Tuesday 14 January 2020

The Shaman's Revenge Part 17 (Part 2)

The Shaman's Revenge Part 17 (Part 2)

Jordan's brain was still in a state of stunned shock the following morning. After the ranger had driven him home and he had endured an hour long lecture from his father on his various misdemeanours, followed by a long hot shower to wash away the dirt, grime and stress from his 72 hours in the wilderness, he has fallen into an exhausted sleep. However, it had been a fitful sleep full of scary nightmares of angry insects, huge carrots and doctors, with syringes the size of AK47 rifles, chasing him trough a forest variously booby-trapped with nettle patches and electric fences, all of which contrived to sting and zap his bottom.

And all the time as he ran through the dark forest he could hear the sound of the Ranger's laughter echoing through the trees.

In his dream Jordan tripped and fell backwards into a thorn bush, landing heavily on his backside amongst the prickly thorns. As he struggled to free himself from the thorns, the ranger's voice began echoing in his head “Time for your shots Sport” it said “It's time for your shots!”

Then a large brawny hand was on his shoulder shaking him firmly as the voice above boomed “Wake up Sport, you're making weird noises, were you dreaming?”

Jordan opened his eyes, and found he was in fact not in a thorn bush, but in his bed, and Ranger Tartarus was leaning over him with a huge grin on his face. In place of the uniform he had been wearing the previous day, the ranger was now dressed as if for a work out, in a muscle vest, which exposed his powerful arms and shoulders, and a small tight pair of shorts. 

W..What are you doing in my room?” shouted Jordan angrily, sitting up in bed “....What are you doing in my house?”

I'm moving in Sport!” grinned the Ranger “Your Dad had to leave early this morning, he has had to go to Seattle for a couple of weeks on business, at short notice. So he's asked me to move in and supervise you while he's away!” his grin broadened “I am in the spare room, right next door to you!!”

I don't need supervision!!” cried Jordan angrily

The ranger raised one eyebrow “With your misbehaviour this week, you have proved you need full time supervision Sport!” he said, “an' I'm going to see you get it! I am owed a lot of vacation time, and I'm going to use it to look after you, it will be lots of fun, just think of me as your new Babysitter!!”

The suggestion that, he, a 19 year old jock, needed a babysitter outraged Jordan almost more than anything else, but before he could say anything, Tartarus pointed to the door “first up, its time for your morning shower, you know what they say 'a clean body equals a clean mind!”

I showered last night!” grumbled Jordan, irritated at being ordered around like a little kid.

Well you need another one!” commanded the Ranger “'specially after those sweaty nightmares you were having!”

Jordan frowned wondering how the ranger knew he had nightmares “Well pass me my bathrobe then!” he muttered, pointing to the robe hanging on the back of the door.

You don't need no robe Sport!” laughed Tartarus “Remember what the Doc said about keeping that 'lil tail 'o yours exposed!” he grinned broadly “'sides” he said “I seen it all before!!”

Jordan had no option, he jumped out of bed, keeping his hands gripped tightly over he genitals and hurried across the room to get to the shower. 

As he walked across the landing he was keenly aware that the ranger's amused eyes were fixed on him.

In particular, he knew the ranger was looking at his bare butt.

He resolved that he would phone his Dad and demand a second opinion, He was sure no other Doctor would insist he stay bare assed and get yet another course of injections every day. He also needed to convince his dad that the last thing he needed was to be supervised by the god damn ranger.

He turned the lock on the door and spent a long time under the shower grateful at least for some privacy. He hoped to Ranger would have lost interest and gone away, but irritatingly the older man was still there, standing next to his bed, grinning, when he returned to his room.

Jordan pursed his lips into a moody pout, before they fell wide open in shock and horror as he spotted the metal tray on the bedside table on which lay two large medical syringes filled with a purple liquid. Next to them was a small tube of ointment.

Tartarus noticed Jordan's shocked reaction and followed his gaze over to the table “Yup! Sorry Sport, its time for your butt treatment!” he sat down on the bed and patted his thigh

Fuck you!” snorted Jordan derisively clenching his fists in anger “Dream on Buddy!”

