Thursday 1 June 2017

Justice for Joel (Part 4)

Justice For Joel – Continues

Joel's bottom burned like fire. No matter how much he tried to ignore it, the relentless sting wouldn't go away, that, and the total humiliation he had been subjected to, was all he could think about. Not only was he very sore, but he was also very angry, how dare Uncle Miles and his gang of inbred hicks treat him like this? They had stripped him naked, and refused to give him back his clothes, they had spanked him, jabbed him in the butt with pitchforks, and then they had stung him with stinging nettles!

As a result, his naturally sensitive rump felt as if it was being attacked by a thousand fire ants, while simultaneously being jabbed with red hot needles. He was, therefore, not a happy boy.

He was in a seriously unwelcome predicament, for one thing he trapped on a farm, in the middle of the Montana hills, hundreds of miles from girls, from the city and all the things he enjoyed, but he was also at risk of court mandated, bare bottom, spankings, mostly inflicted without warning! He felt as if he was living a nightmare, unable to wake up, and he suspected the dream was about to get even worse.

It may please many readers to hear that young Joel's guess was not be far off the mark!. Joel was one of those young men who deserved a permanently sore bottom, and that was exactly what he was going to get!

As dusk began to fall, Joel discovered to his horror that he would have to sleep with the men in the bunkhouse behind the main ranch house. This did not please him, and he had complained to his Uncle, however, Miles had been adamant, if he was going to work on the ranch, he would have to live life a ranch hand.

When Joel protested that the ranch hands were not bare butt naked, Miles informed him tersely, that he would get his pants returned to him, if and when he had earned them. Until then he would have to stay bare assed.

This sent Joel into an irritated sulk, it was embarrassing being naked, especially when he had such a red bottom. He was also unhappy about sharing with the ranch workers. To start with, he was very nervous in the company of the ranch hands, after what they had done to him earlier, but also, as a city boy, he felt naturally superior to country dwelling farm workers and objected to sharing their sleeping quarters.

The ranch hands quickly sensed that Joel's arrogant attitude was still lurking beneath the surface and resolved to bring him down with a bump, preferably hard on his cute little bare bottom.

Braden turned to Ash and Hadley “Back in my sports bag I have just the thing which will light that little dickhead's butt up like a lightning bug!” he whispered.

Sounds like fun” chuckled Ash “It's red now, but it could do with being even redder!!”

It needs a little extra …. heat I think!” smiled Braden

Hey kid!” he barked in a louder voice, “It's almost chow time, come with us, and we'll show you where you will be bunking down tonight!” he took a firm grip of Joel's arm, while Hadley took hold of the other arm, and, followed by the other men, all grinning broadly, they marched a very reluctant Joel towards the brightly lit bunkhouse.


Supper or “chow” as the men called it did not appeal to Joel, consisting of pork meatloaf and corn biscuits, it was far too “country style” for his (in his view) more sophisticated city based tastes. Also, he found it very uncomfortable trying to sit on the hard bench by the table. After a few mouthfuls he stood up and walked away from the table, aware of the half dozen pairs of amused eyes which were focused on him.

That ass of yours still looks mighty sore kid!” said Braden, a kindly note in his voice, as he looked at Joel's still bare and still very red bottom.

Yes, it fucking is!” snapped Joel “after what you fuckers did to it!” quickly turning his back away from the amused eyes of the other men, whilst simultaneously covering his exposed genitals with his hands.

I can help it feel better!” smiled Braden, “come here, I'll rub some soothing cream into it!”

You ain't touching my ass!” replied Joel defensively backing away from the men, only to find his way blocked by the bunk beds.

Don't be a jackass kid!” laughed Ash he only wants to make your little bottom feel better. Both he and Hadley too hold of Joel and pulled him towards the seated Braden, before forcing the struggling youth to sit on Braden's lap.

Bradon, a large and muscular guy, placed one hand beneath Joel's thighs and, with one swift and easy movement, lifted his legs up into the air, with the result that Joel suddenly found himself in an embarrassing and very exposed position, similar to that of a baby about to have it's diaper changed.

What the ….?” he yelped “put me the fuck down!!!”

