Tuesday 31 October 2017

Count SPANKula

Spreading terror through the land, no handsome rosy cheeked and misbehaving son of the gentry was safe from the terrible fiend. With fearsome paddle in hand Count Spankula would appear in the dead of night and spank the young rakes until they could not sit down this side of Thanksgiving!!

Happy Halloween to all Readers

With acknowledgement to “Count Smackula” by Jonathan

Tuesday 17 October 2017

A Doctor Calls

I am re-posting this here because the story features a well spanked boy getting an inhection in his spanked bottom
A Doctor Calls
Story and pictures:
Busy on his rounds the last thing the local doctor needs is for his valuable time to be wasted by naughty boys who want to take advantage of his good nature.
His first visit is to see James (Jirka Mendez) His mother called to say her son seems to be very under the weather and has not gone to College as usual. Actually James in not feeling bad at all and is shirking.

During the doctors visit James unfortunately gets tempted and tries to steal some money from his wallet. Of course he gets caught .

This boy is going to have to be dealt with! Some stronger medicine is needed. 

Perhaps a good spanking on his bare bottom with be therapeutic.

ADC (3)
James’s bottom may be a rosy red, but it could be redder, and it will be before the Doctor has finished his treatment

A few hard swats with the Doc’s ferule might just cure his kleptomania,

Certainly a vitamin shot after, straight in to that red punished bottom should restore his vitality, if nothing else!

ADC (14)a
James will not be sitting very comfortably in college for some time! Perhaps that will cure him!!