Monday 26 August 2013

Matador Rafael Cerro jabbed in the butt by bull

Spanish Pin Up Matador Rafael Cerro

Bull spots the target

Animal lovers may view this as a form of poetic justice,when an arrogant bullfighter gets a sharp bovine horn up the butt.

Rafael Cerro is on of the pin-ups of Spanish bull fighting, who's entry into ring is invariably greeted with cheering crowds and screams from his female (an presumably some male) fans.  However in June this year the screams of appreciation changed to cries of horror when one angry bull turned the tables on the handsome Rafael.    


Lowering its head and charging the bull hits the tempting target dead-centre

 Lifting the shocked, mortified and very sore young matador into the air

 and spinning him around in front of the horrified crowd

How painful, how humiliating, it must have been close as to which smarted the most Rafael's bottom or his ego?

Amazingly Rafael escaped the attach with just some painful bruising and a few embarrassing memories
 News story

Thanks to CD for pointing me to this story

Sunday 25 August 2013

Greg and Mike's backwoods adventure Part 2

The mountain men carry their captives into the cellar ... 

Where Jebediah the head of the clan, and his eldest son Kaleb give the boys a beating to remind them who is in charge 

 Before locking them in for the night

 Mike gently soothes his brother's burning behind

Unfortunately Greg being a bit more of a jerk is less gentle with Mike

The next morning the mountain men inspect their new captives

Greg argues with them

But soon discovers that was a mistake

Kaleb orders the boys to bend over and give them ten whacks each to teach them not to argue 
Later the hillbillies decide to have some fun with the brothers. thinking up various means of humiliating and punishing them.

Which invariably end is an excuse to beat the boy's bare butts

One of Kaleb's sons then inserted a broom into Mike's anus 

Then ordered him to brush the floor, gripping the broom between his cheeks. 

The boys' ordeal is completed with a further paddling before bedtime.

The next day the brothers are set to work in the barn

Any mistakes or imagined slacking is punished with a hard paddling

Dished out to both brothers

 Kaleb decides to continue the punishment that night ....

tying up one boy at a time so that he could concentrate on the other

Next morning Greg is ordered to cook some bacon for the family

 but he carelessly burns it, realizing, too late that the same will soon happen to his bare butt.  

Kaleb throws the careless youth over his knee and tests the heat of the frying plan, noting, with grim satisfaction that it was still painfully hot.  "Now your bacon is about to get burnt boy!" he snarled

He then began to spank Greg with the hard hot frying pan, causing the boy to yell in pain!

Although the pan was no longer hot enough to actually burn the skin, it was hot enough to feel as if it was doing so and to turn Greg's bottom a glowing shade of red.

That night Greg a Mike discussed their plight, it was clear the had to at least try and escape 
Climin on Mike's shoulders Greg finally managed to reach a tiny skylight window beneath the cellar roof

Finally the brothers were free  and quickly ran away from the house, into the woods
However, they were soon running for their lives pursued by an angry bear 
Luckily a fallen tree across a ravine enabled them to avoid becoming a bear's breakfast
Finally exhausted the boys fell asleep in the woods

They slept so soundly that they failed to hear the approaching footsteps and were, for a few more moments, blissfully unaware they were surrounded by their captors.


Monday 19 August 2013

A message from the M_Spank_M Google Group

This message is very late in coming, since it has been a very difficult decision to make. 
After Google deactivated m_spank_m because of an alleged conflict with their TOS, we found a way to send in a protest, which resulted in the group being put back on the list of groups, but only visible to members, who could then read the entries in the archives, which have working links (assuming the links are still valid) but do not show pictures or clips. There are buttons to push by members who go to the group online, one stating that they want to see the content and then another stating that the material is not spam and finally another box where they can click, stating that it is not abuse and requesting Google to review the matter. Unfortunately there is no other visible way to contact Google further about this matter, and as we all know since that point in time nothing further has happened regarding the restoration of the group.  I do not know how many members clicked on these buttons, nor if there would have been any effect on Google had all 4,000+ members done so, so we are indeed stymied.
Although both SirCPUK and I would be willing to continue moderating m_spank_m should it be resurrected, we have after much deliberation and soul searching decided that we will not try to create a new group to replace it.  As I said, this has not been an easy decision, and time has not made it any easier.
Several members have written to us indicating that they would be willing to give a new group a start and there are others who have offered financial help in order to pay for a group domain.  The major problem remains finding sufficient men willing to do the moderation, as there were more who were ready to offer financial or technical assistance than those willing to tackle the job itself.
If those of you who are interested in doing such would like to write to us, we can forward your mails to the others who have written so that you can get in touch with each other.  We remain available should you have any questions that we can answer and will be more than happy to share our experience with anyone who gets a new group going.
Onkel Ben