Don't be so dumb kid!” laughed Braden, “we're just gonna' sooth that poor stinging botty of yours!!”

Here's the 'soothing cream' Man!” said Hadley picking up a tube from the table where Braden had placed it earlier (winking to the other men as he did so. “Hold him steady while I rub it in!” he squeezed the tube, so that a large dollop of the cream landed in the palm of his hand.

Hadly then raised his hand in the air, before taking a swing at Joel so that the cream covered palm of his hand landed with a loud “SMACK!!” across the left cheek of Joel's uplifted bottom.

OUCH!” yelled Joel “That fucking hurt … you ….!!”

Calm down Young'un!” snapped Hadley “We are doing this to make you more comfortable ….. otherwise, your butt will sting all night!” he began rubbing the cream firmly into Joel's butt cheeks.

Make sure you cover the whole area!” laughed Ash “We want to make sure that his whole butt feels the …. uh … benefit of that …. er gentle soothing ointment!”

Joel tried to pull himself free from Braden's grip, but Braden's muscular arms were honed from years of strenuous labour, and with the assistance of another ranch hand, Jareth Hunter, who held his shoulders, the protesting youth was kept firmly in place.

You are not doing it right!” cried Ash “here let me show you!” he playfully pushed Hadley to one side and firmly grabbed hold of Joel's butt cheeks, pushing them apart, and exposing Joel's puckering anus to the horror of Joel and the delight of the grinning men.

It needs to go …. everywhere!” he laughed.

Braden, with the help of Hadley, then rolled Joel onto his side, still perched on Braden's knee, this exposed Joel even more and allowed Ash greater access to his most intimate areas.

Ash, of course, took full advantage of Joel's position, and firmly rubbed the cream into every inch, and crevice, of Joel's cute young butt.

It was then that Joel began to become aware of a new sensation spreading across his nether regions, first a feeling of warmth, then heat followed a hot fiery sensation. Rather than soothing the burning in his bottom, whatever, the men were rubbing into him was increasing his discomfort.

What the fuck is that stuff??!!!” screamed joel “It's burning me! ….AAAAOOWWW!!”

Don't be stupid Joel!” laughed, Ash, using his thumbs to smear the cream between the unhappy lad's cheeks “it will take away the burn!”

It's making it worse!” protested Joel, now in significant discomfort, “it's burning my ass!! …. AAAGGH!! it is really burning me!!”

Let me look at that tube!” murmured Braden with feigned concern, as, grinning brightly, Hadley handed him the now empty tube, which Braden then studied with a frown, while still holding the now yelling and kicking Joel in place.

Oh heck Buddy!” groaned Braden “That's the wrong cream, it's not the soothing cream, that's embrocation …. see ...” he held out the tube “Capsaicin cream … it's chilli based …..!!”

My … oh my!” cooed Ash with pretend sympathy “you should never use that on tender areas ….. it'll sting like Hell fire!!”

Is your butt a stinging a bit kid?” asked Braden in his best effort at a solicitous tone.

It fucking is!!” screamed Joel “Get it off me!!!! ...AAAAGGGGHH!!!”

Braden loosened his grip on Joel allowing him to leap to his feet and begin jumping up and down, yelling in anger and pain, as the men stood around watching him, struggling to stop themselves from laughing out loud.

I guess we better give young Joel a bath!” announced Ash “that should wash off that nasty chilli paste!!”

Yeah! Come on Kid, we'll give you a nice bath!!” shouted Hadley “that will make you feel better!”

Before Joel could reply, the men took hold of him, and hurried him into the next room, where and old hip bath had conveniently been placed in the middle of the room.

Even more conveniently, numerous pans of water were already heating up on on a large, old fashioned stove in the corner of the room, whilst two kettles were already whistling and beginning to steam.

While Braden and Ash held onto Joel, the other men swiftly filled the hip bath with the water from the heated pans and kettles.

W.... what are you d..doing?” stammered Joel

Obviously, we're gonna' give you a bath fella'!” replied Ash “We gotta' wash that nasty chilli off your butt!”

But that's too hot!!” yelled Joel “NO!! that's too damn hot!!”

