Monday 12 November 2018

The Shaman's Revenge (Part 8)

The Shaman's Revenge (Part 8)

Very reluctantly, and with a glum expression on his handsome face, Jordan slunk down the road, heading towards the College infirmary, accompanied by the now casually dressed Ranger, whom Jordan's Dad had irritatingly asked to accompany his son to his medical appointment. Although it was yet another hot day, Jordan wore an extra sweater over his T-Shirt and, instead of shorts he was wearing jeans. He had felt the urgent need to cover his body when in Officer Tartarus's presence , as the way the Ranger looked at him, with that sardonically amused twinkle in his dark eyes made the younger man feel very exposed.

In any event, the ranger had seen more than enough of his body already!

You and me are gonna' have tons of fun, now I am your neighbour!” said the Ranger, his friendly words somewhat belied by the cruel twist of his lips “just you wait an' see!”

If you say so!” muttered Jordan, very much doubting that any time spent with this new neighbour would come anywhere close to being “fun”

After what seemed like no time they were in the main hallway leading to the College medical facility and Jordan made one final attempt to avoid the inevitable “Okay ..uh … Sir!” he said “there's no need for you to wait around, In can take it from here..”

No chance Buddy!” smiled the Ranger “I promised your Daddy I would see you all the way to the doctor, and that is what I an gonna' do!” he pointed to the infirmary door, “after you kid!”

Jodan's shoulder's slumped even more, he knew there was no escaping from what was coming.

Once they entered the main medical room, they saw the Doctor sitting on a chair, apparently reading some notes. he looked up “Ah! Jordan” he said “You are on time for once … and who is this you have brought with you?”

Officer Caleb Tartarus!” replied the ranger “but you can call me 'Ranger', I am acting guardian, just here to see that young Jordie got here safely”

Jordan cringed, nobody had called him “Jordie” in over a decade, and he hated the name.

Tartarus?” asked the Doctor “I am sure I have come across that name before … is it of Greek origin?

The Ranger raised an eyebrow slightly, but didn't respond to the question, instead he asked “As I understand it, Jordie needs some injections in his little bottom?”

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