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The Sting of the Jungle - Boy's Return

 The Sting of the Jungle -Boy's Return

The airplane was into it's thirteenth hour of the flight across the Atlantic, and Boy was now unbearably bored. True to form, he had also made himself extraordinarily unpopular with the flight crew and his fellow passengers with is arrogant and rude bad behaviour and constant demands.

It had reached the point where most of the other passengers had moved to seats as far away from this handsome, practically naked but chronically unpleasant young man.

Eventually, when Boy could not bare the boredom any longer he called out to the flight attendant “How much longer is this Goddam flight?!” he demanded.

The flight attendant looked at Boy with hardly disguised dislike “We land in Kinshasa in an hour … S ..” she gritted her teeth “Sir!”

No you stupid moron!” snapped Boy “What time to we land at the Jungle airport?”

This flight does not land at The Jungle airport” she replied “We fly over the jungle, direct to Kinshasa”

WHAT!!” shouted Boy “I need to get off at the Jungle airport!!”

We can not land at the jungle” replied the attendant “this plane is too large for the jungle runway!” she frowned with exasperation, this was the most infuriating passenger she had ever encountered “It is quite clear on your ticket that this is a non-stop flight, you will need to get a connecting flight back to the jungle!”

Of course, Boy had spent all the money he had managed with him when he escaped from the city, and could not afford a second flight. With characteristic truculance he decided to try and bully the flight crew into landing at the jungle stop.”I demand to see the pilot!” he shouted “I need to get off this plane in the jungle!!”

You can't see the pilot!” sighed the attendant “He's busy … you know … flying the plane!”

Take me to him!” snapped boy, leaping from his seat and turning towards the cockpit.

Realising that Boy seemed serious, the flight attendant called over two male flight attendants to assist her “This …..... passenger failed to read his ticket correctly, and is demanding we drop him off in the jungle!” she said.

The two male attendants had been observing Boy's rude and obnoxious behaviour, ever since he started acting up after about an hour into the flight, and new he was going to be difficult. However, at first they began patiently trying to reason with him.

Sitting in am aisle seat in the next row to Boy Herman Kettering had watched the scene unfolding. As a gay man, despite Boy's outrageous behaviour, he could not fail to be struck by how hot physically the young blonde hunk was. This was especially obvious given Boy's limited attire of only a jockstrap and a pair or white socks.

Herman was also a keen collector of male spanking videos and a fan of the JockSpank blog, so when Boy stood up his eye was immediately drawn to the lad's perfectly formed bare white bottom, framed with the straps of his jockstrap, and he began to imagine all the different forms of discipline he would just love to inflict of that tempting object.

It was the ongoing curse of Boy's life, that so many people instinctively wanted to spank him.

Meanwhile the two flight attendants were also both becoming drawn to the prospect of an act of violence against Boy. Even for two men so well used to dealing with difficult customers it was not long before they were both totally exasperated with this semi-naked but highly self opinionated youth.

Finally, their exasperation turned to anger, when Boy actually attempted to storm the cockpit demanding to speak to the pilot. The men grabbed hold of him and began to drag him towards the back of the plane. It was only then, too late that Boy began to understand that just maybe he had again gone too far.

Okay fella'” snarled one of the men “You want to land in the jungle? Well, we can arrange that!!” he was so angry that, whilst his colleague held onto Boy, he literally ripped one of the attendant seats from the wall, leaving the back portion of the seat still screwed to the wall. The men then tied Boy to the seat in a sitting position, with his, jockstrap framed, bare bottom sticking out of the gap at the back where it had been pulled from the wall.

As Boy struggled against the ropes attaching his wrists and thighs to the seat, the men began attachomh a parachute to the chair arms. “What the fuck ate you doing?!!!” yelled Boy.

The men did not answer, but the look of thunderous fury on their faces told him, that, whatever it was they were doing, he was not going to like it!!

One of the men proceeded to turn a handle which opened a hatch door in the side of the aircraft and all three of them were hit by a powerful gust of air.

You can't be serious!!” stammered Boy, as he suddenly realised what was being planned, but the men were deadly serious. If Boy wanted to land in the jungle, they were only too happy to accommodate that wish, however, the plane would not be landing there with him.

With a powerful kick, delivered to the centre of Boy's bottom, they sent him, attached firmly to the chair frame, flying out of the side of the plane into the open sky outside. 

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