Your so dumb kid!” replied Braden struggling to suppress a laugh “It needs to be hot to get the chilli off!”

Joel, of course, was not dumb enough to believe that, a keen athlete while still at school, he had suffered a number of strains and new that when hot water came into contact with embrocation on tender skin it actually intensifies the stinging sensation. At that point increasing the sensation was the very last thing he wanted!!

No fucking way!!” he shouted, fear sending his voice a few octaves higher than usual. He attempted to pull away from Braden and Ash, but they just gripped him more tightly.

It's time for your bath Kid!” growled Ash, “C'mon Buddy, let's help him!”

NO!! ...NO!! … DON'T!!” shouted Joel, as Ash firmly took hold of him under the arms, while Braden grabbed him by the ankles, easily lifting him off the floor.

Let me down you dickheads!” shouted the struggling Joel!

We will do!” replied Ash with a grin “We will let you down … into the bath!”

The two men carried the horrified and protesting Joel across the room until they stood on either side of the steaming hip bath, holding the dangling Joel, bare bottom down over the still close to boiling water.

The men began lowering Joel towards the water, while, in an effort to stop them, Joel grabbed hold of the two wooden handles on either side of the batch, in a desperate attempt to push his body, and especially his, still glowing pink bottom upwards.

For a few seconds, Joel's efforts succeeded in stopping his descent towards the hot water, but not for long.

Ash's placed his arms around Joel's chest and gripped him in a tight bear hug “Sorry fella” he growled menacingly, “but you're going down!” then, he lowered himself to his knees and with a sudden jerk of his muscular arms he forced Joel's body down into the steaming water.

Joel let out a scream of pain as the scalding hot water reacted with the chilli based cream, which had earlier been rubbed into his render skin, increasing the burning sensation by some ten fold.

Is that nice warm water easing your little sore butt?” chuckled Jareth, who had been observing the scene with increasing amusement.

It is fucking burning me, you fucking ass hole!!” yelled Joel

It's your tight little ass hole that's getting roasted kid!” laughed Jareth “And you might get something worse than hot water up there if you are not careful!!”

Convulsed with laughter, Braden and Ash released their grip on Joel, allowing him the opportunity to jump to his feel, still standing in the hip bath, but sending hot water splashing onto the floor, and the jeans clad legs of the ranch hands.

Before Joel could jump out of the bath, and escape the hot water which was still burning his bare feel and lower legs, he again found himself in the firm grip of Ash and Braden, who had now dropped the earlier pretence of kindness.

I think its time this little city boy got another whuppin'” snarled Braden

Yup!” replied Jareth “An' I got just the thing!” he picked up a long handled wooden bath brush

Yeah! Let him have it Buddy!” Turning Joel so that he bare bottom was pointed towards Jareth.

That sure is a tempting target!” laughed Jareth, reaching out and tapping Joel's behind with the brush, before giving it a resounding “WHACK!”

Joel struggled and kicked his legs in an attempt to free himself, but the men held him firmly in place as Jareth aimed a further painful WHACK at his now quite tortured bottom!

AAAAHHHOOO!” he yelled, as the impact of the hard wood on his sensitive skin sent shockwaves into his flesh.

Joel's bottom was now stinging as if it was under attack from a swarm of angry yellow jacket wasps.

Outside the bunkhouse, Miles peered through a crack in the curtain, a rye smile on his face. He was pleased to see that the men were giving Joel a taste of what the next few months had in store for him. He knew the men could be rough, and he would step in if they went too far. Joel's bottom needed to be kept sore, but not permanently damaged. However, for the time being, Joel was getting exactly what he deserved.

Back inside the men had, to some degree, taken pity on Joel and and dispensed with the bath brush after a mere 10 Whacks. Instead Braden and another of the men, Ivan Cooper, placed Joel across their knees and began what might be called a synchronised spanking. Each man taking turns in smacking Joel's wide spread butt, as he yelled and cussed at them, but was unable to do anything to stop them.

As long as Joel was living on the farm him cute 18 year old butt was theirs to do as they liked with it, and the men were resolved to keep it glowing pink, tender and well spanked at all times.

