Sunday 23 September 2018

The Shaman's Revenge Part 7 (2)

The Shaman's Revenge Part 7 (2)
Jordan Gets a “wheelbarrowin'”

As part of the college's new team building program the Capsaicin College junior baseball team had been set a fund raising target with the goal of building a new team club house. One way that the team were raising funds was by offering to do menial jobs, such as gardening, painting or even cleaning for members of the local community.

That afternoon, together their Coach, Coach Amundsen, they had been visiting houses in Parkfield Avenue, and, by another of those spooky and reoccurring coincidences, had just arrived at the Draper household, where Mr Draper was just about to find some tasks for them to carry out in his garage when they heard a loud Knocking coming from the direction of the door.

Mr Draper left the team in his garage and went to answer the door. Returning minutes later and, to the amazement of the boys, he was followed by a park ranger in full uniform pulling a very unhappy looking, and totally naked, Jordan Draper after by a firm grip on his ear.

A number of the smaller boys had endured unkind taunts and bullying from Jordan in the past, and grinned broadly at the sight of his discomfort. “Schadenfreude”, the German tern for deriving pleasure from the misfortune of others, can be a very satisfying emotion. This is especially true, when that misfortune befalls someone as deserving as Jordan Draper, the junior baseball team were to experience Schadenfreude aplenty that afternoon, and would have an even more satisfying spectacle to observe and tell their friends about very soon.

Coach Amundsen forced back the amused grin threatening to spread across his craggy face, it seemed that young Jordan had got himself into trouble yet again. The handsome young swimmers revolving cycle of painful and embarrassing misadventures were starting to become almost comical.

Mr Draper turned to the team, “Instead of giving you boys work to do” he said “I think it is time to expand your education and show you what happens to bad little boys who can't behave themselves!” he pointed to two small benches in the corner of the garage “can some of you sit there please!, and the rest stand on the other side, so you all get a good view!”

He turned back to Jordan “As for the club house fund, Jordan is going to donate this month's allowance to that, aren't you Jordan!”

Jordan opened his mouth to protest but no words came out, he just stood there with his mouth involuntarily opening and closing like a particularly handsome catfish. On top of everything else he was now going to lose his allowance fir a month, how could he survive that?!!

Mr Draper sat down on an upturned metal barrel “I told you what would happen Jordan!” he said “Now come over here and get over my knee!”

Jordan did not obey, he stood rigid, for a moment his only movement was to nervously clench and unclench his fists, as he stared intently at the floor. When he did move it was to step back, look up and turn to face his father, a look of fierce defiance on his face.

NO FUCKING WAY!” he snarled "I'M NOT A FUCKING KID!, I'M NINETEEN” he stubbornly folded his arms, adopting a post which was supposed to appear rebellious, but, due to his nakedness, just looked rather silly, albeit a little sexy at the same time. “YOU CAN'T DO THAT TO ME ANY MORE!” He yelled.

Jordan pointed to the assembled junior baseball team members “ESPECIALLY NOT IN FRONT OF THOSE LITTLE DICKHEADS!” he spat the last word with contempt.
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Sunday 16 September 2018

The Shaman's Revenge Part 7 (part 1)

The Shaman's Revenge Part 7 (part 1)

Goran could not forget about the kitten that Jordan had kicked, the more he thought about the thoughtless cruelty that nasty boy had inflicted on a trusting little animal the more and more angry he became.

As the old warlock's anger grew his spell grew stronger, and his incantations, which still echoed in the dark recesses and forgotten places, began to travel further to even deeper and far darker places where it was heard by things, the likes of which would make the bravest of men tremble.

It was now the turn of one such thing to answer his call, a creature which had slumbered for many centuries began to stir. Gradually as the thing awoke it began to change its form transitioning bit by bit from something beast like into the recognisable form of a man.

At last, the shape shifting complete, the creature which had become a man stepped forward from the shadows, it's manly body now illuminated by the flames of the fiery cavern where it had slept. As it did so, a sardonic smile settled on its now passably handsome features. It had been centuries since it had last been called, but now that it was awake, it planned to have some fun.


Back in the place where human dwell, Jordan was moody and miserable, both emotions made worse by the constant stinging throb in his now much punished bottom. He felt sore, he felt humiliated and on top of all that, he felt hot. The brief respite of the cooler morning had passed and the steamy mid – summer temperatures had returned with a vengeance.

Being young and in good shape, Jordan was not usually affected by hot weather, but even he was suffering in this level of heat and humidity, not least because the hot weather seemed to make the fire in his butt even more painful.

It was as if hell fire had been unleashed and was heating the very air, as a result, Jordan was in a Hellish mood.

His backside had been stinging ever since those damn injections that morning, followed by hard and embarrassing bare bottom, hand spanking, from the Coach. Weirdly, the burning sensation was not fading, in fact, if anything, it was getting worse, how was that even possible?!

The heat, and the pain in his rump were not the only reasons Jordan had cut class that afternoon. Now that everyone in the school knew what had happened to him in the locker room, and were probably already being informed of his latest humiliation, attending a class full of grinning and giggling students was an embarrassing and humiliating experience.

It was intolerable that everyone knew what had happened to him, and the damage to his fragile ego would take a long time to heal, even after most people had forgotten. He could only be grateful that so few people knew that his father had been spanking him every night, Jordan's younger brothers knew, but they also knew what would happen to them if they dared to reveal it!

A strong desire to escape from the whispering and scornful glances, as well as relief from the city heat, had led Jordan to jump on his motorbike and ride out of the city into the open countryside and into a large forest beyond.

On the weekend, the forest, which was a national park would have been full of hikers and tourists, however, as it was now midweek, Jordan found that, as expected, apart from an occasional passing car, he was alone, which was now the way he wanted it.

Jordan was not a natural nature lover, but trees and bushes did not know what had happened to him, they did not giggle, point and snigger at his humiliation, so right now he preferred the company of trees to that of human beings.
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