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The Shaman's Revenge - Part 18 (Prologue)


OW! That Sting's worse than the fu.... damned ants!” moaned Jordan, as the Ranger rubbed a generous dollop of the cream which Dr Schultz had just prescribed into his bare bottom shortly after they returned from the swimming pool “What is in the vile stuff?”

It sting's a little, because it is working!” replied the Doctor “In the long run you will be grateful and appreciate it's healing properties!”

The Ranger briefly looked up and his eyes met the Doctors , and both men simultaneously winked at each other, enjoying the shared knowlerdge that the entire purpose of the cream was to increase Jordan's discomfort (“It's totally harmless, but very effective” the Doctor had explained “It was originally used as a sex aid in the Shanghai brothels before World War 11, as it heightens sensation, both of pleasure …. and also pain!”)

Also, if your guardian continues to apply the cream three times a day, it will be permissible for you to wear some clothing, albeit only these thin silk shorts” he held a pair of skimpy red shorts.

That's a shame!” laughed the Ranger “I was getting to enjoy the sight of Sports Little bare botty around the house!” he continued rubbing in the cream with increased vigour “Guess you can wear those tomorrow as you help me with the attraction I have arranged for the town fair.

Oh No! Do I have to” wailed Jordan “Fairs are for Dweebs and Old Boomers” 


Yes you do !” replied the Ranger delivering a sting slap to Jordan's well creamed, paddled and ant bitten bare bottom, followed by a second slap to make the point.

You are going to provide a service to the community, for once in your useless life!”


The next morning Jordan bent over in the bathroom and looked over his shoulder and studied the state of his bare behind, which was it's usual creamy white perfection. Once again it had amazingly healed overnight, the angry redness, the bruising from the paddling and all the tiny but fiery ant bites had disappeared.

Man I sure heal quick!” he thought! “But it still stings like Hell fire!, it must be that damn cream! How can I stop that creepy Ranger guy from rubbing more in!”

The thought of the ranger reminder him of the fair and brought a sickening feeling of dread to his stomach. “I wonder what that jerk has in store for me!” he thought

Jordan might well wonder …


Tuesday 7 December 2021

The Humiliation of Reman Dane – Chapter 3 


The latest instalment of “The Shaming of Redman Dane” continues, Click Here to start reading Chapter three at the “The Humiliation of Redman Dane” blog

WARNING this is a F/M CFNM story which features the Humiliation and Punishment of a handsome young man primarily by women


Tuesday 6 July 2021

The Shaman's Revenge Chapter 22 (Part 2)


The Shaman's Revenge Chapter 22 (Part 2)

 Jordan and the Speedos from Hell continued

The pool was entirely empty when Jordan dived in and swam a full length under water. For the first time in weeks, Jordan felt a sense of freedom and relief as his skimmed through the cool deep water, wuith the sleekness and agility of a fit young otter. Swimming was the one thing in the world at which he was the most accomplished, and if had had the determination and self discipline to overcome his naturally lazy and self indulgent nature, he could potentially have been a world class athlete.

However, the inevitable of Jordan Draper's life was that the flaws in his character would forever outweigh his virtues, and, consequentially, he would never achieve his natural potential.

As observers, therefore, we must content ourselves with appreciating his physical beauty and enjoying his ongoing and well deserved discomforts and humiliations.

However, at that moment, Jordan was free from the myriad discomforts which had recently plagued his life. The Ranger, his new guardian, had agreed he could have a morning free from chores and had dropped him off at the old swimming pool at the edge of town “You can relax today” he had said “Tomorrow you have an important role to play at the local charity fair!”

Jordan had no idea what was planned for the fair, but hoped he would at least be allowed to wear clothes. Meanwhile today, it was just a relief to have some cover albeit only his tiny blue speedos.

For a short while he was free of the sense of dread of what might befall him next, which hay have been a kindness, given what was in store for him.

After completing a dozen laps of the pool, Jordan climbed out and made his way along the side of the pool planning to get himself a coke from the vending machine he had noticed by the entrance. He was then he realised he was no longer alone, when he spotted three figures in swimming trunks walking towards him.

At first he did not recognise them, but they certainly recognized him “Hi Jordan!” sniggered Dewey Rees a small built guy in baggy red swimming shorts “Aren't you supposed to be bare assed? I head you burnt your asshole!”