Two hours later, and the men were preparing for bed. “Hey guys” said Hadley “where is the kid gonna sleep?, there isn't a spare bunk for him!”

We'll sort one out for him tomorrow, until then he'll have to sleep on the porch!” replied Braden, with a wink

For a brief moment Joel's mind buzzed with thoughts of escape, if he was on the porch, he could wait until the guys were asleep, then steal a truck, and get away from this God forsaken place.

However his hopes of freedom were short lived, as soon as they had escorted him to the porch outside the bunk house, the men tied his hands and feet with a long piece of rope, before throwing the other end over a beam in the porch ceiling.

What are you doing?” stammered Joel

We need to make sure the coyotes don't get you boy!” replied Ash, as the men began pulling on the rope, causing Joel to loose his balance and fall, landing on his just punished bottom.

The men kept pulling on the ropes, hoisting Joel up into the air until he was hanging from the beam, by his tied wrists and ankles, with his dangling bare bottom almost brushing against a strange looking metal apparatus, which looked like a neon light.

You can't leave me like this!!” shouted Joel “Not all night!!”

Don't worry kid!” laughed Ash, “we'll make sure the bugs don't bit you!!” he turned a switch and the object next to Joel's bottom, began to hum and flicker to life, giving off a bright blue light.

Joel's body jerked with surprise causing him to sway slightly, with the result that his dangling bare bottom touched the thin metal grid surrounding the blue light.

ZZZAAAPPP!!” a small but painful electric shock, stabbed into his exposed butt cheek, accompanied by a small flash of blue light “Yeeowwch!! yelled Joel, his body jerking again, causing him to sway at the end of the rope, first away from the grid, but then, that very momentum caused him to swing back into contact with the grid resulting in another “ZZAAPP!” and a flash of blue light as a small but stinging electrical current shot into his flesh, this time mere millimetres from his exposed and rosebud like anus, causing him to let out another scream

What the fuck is that thing?” he yelled

It kills them 'skeeters Boy” replied Hadley “We get a lotta' darn 'skeeters round here!”

But don't worry Kid” added Ash “the mozzies won't bite you, not with you hanging right next to the 'Skeeter killer and all!”

Yeah!” continued Hadley “Any 'skeeter that tries to bite your lil' bare tail will get hit by an electric charge and 'zapo', it'll be 'skeeter history!”

But be careful not to touch it!” laughed Braden “or you will get a nasty shock!”

Joel did not need telling about the electrical shocks, having just received two painful jabbing shocks in what was currently the most tender and sensitive part of his anatomy from what he now realised was a rather ancient electrical insect killer. An electric insect killer on one's porch is a very useful device in the backwoods of Montana for some parts of the year, but it is not something anyone would want to be hanging next to when bare ass naked, as Joel was.

He decided to try and reason with the men. “Hey guys, this is not funny! Let me down now!” he tried to look down at them, but that just made the rope sway, causing his behind to touch the electrified grating “ZZZAAAPPP!” .. “AAAOWCHH!”

Sorry kid!” replied Braden “we'll make up a bunk for you tomorrow, but tonight you will have to stay up there!!”

Goodnight fella'” laughed Hadley “Sleep well!”

To Joel's horror the men then sauntered back into the bunkhouse, leaving him dangling from the roof of the porch, his bottom a hairs breadth from the electric insect killer.

Poor Joel had a long and painful night ahead of him, not only was it very uncomfortable hanging from a rope by his hands and feet, but also, much as he tried to stay perfectly still, this was not possible when one is dangling from a rope, and even the smallest of movements caused the rope to swing sending his bare bottom into contact with the electrified grill surrounding the blue light and jabbing yet another painful electric shock into his already well punished bottom.

The electric shocks may not have been strong enough to cause any serious or lasting burns, but they were still extremely painful especially on such tender skin as that on Joel's bottom.

The long Montana night was punctuated with the zapping sound of electricity on skin, followed by a yell of pain from Joel.

Joel's luck really had really run out, and who knew what life had in store for him next. Whatever it was, it was sure to a pain in the ass!

We may return to the ranch later in the year to see how Joel's summer of spanking progresses.