Sunday 21 October 2018

The Shaman's Revenge Part 7 (3)

 The Shaman's Revenge Part 7 (3)
The garage door gradually slid upwards and open, almost like a theatre curtain slowly rising to reveal the entertainment to an impatient audience, and indeed the Draper family's neighbours were about to enjoy a grand entertainment at Jordan's expense.

The Drapers had only moved to the area four years previously, however, in that period, Jordan's attitude and behaviour had made him deeply unpopular within the community, hence there was widespread satisfaction, and measurable delight that this overgrown brat was getting his well deserved comeuppance. The delight in no way diminished the fact that the handsome young athlete was totally naked.

Word soon spread and people came hurrying out of their houses, whilst others left work early and rushed home, so as not to miss the spectacle.

As we return to the scene of our moral tale, handsome 18 year old Swimming champion Jordan was still in what many consider to be one the most exposed and humiliating of spanking position, a position which their mysterious new neighbour, the ranger, who had now introduced himself as Caleb Tartarus, had referred to as a “wheelbarrowin'”. That is to say, he was naked, face down between his father's knees with his own legs on either side of his dad's waist.

As with most arrogant and conceited people, Jordan had a fragile ego and a horror of being shamed or embarrassed in public. Therefore, this ongoing humiliation was more than his sensitive pride could bear, but he had to bear it. There was no avenue of escape open to him, even if he had been able to struggle free from from his father's grip, he knew the gleefully applauding junior baseball team would wrestle him to the ground and drag him beck! 
That would just add to his total humiliation, a shaming which was being hungrily enjoyed by the growing crowd of happy looking neighbours.

As has been established in earlier chapter's, Jordan's bottom was no less tender than his ego, and the pain caused by his fathers relentless hand smacks was becoming equally intolerable. Not for the first time in recent days Jordan's well rounded smooth skinned, and previously ivory white bottom, felt well and truly toasted.

Finally The spanking came to an end, but sadly for Jordan and happily for his neighbours and the watching schoolboys, his embarrassing ordeal was nowhere near over.

You can get off now Jordan” said Jordan's father giving the now rosy red bottom a final pat. At which point, Jordan swiftly wriggled off his fathers lap and leapt agilely to his feet. He was getting ready to bolt out the door when he felt the ranger's hand on his shoulder “Not so fast youngun'” said Caleb in his characteristic lazy drawl “Something tells me you have not been pulling your weight around here! Have you boy?!” he grinned “I see your ol' Dad was about to pay these fine young gentlemen from the baseball team to clean the garage, but it seems t' me that chore should be down to you! … whilst they get the money o' course!”

What the …?” stammered Jordan, at the last instant stopping himself from swearing, which he senses would not be a wise more. 

I am a'thinkin' that it's your job to be cleaning your Dad's garage, and there is no better time to start than now!” Caleb's cruel grin grew broader “You can start by cleaning this filthy floor ...” he reached in his pocket and produced a small pink toothbrush ”here you go!” he said “you can use this!!”

at that, the smiling onlookers burst into spontaneous laughter, at the prospect of the town's laziest jock having to clean a dirty garage with a toothbrush. 
WHAT?” spluttered Jordan “You expect me to clean the floor …. and … with THAT?!!”

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