Jordan glowered at Dewey, furious at this further evidence that the news of his humiliating situation was spreading like wild fire. “Shut up, if you want to keep your teeth!” he snarled.

Don't threaten my brother!” boomed a second, much larger guy in an angry voice

He always threatens smaller kids!” chimed in the third guy, Sammy Mason, who was also smaller than average “He's Jordan Draper, the bully we told you about!”

Dewey grinned at Jordan. “This is my BIG brother Bruno!” He's really pleased to meet you!” 

 Until too late Jordan had not noticed how large and muscular Bruno was, otherwise he might have been more cautious, but before he could react Dewey's big brother had grabbed him and thrown him over his shoulder. “We are going to have some fun with you!” he growled

The swimming pool was next to a derelict building, which had once been a sports centre, where Bruno carried the struggling and protesting Jordan, followed by a broadly grinning Dewey and Sammy.

Once inside what had once been the old locker room of the centre, Bruno tied Jordan's wrists to an exposed beam, forcing him to stand on Tip toe. Meanwhile Dewey produced a role of duct tape, which he used to bing Jordan's long athletic legs together.

When Jordan objected, a further strip of tape was placed over his mouth, effectively silencing him.

Heuy Jordan” grinned Dewey “Remember those games you used to play with us kids? .. and the ….. um … tricks? Well lets see how you like them when we play them on you.”

Remember that itching powder you put in the kids clothes while they were in the shower?” he continued “Well we've got a different brand … this one is extra strong itching powder” he held up a small bag while tossing a similar bag of white powder to Sammy.

It says 'Worse that a cartload of fleas' on the packet!” giggled Sammy

Well you are about to find out if that is true!” sneered Dewey as he pulled at the waist band of Jordan's speedos creating a gap at the back enabling him to sprinkle the contents of the itching powder package over the cheeks of Jordan's exposed backside, ensuring at least half the powder went down the tight crack between the cheeks.

Meanwhile, Sammy did the same to the front of the speedos, tipping the contents of his bag over Jordan's cock and balls.

It took a moment for the powder to take effect, and then, suddenly, Jordan became aware of the most extreme and infuriating itching sensation he had ever experienced. He struggled and writhed in extreme discomfort, desperate to pull off his speedos and try to brush the vile substance off himself, but could do nothing as his hands were tied to the beam above his head.

Sammy attempted to maintain a straight face, however Dewey laughed so hard he almost made himself sick. He and his friends had endured years of bullying and hazing by Jordan Draper, so he was enjoying every second of his tormentor's suffering.

Meanwhile a grinning Bruno ambled to the cornor and picked up a large glass jar “I guess that powder must be irritating you a mite Guy?” he drawled “But don't worry, my little friends here will eat it all!”

He held up the jar, which Jordan, to his horror saw was full of ants!

Remember that spider you put down Becky Rutter's shirt?! Sniggered Dewey, “well we couldn't find a spider, but the ants will be a good substitute!... they are fire ants, so if they nip you, it might sting a little!”

.”... or Sting a lot!” corrected Sammy.

It suddenly occurred to Jordan that the itching powder and ants must have been bought there specially for him, this was no chance encounter, they had known in advance that he would be at the pool. So someone, either the Ranger or Harley must have been in on the plan.

Jordan did not have time to think any more about the set up as he other things to concentrate on, around forty very small but very ferocious things, as Bruno stepped forward, tugged at the waist band of his blue speedos, and tipped the angry contents of the jar into the gap, shaking the jar firmly to ensure every ant fell in, before allowing the tight lycra to snap back into place with all the ants trapped between it and the tender still wildly itching surface of Jordan's bottom.

Unlike the itching powder, the ants took no time in making their presence known. They may be trapped and lagely immobile , but the one part they could move were their sharp jaws with which they ferociously attacked every inch of Jordan's poor bottom.

A large number of the fire ants had slipped between his cheeks and they set about biting that intimate and sensitive area, even his rosebud like anus was not spared. 

 The fire ants certainly lived up to their name, and within seconds, Jordan felt as if his entire bottom was literally on fire.

 Jordan's three assailants stood back, laughing with delight as Jordan hopped up and down, writing in agony and the rapacious insect assault on his nether regions his silent screams muffled by the duct tape covering his mouth.

It was then that all three of Jordan's new tormentor's produced a selection of old wooden paddles, both fraternity paddles with greek letters or old fashioned domestic paddles with quaint phrases on them.

