Friday 20 March 2020

The Sting of the Jungle - Boy and the Stolen Loincloth

The Sting of the Jungle
Boy and the Stolen Loincloth

It was a hot and sultry day in the jungle, and boy was feeling bored. It was now many weeks since he had returned from the city, and it seemed very dull to be back in the jungle. He decided to climb up into the higher branches of the trees near to the river, in the hope of spying some maidens from the local village bathing or washing their hair on the river bank. Unfortunately for Boy, there were not village maidens in sight, just a long expanse of empty river bank.

Moodily, Boy peered into the distance in the hope of seeing anything of interest. However, although Boy could not see anything which interested him, another pair of eyes, not far from him, certainly could!!

In the branches above boy, a mischievous young chimp was also looking at something it found interesting, which was Boy's small leather loincloth. The little primate was a highly intelligent creature and had been listening the last time Tarzan had lectured Boy, and recalled exactly what the older man had threatened to to to the careless blond youth if he lost yet another loincloth.

That is the forth loincloth Boy have lost in a month!” the angry Jungle man had boomed “if Boy lose another one, Boy get a spanking him not ever forget!!”

As with many of the jungle animals, Boy had not endeared himself to the young chimp, as he had frequently shouted, thrown stones and been generally obnoxious to the the little animal. As such, there was little the little creature enjoyed more than watching his tormentor receiving a good hard spanking from the muscular lord of the jungle.

Moving stealthily, the little monkey crept through the branches towards Boy, who was still staring intently towards the river. Then, with one swift motion, while dangling from a branch it reached out, grabbed hold of Boy's loincloth and tugged.

Before Boy could react, the little chimp had snatched the loincloth, leaving him stark naked, and was scrambling quickly up through the branched, clutching it's prize and squawking gleefully.

Give that back you little ...” snarled Boy swinging round and seeing the monkey quickly ascending trough the branches, occasionally looking back and seemingly waving the loincloth at him, as if taunting him.

Boy also remembered Tarzan's words, and was desperate not to receive another spanking from his mighty guardians leather like hands. He began climbing up the tree after the chimp, determined to retrieve his clothing.

Unlucky for Boy, he was many pounds heavier than the tiny animal, meanwhile the higher he climbed up the tree the thinner were the branches. While frantically attempting to catch the fleeing primate, he carelessly put too much of his weight on a thin and very fragile branch, which snapped beneath his feet.

 Temporarily unbalanced he lost his grip of another branch, and suddenly found himself hurtling through the air. Unable to fly, there was only one way that gravity was going to take him, and that was down.

As he tumbled through the air towards what seemed like certain death on the hard ground below, he fell through a cluster of thin whippy branches, which effectively whipped and caned his bare bottom as he crashed through them, yelling in pain “OWW! … OUCH! ….OOOOW!” as he did so.

Despite this further misfortune, there was some good luck, as the pursuit of the thieving monkey had take him to branches which were overhanging the river.

So, instead of hitting the hard ground, and suffering fatal injuries, his fall was broken by the water, into which he landed with a winding, but thankfully not bone shattering, SPLASH.

The fact that river was deep at this point, combined with the fact that boy entered it at some considerable speed, sending him plummeting into the depths below. Luckily, Boy was an excellent swimmer, however, he knew this stretch of the river was especially dangerous, and as his eyes became accustomed to the murky depth, he was immediately reminded why, by an ominous shape looming out of the distance. Old Snapper, the crocodile who ruled this part of the river, had long eyed the succulent Boy as a potential tasty meal and was swimming straight towards him.

Poor Boy, while distracted by the hungry prehistoric monster speeding through the water towards him, he failed to notice a, much smaller, but still unwelcome creature right behind him.

The electric eel was a temperamental little brute at the best of times, however, Boy's sudden kicking and struggling appearance in his domain, had interrupted is pursuit of an particularly appealing mate, and as a result, was now especially irritable. 

Hence the angry electric eel did what angry electric eels are prone to do, it let loose a powerful blast of electricity, aimed at the nearest target, which in this case happened to be Boy's bare white bottom.

The angry eel's fearsome tail landed squarely in the centre of boy's behind sending a surge of white hot electric current through his cheeks.