Before Jordan could fully grasp what was happening Tartarus had darted across the room grabbed the young swimmers ear tightly between his thumb and forefinger and dragged across the room to the bed, where he sat down and forced the teenager face down across his lap.

You'll do as I say while I'm in charge boy!” ordered the Ranger in a tone which warned Jordan not to object. He then took hold of the hem of the towel, which Jordan had wrapped round himself after stepping out of the shower “an' what's this for?” he snapped “You were told to keep your little butt exposed to the fresh air, full time! …. for medical reasons.

With that he grabbed hold of the towel and pulled it up round Jordan's middle fully baring the handsome young athlete's pert and just showered bottom. “Well then!” he said “It's time for your medication!!”

He leaned across Jordan and picked up a small tube of ointment, unscrewed the cap and squeezed a generous quantity of the potion into his forefinger “Now where did the Doc say I had to put this?” he asked, raising an amused eyebrow?”

Don't remember!” grunted Jordan dishonestly

Oh yes, now I remember!!” laughed the Ranger, using the fingers and thumb of his free hand to push Jordan's butt cheeks apart, revealing the tiny tight anus nestling between. “That's a darn pretty 'lil butt button!” he chuckled “its very pink though, I guess it's still mighty sore?”

Jordan remained silent, glowering ahead of him and not wishing to give Tartarus the satisfaction of a reply.

The ranger deftly applied the ointment in a circular motion, ensuring that all parts of the area were coated, and then proceeded firmly rub it in, causing Jordan to gasp involuntarily at the strange sensation.

Increasing the pressure slightly, the ranger moved his finger to the puckering bud like centre of Jordan's tender butt hole, and then suddenly pressed down, causing the large finger to pop inside. He then started to wiggle his flexible digit around the inner walls of Jordan's anal passage.

Stop … stop! don't do that!! cried Jordan horrified at what was happening, and that a part of Ranger Tartarus, a man, and one he had come to detest, was actually inside his body!

It was then that the ointment began to take effect and the Doctor's prediction that this medication would “sting a little bit” began to come true. In fact the ointment didn't so much sting as it caused a fierce burning sensation across the area where the ranger had applied it “EEEYYOOWWW!!” he screamed “That burns … it's burning me!!” he struggled to get off the ranger's lap “I need to wash it off!”

However, Tartarus's strong arms held him firmly in place “You mustn't wash it Sport … it's doing you good!”

It's not doing me good!” protested Jordan “It's burning! … it hurts”

Most things which do you good hurt Sport!” Grinned Tartarus “You'll learn that!! ….. perhaps this will take your mind off it!” he leaned over and picked up one of the two serum filled syringes “Now lift that cute 'lil tush 'o your's up Sport!”

NO! … not that!!” cried Jordan now frantically struggling to free himself from the rib crushing grip holding him in place! While the took aim with the syringe.

Hold still or I'll really hurt you!” growled the ranger, before, with the speed of an egret striking at a passing minnow, he brought the syringe down, jabbing the needle hard into Jordan's left buttocks and then pressing down the plunger, sending a stream of the Doctor's special formula into the pink and ivory globe of Jordan's butt cheek.

YYYEEEEEEEOOOWWWCH!” screamed the unlucky young jock

I warned you fella'!” snapped the Ranger “Now behave yourself while I do the other cheek!” he grabbed Jordan's arm, and held it firmly behind his back.

Unable to escape, Jordan held his body rigid, gritting his teeth and closing his eyes tightly, preparing for the inevitable, and hoping the second injection would not hurt as much as the first!

Caleb picked up the second syringe, held it up and gave a quick squirt to remove all air. He looked down at Jordan's tense young body lying across his lap and a slow crooked grin rolled across his face, and for a fleeting instant his eyes glowed with the angry redness of molten brimstone.

YAAAAAAAAOOOOOAAAAAAOWWWW!!” screamed Jordan, as the second needle jabbed deep into his right butt cheek, if anything this injection hurting more than the first.

It was then that Jordan lost control of the temper he had been struggling to hold in check, and let loose a stream of expletives, insults, accusations and threats he was in no position to carry through. All aimed at his new babysitter, and all a huge mistake.