We will kill those nasty biting ants for you!” laughed Bruno “Isn't that good of us?!”

Within moments, the sound of three wooden paddles whacking against ther seat of Jordan's speedoes echoed round the abandoned building and continued for quite some time.

Jordan's previous were certainly relishing their revenge.

Some hours later, after Jordan had not returned at the time he had been instructed to, the Ranger and Jordan's hated cousin Harley went to the pool looking for him. When they found he was not, the Ranger suggested they should check the abandoned sports centre next door, and that is where they found a very sore and unhappy Jordan.

Still tied up and duct tape gagged, he had been hing fron the ceiling by his blue speedos, in an uncomfortable and embarrassing wedgie. Adding to his humiliation a white surrender flag protruded from between his two now red and bad badly bruised and bitten butt cheeks, having been inserted deep into his ant bitten anus.

Jordan Draper was one bully who had certainly met his comeuppance! 


To be continued 

This chapter and all other content can also be viewd at the Sore Bottom Guys back up site HERE

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The Shaman's Revenge Chapter 22 (part 1)

 The Shaman's Revenge

Jordan and the Speedos from Hell

(Part 1)

It was early on a late summer morning, and the sun was just peeping through the curtains of the small bedroom where Jordan had spent the night. Jordan's new guardian come baby sitter the Ranger had forced him to give up his usual, much larger bedroom, to his visiting cousin Harley. Who, he had been informed, knew how to behave like a well bread young gentleman man, and therefore deserved a better room.

Muts that behave like coyotes don't get to sleep in the kennel!” the Ranger had said, pointing Jordan in the direction on the guest room, a room Jordan had disliked and avoided ever since Aunt Blossom from Boise had died in it when she visited a few summers back.

That, combined with the spanking he had received for some misdemeanour earlier in the evening meant Jordan had retired in a very bad mood, with the result that he slept badly and was beset my unpleasant semi-conscious nightmares. In the most vivid of the nightmares, the Ranger in the jousting regalia or a medieval knight and on horseback was pursuing him across a wild and empty landscape, jabbing at his bare behind with the pointy end of his lance.

These nights the Ranger featured in most of Jordan's nightmares, invariably cajoling and bullying him while simultaneously assailing his exposed rear end with some instrument of torture.

Jordan could therefore be forgiven for imagining he was still dreaming when he heard the the familiar voice booming “Time to get up ya' lazy bug in a rug, there's a treat in store for you!”

However, he was instantly wide awake when the Ranger jumped onto the bed, sat on him legs, Trapping him face down, and whacking his exposed bottom with the rubber sole of a beach shoe.

OW ...OWWW! That hurt” complained Jordan angrily “Stop it man!”

Don't be such a wimp!” laughed the ranger “You should be happy, this is a special day!” he continued to enthusiastically spank his captive prey with the rubber shoe.

The day didn't seem special to Jordan, and it seemed even worse, when he spotted his cousin Harley, standing in the doorway, watching with a sneering grin on his scrawny face.

Before your surprise though..” said the Ranger, putting down the beach shoe “You have to have your shots!” He took one of the syringes from the dish he had brought with him, which Jordan had not noticed, until that moment and which was perched precariously on the corner of the bed.

Oh No! Not That!” Yelled Jordan but before the words had left his mouth, the Ranger had jabbed the needle hard into Jordan's left butt cheek, causing an angry yell of pain to echo round the house.

Jordan struggled to free himself and avoid the second jab, but the Ranger swiftly climbed on top of him, sitting on his back and holding him firmly in place. “Harvey!” he called “Come hear and give your cousin the second jab.

Harvey quickly scuttled over and gleefully did as requested

Jordan struggled helplessly, seething with fury at the humiliation of had his butt injected by his hated cousin, who he knew would be enjoying him self and would seek to make the injection as painful as possible.

Hold on!” ordered the Ranger “That's the wrong cheek … damn too late! You have injected him the same cheek I just did!!”

Sorry!” squeaked Harley “I got confused … should I get another needle?”

NOOO!” yelled Jordan “That's enough!”

In that case you will need a second shot this evening” Replied the ranger

Jordan scowled moodily, he had a reprieve, but only a temporary stay of execution, as he still had a further injection to look forward to.

Now for your treat!” grinned the Ranger as he finally climbed off Jordan “I had a discussion with the Doc and he agrees that you should now be allowed occasional breaks from the current bare butt treatment!”