Boy's yell of pain was silenced by the water, but the stream of bubbles which came shooting out of his mouth told their own story. Boy's fit young body then responded with the speed of a torpedo, a combination of the natural sense of self preservation inspired by the approaching man eater, together with the searing fire in his bottom, inflicted by the grumpy electric eel, provided the impetus to shoot him into action, as he sped upwards towards the river surface, and out into the fresh air.

Leaping with the agility of a young frog, he launched himself out of the water. 

Moments later, the jungle inhabitants were presented with the somewhat comical image of a stark naked Boy clinging to an overhanging branch with his twig whipped and eel stung bare bottom hovering inches above the old crocodile's snapping jaws.

Luckily Boy was nothing if not agile, while still keeping out of range of the hungry Old Snapper he clambered down the branch until he was close enough to the river bank to hurl himself bodily towards it. Landing, teetering precariously on he edge, he was, at last back on dry ground and out of danger.

At least he was out of danger from the crocodile, however, Old Snapper was not the only jungle beast to present a threat to our handsome young hero. A loud and angry snorting sound caused Boy to spin round, only to see an angry long horned buffalo, which had just come to the river for a drink, looking at him with angry, with it's massive head lowered in a threatening manner.

The buffalo, a naturally aggressive and dangerous creature had been especially angered by the sight of Boy, who he recognized as the irritating brat who had previously driven it wild by firing pebbles at it, with a sling shot from the safety of being high in the trees.

Boy was not in the trees now, he was on the ground and very vulnerable, and the buffalo now saw his opportunity to gets its revenge on a long time tormentor. 
Realising the danger he was in Boy turned and ran towards the jungle, where he could find safety back in the trees, but to his horror the thundering sound of hoof beats behind him reminded him how fast an angry buffalo could move.

Before Boy reached the jungle's edge, the angry buffalo was upon him, it's huge, hard and bony forehead slamming into his already punished bottom with such force that it threw Boy off his feet, sending him flying through the air towards the trees and straight into a hole in the trunk of a large wild fig tree.

Initially dazed, it took Boy a few seconds to realise what had happened and that the upper part of his body was wedged into a small hollow in the tree trunk, with his bottom half and legs hanging on the outside. The hole in the trunk, which formed the entrance to the hollow in which Boy had been forcibly inserted was very narrow, so although the power of the buffalo's head butt had been sufficient to force him through the hole, he was now stuck and unable to squeeze back out.

He struggled and kicked, but to no avail, he was firmly trapped. Even Boy was bright enough to know he was in a serious predicament. Although through sheer luck, there were no nasty jungle creatures currently inhabiting the tree hollow, there were a large number of much larger and much more ferocious creatures on the outside, for which his exposed and vulnerable bottom and legs, would offer a tempting snack.

With mounting fear he strained to hear any noise in the surrounding jungle which might signal the approach of some hungry beast.

After what seemed like hours, but in reality was no more than 15 minutes, he did hear approaching footsteps, his young body tensed as he awaited any sound which would identify what fearsome creature was bearing down on him. It was with great relief, albeit tinged with trepidation that he recognized the voice which then boomed around the jungle.

It was the unfortunate Boy's guardian Tarzan, whom the mischievous little monkey had deliberately led back to Boy.

BOY! What you doing?” Tarzan immediately recognized Boy's very familiar bare bottom “And where your loincloth?!!”
Boy attempted to respond and explain that the loincloth had been stolen by a chimpanzee, but the thick trunk of the tree muffled his voice, so that Tarzan only heard an inaudible gurgle. This only only served to anger him more

Boy was warned what happen if he lose loincloth again!” roared Tarzan “Boy Not Listen …...... Boy listen now!!”

Tarzan would free Boy later, but first he would take full advantage of his ward's exposed position, with his tempting bare bottom in such a conveniently raised position, presenting the perfect target.

Tarzan had brought his newly whittled paddle with him, suspecting it would come in useful, and he intended to make use of it.

The little chimp shrieked with glee as the familiar sound of Tarzan's paddle whacking away at Boy's bare behind echoed through the jungle canopy. Throughout the deep jungle and surrounding savannah, the animals stopped to listen to the satisfying sound.

Boy was getting what he always deserved, everything was back to normal, and for a short while, life was good!