However, that punishment would come later, right now it was time for the especially crafted paddle to be put to work. Tarzan strode forward grabbed hold of Boy, slung the lad over his shoulder and headed towards a rock, where he sat down and placed Boy firmly across his knee.

Boy was then paddled from various angles, first on his back over Tarzan's knee with his legs in the air.

Then bent over a fallen tree, his long athletic legs kicking helplessly behind him, as Hector the sadistic ape, shrieked with delight.

For the next twenty minutes the sound of whacking echoed through the jungle, as the birds and animals fell silent listening to the familiar sound of Boy's progressively more frantic cries.
Finally it was over, Tarzan marched off into the jungle clutching the still warm paddle in his hand, leaving a well punished Boy crouching on all fours, his glowing red bottom sticking up in the air.

Hector, the chimpanzee which had followed Boy when he returned to camp, and happily watched while his enemy was punished, looked on, pleased, in it's almost human way, with it's day's work. 

About to eat a banana, the sight of Boy's fiery red spanked bottom and the now exposed puckering portal between the cheeks, caused a more appropriate use for the curved cylinder shaped fruit began to form in it's mind, a use which would add a final, uncomfortable, humiliation to Boy's catalogue of mishaps. 
Hector waddled up to Boy, and with one swift movement, rammed the banana firmly into Boy's upraised anus, forcing it in until only a couple of inches remained exposed, protruding from the tight orifice.

The expression on the ape's face couldn't have said more clearly, "Now you're fucked asshole!" 

Boy gasped in mortified horror as the hard and rather large alien object invaded his most intimate parts, momentarily frozen in shock, shame and humiliation. This had certainly not been a good day.

The End

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