Jordan struggled free of the Ranger's grasp and attempted to jump to his feet, but, in his anger he lost his balance and, with more of the series of bad luck which had recently plagued him, tumbled off Tartarus's knee, landing heavily on his tender, just jabbed bottom on the upturned spiky bristles of a hairbrush which he had carelessly dropped on on the floor the night before.

Characteristically he had not bothered to pick the brush up, so he could only blame his own carelessness and untidy habits for inflicting further pain to his increasingly sore bottom.

Jordan sprung to his feet, and began effectively dancing on the spot as he rubbed his pained backside, moaning and whining as he did so.

Meanwhile, the ranger leaned over and picked up the discarded hairbrush, which he proceeded to tap ominously on the palm of his hand. “Mmmmh!” He murmured “I will keep this, it could come in very useful!!”

F### you!” snapped Jordan still rubbing his sore bottom.

The ranger raised an irritated eyebrow, and slowly stood up, holding the hairbrush in front of him, rather in the manner that an assassin might hold a dagger. “You are going to have to learn to control that tongue of yours Sport!” he said, speaking slowly, as if controlling his temper.

Jordan folded his arms defiantly, struggling to ignore the threatening hairbrush.

In fact!” continued the Ranger “You could do with a time out young man”

Before Jordan could react, or fully take in what was happening, the Ranger had grabbed hold of him, lifting him bodily off his feet and throwing the young 152 pound adult athlete over his shoulder as easily as if he was a small child.

With the agility of a bounding tiger, unhindered by the weight of the young athlete he was carrying, the ranger ran down two flights of stairs to the basement beneath the house.

He then dropped Jordan, bottom first, on top of the hot water boiler “Now sit there!” he ordered, before grabbing a length of rope, which had been conveniently lying on Jordan's dad's workbench, and tying Jordan's wrists to a pillar, and then tying his ankles together .

What are you doing?!” yelled Jordan “Untie me! Let me free”

I will untie you later!” replied the ranger “meanwhile you can sit there quietly and think about your behaviour!”

Jordan had no intention of staying quiet, and continued to loudly protest, until the ranger picked up a roll of duct tape and tore off a strip, which he then placed over Jordan's mouth, instantly gagging him, and rendering his protests mute.

That's good!” he smiled “Now you are quiet! ...you can stay that way!”

MMMNNNNNNNUH!” spluttered Jordan from behind the duct tape.

Now I have things to do!” said the Ranger “I will come back and free you in an hour or so!”

He turned to leave the basement, as he did so casually adjusting the controls on the to the boiler to maximum temperature. He then turned back briefly, gave Jordan a mock salute and left the room.

The Ranger had been so casual and relaxed when adjusting the boiler controls, and Jordan had been so preoccupied by the predicament he was in that he did not even register what had been done.

However, we very quickly began to realise as the metal tank upon which he was sitting began to get warmer and warmer.

Within five minutes the metal boiler had become painful to the touch, and unluckily for Jordan the part of him which was touching the heated metal was his already very tender and sensitive bottom.

Because of the way the ranger had tied Jordan, it was very difficult for him to raise his bottom away from the now almost scalding metal. By straining every muscle and standing on tip-toe, he managed to lift his behind a fraction of an inch above the surface of the boiler, where it hovered precariously in the air, keenly aware if the heat radiating from the now steaming tank.

Unfortunately his feet were resting unsteadily on top of an old metal paint tin, which wobbled beneath him weight. As a result his feet kept slipping causing him to land heavily on the hot tank, sending him jumping into the air yelping silently through his duct tape gag.

Again and again the process repeated itself, as he would struggle to raise himself away from the hot and now steaming boiler, only to fall back onto it after a few moments.

Meanwhile Dr Schultz's potion, which the ranger had injected into him a few minutes earlier increasing the sensitivity and intensifying the pain receptors in Jordan's painful and increasingly scorched nether quarters!

Upstairs in the kitchen, the grinning ranger was enjoying a snack of toasted buns and looking forward to the fun to come!


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