Monday 31 December 2018

The Shaman's Revenge (Part 9)

The Shaman's Revenge (Part 9)

Chase Colby had just returned home after a very bad day, there had been a lot of bad days recently, but that day had been one of the worst as he had just lost the second job in three month. Chase's boss. Will Bryant, the Caretaker at Capsaicin College, had eventually tired of the lazy young fool's constant lateness and shoddy workmanship and sacked him.

This was a big problem for Chase as he needed the money. Due to his poor credit rating he had needed to borrow money from a loan shark, and the interest was very high, if he could repay the debt the lender was likely to become very unpleasant.

More significantly, on his scale of importance, Chase liked having money in his pocked, it was a lot easier to ball chicks when a guy had money.

Despite his financial concerns, however, Chase had still spent part of the cash he had left on beer and some high quality weed from a dealer he knew. He figured that a drink and a smoke would take his mind off his troubles.

As soon as the handsome young wastrel got home, he stripped naked and spent ten minutes under a shower, the hot soapy water providing a welcome balm to his lithe and tanned, perfectly formed but tense and aching body.

Finally stepping out of the shower and drying himself, he padded, still naked, into the studio bedroom of his tiny apartment, and turned on his huge “Ghetto blaster” style portable radio, tuned to a station which played his favourite heavy rock music 24/7, then opened a first bottle of beer, which he swiftly downed and followed with a second. 

He then threw himself face down on the bed and rolled himself a joint from the marijuana he had purchased earlier that day.

After a few puffs of the expensive weed, Chase began to feel mellow and relaxed, he leaned over and turned up the music as high as it would go, yelling “Yeah man!” as he did so.

Chase planned to only play the music for an hour or so, since the incident with the wasps, which he was superstitiously convinced the weird old East European man upstairs had something to do with, he had made sure the he did not make any noise after 10:30 at night, when he believed the old man went to bed.

His good behaviour motivated by fear rather than good neighbourliness, Chase had intended to do the same that night. However, the drugs which his pusher had sold him was a lot more powerful than usual, and the effect was intensified by combining it with the strong beer he had just drunk. As a result, within twenty minutes of lighting the first joint, the unlucky young hunk had fallen fast asleep.

Chase would be unconscious for the next eleven hours, although he did not sleep peacefully, as his dreams were troubled by the same reoccurring nightmare, in which he was running naked through an endless field of corn, pursued by a swarm of giant and angry hornets, all intent on stinging his bare behind.

Throughout the long hours of hours of the night, the loud rock music continued to blare out of the huge speakers wired to his ghetto blaster. The noise was so loud, it smothered all other sounds, including his elderly upstairs neighbour furiously hammering on the floor, and threatening Chase with every agony that Hell had in store for him.

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Sunday 23 December 2018

A Bad Boy's Christmas #2

A Christmas Fairy Tail

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