Friday 23 August 2019

An Unlucky Skinny Dipper - Fantasy Art by Mark

Rock Salt

Thanks to the fantasy artist Mark for his image of an unlucky skinny dipper

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Sunday 18 August 2019

The Shaman's Revenge Part 15

The Shaman's Revenge Part 15

After a sleepless night, Jordan was untied and dragged blinking into the day light by the Cody brothers, Floyd, Billy Bob and their brooding middle brother Seth. “It's time for you to earn your keep boy!” snarled Floyd “We're gonna' put you to work!”

Please let me go!” wailed Jordan “My Dad's a rich man, he will pay for the eggs and milk I took!”

SO!” growled the elder Cody brother “You think just 'cos your a rich kid you can steal from us farmers and that your rich Daddy can pay us off do you?” he moved closer to Jordan so that his craggy, unshaven face was inches from the frightened young jock's “Well that 'aint the way it works around here!” he hissed 

With that, the three men led the unhappy and naked Jordan out of the house and across a nearby field towards some old barns, as Floyd encouraged Jordan onward by jabbing his bare bottom with the sharply pointed spikes of his pitchfork.
Jordan considered attempting to escape, judging that in a sprint he could almost certainly have out run the more heavily built Codys. However, seeing the rile which Seth was carrying, he decided not to chance his luck, as although he could outrun the men he could not outrun a bullet. 

In order to further encourage Jordan. As soon as the group reached the barn, Floyd sat down on some bails of hay and threw the protesting young swimmer over his knee before proceeded to administer a hard hand spanking while Billy Bob held him down.

When Floyd had finished spanking Jordan, he handed control of the new and and unwilling ranch hand over to his bothers, and told them to put him to work in the hay barn, before heading off to another part of the ranch.

However, as soon as their elder brother had departed the scene, it became clear that, rather than working, the younger Cody brothers wanted to play with their new toy.

Hey City boy!” Sneered Billy Bob “Make that squealy noise you made when Floyd” whupped your ass!” then he said something which sent a chill down Jodan's spine, as Cindy Mae's prophetic words from two days before echoed in his brain “Make like a little piggy city boy!”

What .. what do you mean?” stammered Jordan

I mean squeal like a piggy dumbo!” shouted Billy Bob, slapping Jordan's head with the back of his hand “Get down on your hands and knees and crawl like prime bacon!”

Jordan's instinct was to protest, but once again the sight of the rifle, which Seth was still holding, persuaded him to obey. Reluctantly he lowered himself onto his hands and knees and attempted to grunt in the manner he imagined most similar to a pig.

No Dickhead” shouted Seth “you need to squeal like a cute little piggy, not grunt like a fat old sow!” 

I can make him squeal!” laughed Billy Bob, picking up a large carrot “A piggy needs a tail!”

Ha Ha!” laughed Seth “Pin the tail on …. er .. up the piggy!”

Billy Bob knelt down, and grabbed hold of Jordan and attempted to push the carrot up the prone jock's anus, as Jordan yelled in distress. “Please guys, stop, don't do this to me!!”

This city boy, sure has a tight ass!” complained Billy Bob as he pressed the large carrot against the unyielding pucker of Jordan's instinctively contracted portal “I can't get it in!”

Here, Let me try , said Seth, taking hold of the carrot and kneeling down between Jordan's legs, while his brother straddled the unhappy jock and held his butt cheeks apart.

Seth gripped the carrot tightly in his fist and then rammed it deep into Jordan, forcing it between the tight pink lips of his anus and then up inside, as Jordan let out a shriek of discomfort and outrage.

Yeah! , that's the noise piggy!” laughed Seth “that is a really piggy squeak!”

Over recent weeks Jordan had had the unaccustomed experience of various items being inserted into his tight virgin portal, but the massive carrot was the largest , by far the widest so far and certainly the most uncomfortable so far. It was also an unusual sight, to see a handsome young athlete on all fours with a large orange vegetable together with it untrimmed green plumage protruding from his rear, certainly more elaborately than any curly pigs's tail.

The Cody brother continued to have fun with their unlucky captive, making him crawl around the barn with one or other brother riding on his back.

Crawl faster pork chop!” yelled Billy bob as he jabbed at Jordan's rear with his sharp pitchfork.

Eventually the Cody brothers tired of making Jordan act like a pig and roughly pulled the carrot out of his backside. However, they had other plans for him.

I think this City Boy would maker a better rooster than a pig!” Laughed Billy Bob

A rooster?” replied Seth quisically

Yes with a big feathery tail!” replied Billy Bob

With that they dragged Jordan out into the meadow next to the barn, and tied his wrists and ankles together sop as to force him into a chicken like pose.

Then, after pulling a pair of leather gloves from his jeans pocket, Billy bob set about creating a “big feathery rooster's tail” with nettles and poison ivy, which he proceeded to shove unceremoniously up the tender part of Jordan where the carrot had previously been.

As the boys laughed uproariously, Jordan was forced to waddle around the farm yard clucking like a chicken, with his fiery, sting covered “Tail” flapping behind him, the combined nettle stings and poison ivy turning his tender orifice into a ring of fire, which was sure to burn for days afterwards.

Jordan's backwoods adventure was becoming very uncomfortable

To Be Continued ..