Jordan, who had been sulkily scowling and rubbing his sore behind perked up immediately at this unexpected turn of events.

Only very limited to start with!” he put his hand in his pocket and brought out a tiny pair of blue speedo swimming briefs, which he held out towards Jordan.

You can wear these to go swimming for a few hours this afternoon!”

Although a break from the embarrassing nudity was a welcome surprise, Jordan was confused and a little dubious given the size of the garment being offered to him. “They are very … small!” he said

Nonsense!” Replied the ranger “They are perfectly big enough, come and try them on!”

Jordan didn't need asking twice, he leaped off the bed, grabbed the proffered speedos and quickly pulled them on, before checking himself out in the mirror.

The speedos were indeed very brief, the shiny blue fabric barely covering his groin and most of his butt cheeks! “Man but these are skimpy!” he complained

The Ranger laughed and gave Jordan hard slap across the seat of the tiny swimming briefs. “You are such a spoilt brat Jordan!” he said. “I told you the break was to be only a limited one! Those trunks are perfectly adequate, in fact I think they will serve their purpose very well indeed!!

To be continued.....



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New Update at "The Humiliation of Redman Dane"


More Humiliation for Redman

Unlucky Redman finds himself in another uncomfortable and embarrassing predicament.

You can enjoy the handsome young blade's further well deserved discomfort by visiting “The Humiliation of Redman Dane”

WARNING: this features young a young male being disciplined and humiliated by females



The Adventures of Sore Bottomed Finn - Chapter One

 The Adventures of Sore Bottomed Finn

Chapter 1

(Click here for the Prologue)

Silas Hooper sat at the bar in Annie Kay's Coffee and Beer bar at the centre of town enjoying a lunch time Coffee and corned beef on Rye sandwich together with some man talk with a couple of the bar's regular patrons. Silas had been a successful urban architect, but he had become disenchanted with city life and moved to this small rural town five years earlier where he now ran a relatively successful construction business. Usually a light hearted individual, who enjoyed a laugh with the guys, he had made friends easily and soon settled in. However, today, he appeared strained and serious, and it was obvious something was troubling him.

What's the problem Buddy?” asked grey bearded Cole Ritter, one of the small town's only two doctors “You look as if you are carrying one heap of troubles.”

Kids” replied Silas with a sigh “Specifically one kid, my step son Finn, he's my ex-wife's son from her first marriage, he's been totally spoilt and allowed to run wild. Technically, he's no longer a kid, but he sure acts like one!”

Ah! Typical story!!” grunted Mike Palmer, the town sheriff “Spoiling a boy does him no favours! When I was working as a young cop in Atlanta I dealt with any number of spoilt rich boys ”

Silas frowned “Between us, he's had a couple of run in's with the law, so he's been sent to stay with me, where he is away from temptation!” He sighed “But it's not working out!”

The other men listened as Silas went into detail about Finn's behaviour, his lack of respect, refusal to obey rules and general unhelpful attitude. “He's also a damn lazy brat, this morning for instance, I asked him to do one simple task, painting some wood panels I'm using on those new houses next to the fishing dock. It would have taken him a couple of hours, tops. But, I turn my back for a minute, and he jumps on his fancy motorbike and rides off, who knows to where!” he shrugged in despair.

As a Doctor I'd say that kid needs a good spanking!”commented Cole

Plenty of spankings, ... and paddlings!” agreed Officer Palmer

SPANKING?” asked a slightly nonplussed Silas “He's almost nineteen .. a young man!”

So what? boys around here are going over their Daddy's knee up to they are twenty five or more!” laughed Nial Russell who had been listening to the conversation from a table by the bar “It keeps them on the right track!”

The best way to make a bad boy behave is to keep him bare butt and nervous!” added Officer Palmer banging his fist on the bar

Isn't that illegal?” asked a mystified Silas

Not in this state it isn't. Besides, I'm the law in this town, I decide what is legal. If you can't do it, we'd be more than happy to help you out, wouldn't we fellas!”

Sure would!” laughed the Doctor “between us we can keep his little butt cheery red all summer!”

How long is he staying with you!”

The Court said he is under my custody until he's 21, so that's another two years!” the last words were spoken partly with a groan.

That's no problem, we are not going anywhere, give us a call anytime and we will do what's required!”

Thanks guys, but that is all a bit out there for me, I will try reasoning with him first, before resorting to anything drastic!!”

His words were greeted with laughter “Reasoning?!! Good luck with that!” snorted Officer Palmer.

Later, on his drive home, Silas was still a little in shock, the conversation he had just had with three seemingly sane and rational adult men, seemed crazy, and like something out of a different age. It was a conversation he would never wish his ex-wife or any of their liberal city friends to hear, He was also sure he would never think of spanking his 19 year old step son.


Meanwhile, on a country road eight miles out of town, the step son in question was most unhappy, although perhaps not quite as unhappy as he would have been had he overheard the discussion his step father had just been party to.

Finn had miscalculated, he had thought it was only five miles back to town, but it was closer to twelve, and his feet were already sore from walking. All his life Finn's feet had been protected by expensive, high quality trainers and sneakers, so they were very soft and tender, and totally unused to walking, bare foot, on such rough terrain. He attempted to walk on the grass next to the road but that was not much better.

However, if his feet were sore, that pain faded into insignificance compared to his bottom, which was literally throbbing and burning as if it were still being assaulted by multiple angry hornets. His poor bottom had been stung first by a maritime sea creature, which, by some fluke, had ended up in an inland lake, this was followed by a god damn wasp, then he had been spanked by a muscle-bound hill-billy before the final coup de grâce of sitting in a bunch of nettles.

Somehow the stinging nettles had made the pain even worse by adding a tingling, all over, sensitivity to his buttocks and upper thighs. To add to his discomfort the nettles had stung the underside of his testicles, which tingled and stung as well.

However, sore bottom, feet and balls, were not the only thing causing his discomfort. The loss of an expensive motorbike would be difficult to explain, but worse than that, he was also faced with a very difficult and embarrassing predicament caused by the fact that he was bare butt naked whilst his clothes were in the back of some hill-billy's truck, or at his step-father's house on the far side of town.

The challenge would be getting home without being seen!!

Finn, knew he was good looking and he was proud of his fit young body, he had no problem showing of his chest and biceps by going shirtless in summer, or wearing designer trunks to the beach, but being totally naked in public was something else altogether.

He had never liked being naked in front of other guys in the locker room, let alone, in front of girls! Only two girls had ever seen his dick, and that had been on his terms, and it was they who were totally naked. This time he would be the only one naked in front of fully clothed people.

He hated the idea of anyone, guys or girls, looking at his bare butt, especially when it was sore, red and so obviously spanked, as he correctly guessed it was.

There had to be some way of finding clothes before he reached town.

As Finn turned a bend in the road he spotted a house nestling among the trees. Assuming the house was inhabited, maybe someone there would take pity on him and lend him some clothes, or, if not he could steal some. Perhaps this would provide a means of rescue from his embarrassing situation.

Despite his sore feet, his step quickened as he approached the house, he could see it was quite old and in some disrepair, but there were signs of habitation, and that meant there were people who owned clothes living there.

As he crept closer to the house, he noticed that one small window on the side of the wooden clad structure was slightly ajar, presenting him with an alternative option to knocking on the door, butt naked and asking for help.

This would not be the first time he had broken into someone's house, in fact he had done it more often than his rap sheet revealed, as he had only been caught once. (which was not bad odds – or so he thought!)

The window ledge was shoulder high, but that was no obstacle to a lithe, athletic young man, gripping the window ledge, and with the combined strength of his arms and his leg muscles, which he used to propel him self upwards, he quickly jumped up and thrust the top part of his naked body through the small gap beneath the window frame.

Unfortunately for Finn, the window was old and poorly maintained, and the vibration caused by his weight pushing down on the sill, caused he window frame to fall down onto the middle of his back trapping him with his head arms and shoulders on the inside, and his legs and bare bottom dangling outside.

Finn attempted to push upwards with his back, in the hope of dislodging the window enough to enable him to clamber through, However, if anything, this simply caused the window frame to become even more tightly jammed.

To his mounting horror, he realised that he was totally trapped, and to make it worse, he was in a very embarrassing and vulnerable situation.

The goddess Nemesis, who was not Finn's friend at the moment, and as we all know to our cost, she has a cruel habit of exploiting vulnerabilities to the detriment of mortals. Finn was to soon find out quite how vulnerable he was, and also what a tempting target he presented, with his fine young bottom, exposed in all it's rosy glory, hanging out of the window.

Finn's next stroke of bad luck arrived almost half an hour later,. In the form of young Tobias Ruckman, who had been out in the woods, unsuccessful attempting to shoot birds with his sling-shot, and was taking a short cut home past the old Bowen house.

Tobias couldn't believe his eyes when he caught sight of Finn's nude nether religions hanging out of the window. Confused but fascinated he crept towards the house, to get a better look.

At first he was confused, but then surmised, that the person in the window must have been attempting to rob the house. He had heard of the barefoot bandit, this must be the bare bottom burglar

Despite his tender years, Tobias was an nasty boy with a cruel sense of humour. His sadistic urges has had been frustrated by his failure to kill any birds, hence he was more than ready to take full advantage of this unexpected opportunity to inflict some pain, without risk to himself. He quickly pulled his slingshot out of his back pocket.

He had used up all his pellets, but there were plenty of pebbles on the ground which would provide excellent ammunition.

With his head inside the house, Finn was unaware of the younger boy's presence. Having finally given up struggling, and was hanging miserably in his increasingly uncomfortable position, glumly wondering what was going to happen to him.

He had no idea what was about to be heading in the direction of his still tender backside at considerable speeded.

Tobias picked up a smooth coin shaped pebble, loaded it into his sling-shot, took aim, and fired.

The pebble hit Finn at the base of his exposed right butt cheek with such force that his body jerked violently and he yelled out in agony. The pain was so intense that he initially thought he had been shot.

Finn's cry of pain excited his viscous tormentor who rabidly grabbed a second pebble, loaded his sling shot and let fly. He chuckled with glee as the second missile, which landed in the centre of the same right butt cheek, elicited a similar cry of anguish, albeit this one mixed with anger.

Watching the window trapped Finn struggling and kicking helplessly, while swearing angrily, thrilled the malicious Tobias who quickly grabbed a third pebble, loaded it into the sling-shot and fired again. However, in his haste, Tobias's aim was defective, so instead of hitting Finn, it smashed through a pain of glass above him. Finn was showered with broken glass, but luckily he was not cut. 

 At that moment. Ned Bowen the home owner arrived, having been alerted to the commotion, Finn's shouts, and now the sound of breaking glass. He was carrying a pitchfork, with which he had been working in his hay barn.

What the …?” he snarled, outraged by what he saw.

He's a burglar Mr Bowen Sir!” squeaked Tobias “and look.. He's even broken your window!”

Why is he naked?” asked the confused farmer

He must be one of them kinky types from the city!”replied Tobias


I'll teach him!” growled the older man “no pervert is going to break into my house!” he lunged forward and firmly jabbed Finn in the behind with the sharp prongs his pitchfork.

YEEEEOOOW!!” yelled Finn “Stop! Let me explain!”

Get out of the Window!” shouted Ned reaching up and using his superior strength pushed the jammed window upwards and allowing Finn to wriggle free.

Despite the shock, Finn was agile enough to land on his feet. Deciding, based on the tone of Ned Bowen's voice that, rather than attempting to explain it would be wise to put as much distance as he could between himself and the angry home owner as he could, and immediately turned to flee.

However, he was still not quick enough to avoid another pitchfork thrust by Ned, who again succeeded in jabbing Finn's tender bare bottom with the sharp points.

Now determined to avoid any further painful jabs with the fork Finn ran back in the direction of the road as fast as his bare feet could manage.

However, as his feet were now so sore from his long walk he was unable to our run the farmer, who's leather like soles were far more accustomed to bare foot running.

Finn had just reached a wooden stile leading to the bath when Ned caught up with him and grabbed him by the arm. Then, still gripping Finn firmly, Ned sat down on the stile and roughly pulled the younger man down and over his knee.

I'll make sure you can't sit down again for a week, you little thief!” he roared and then set about battering Finn's upturned bare bottom with his huge, hard and leathery hands.

As the sound of the loud smacks ricochet through the trees, accompanied by Finn's increasingly frantic protests, as he kicked and struggled unsuccessfully to free himself.

Given that his bottom had already been repeatedly stung by various plants and creatures, spanked once and shot at with a sling shot, it was already difficult for him to sit down, another spanking was the very last thing he needed. However, that was what he was getting.

Finn had been on Earth for almost 19 years, and today was the worst day of that tenure, surely it couldn't get any worse.


Could it?


To be continued