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The Adventures of Sore Bottomed Finn ( Prologue)


The Adventures of Sore Bottomed Finn


Finn was in a furious mood as he sped along the open country road on the expensive blue motorbike his doting mother had bought him on his 18th birthday the previous year. It was one of the various luxuries he had become accustomed to while living at home in the city, and one of the few he had ben able to bring with him after being exiled to live with his step-father in what he liked to term “Rubesville”.

His banishment from urban life had been a condition set by the court, as his last chance to avoid a custodial sentence, following various encounters with law and order. It was safe to say this was proving a challenging culture shock for a pampered and spoilt brat like Finn. Not only did he have a low opinion of his Step father, who was nowhere near as generous or tolerant as his wealthy mother, but he lived in a rural backwater with none of the excitement and diversions the city had offered Finn and which had led to his entanglements with the police.

As he turned a corner, he noticed a path leading off the road at the entrance to which was a large sign which stated PRIVATE – No Trespassing. Finn in his short eighteen years had not been accustomed to being denied anything hence the sign had the duel effect of both raising his interest and irritating him.

He was curious as what the secret was at the end of the path and annoyed at being told he could not see it. Characteristically, he chose to ignore the notice, swerved off the road and steered his bike down the bumpy country path. He was stubbornly determined to see the forbidden sight at the end of the path.

After he had travelled less than half a mile the path led him to a forest at the edge of which was a small lake and more signs one instructing him that swimming was forbidden, and another, which was half hidden by foliage, announced “NO TRESPASSING – Violators will be ...” the rest of which was obscured by leaves. However, it was the no swimming sign which interested him more. Being told he could not do something inevitably made him more determined to so it. Hence, after leaving his bike next to a pile of rocks, he quickly stripped off his clothes in order to indulge in the countryside pursuit of skinny dipping.

He ran to the edge of the lake before stripping off his underwear, then, when fully naked he plunged in.

The water was colder than he had expected on such a warm day, but he soon got used to that , and find the cool water pleasantly refreshing. However, it was also very salty, which surprised him, but did not concern him as he had spent his childhood summers playing in the salty water off his grandparent's Florida beach house.

Although, as an occasional athlete, Finn excelled at tennis and field sports, he was also a competent and confident swimmer, and he easily moved through the glassy water until he was in the deeper water towards the centre of the lake.

It was there that he was to discover the cause of the lake's high salt content. Although it was hidden by the trees and a small range of hills, the lake was in fact only a few miles from the edge of the ocean by which it was connected by two tidal rivers one above ground, and the other subterranean.

Only weeks before, a huge ocean storm had washed nany thousands of gallons of sea water into the lake together with various sea creatures, including a small swarm of jellyfish, and it was with these opaque but electrical little creatures that Finn was to make unwelcome contact. The contact was particularly unwelcome for Finn, for it was his bare bottom which one brushed against with a stinging result as a forceful electrical current surged through his exposed skin.

Although Finn would not consider the encounter a lucky one, it was fortunate that these were not Box jellyfish, with stings which can scar and even kill, however, although less deadly, this species was still capable of delivering a potent and painful sting.

Finn gave a loud and angry yell of paim and swam back to edge of the lake, moving through the water as if propelled, he had no idea what had stung him, but whatever it wasm he was anxious to get out of the water and avoid receiving another painful sting.

Once on dry land, he clutched his bottom and jumped from foot to foot gritting his teeth at the pain, before lying down on his front in the grass, drying himself in the sun. The stinging pain in his butt cheek had not improved his mood, and his handsome face was set in a sulky frown.

It was certainly bad luck to encounter a stinging sea creature in an inland lake, but Fin's streak of bad luck had only just begun. Unknown to him, he had chosen to lie down near a bush with a wasp's nest at it's centre and his arrival had disturbed some of the angry buzzing insects.

One wasp, braver than his compatriots flew down to give a closer inspection to the huge and alien white object which had unexpectedly invaded the swarm's space, and finally landed in the lower middle of Finn's right buttock, less than an inch from where the jellyfish had stung him.

Finn had a very sensitive bottom at the pest of times, and that sensitivity was heightened by the recent sting, hence he was instantly conscious that something was crawling on him and automatically flinched. 

Startled by the sudden violent motion, which, from it's perspective, must have seemed like am earthquake, the little wasp did what startled wasps do and it too stung Finn's tender bare bottom, it's venom laden stinger jabbing into our young hero's pink and white skin within centimetres from where the jelly fish had left it's still painful sting.

Finn sprang to his feel with a bellow of agony as unbelievably a second sting laden creature had attacked him on the same spot with the space of ten minutes. How could he be so unlucky?

The thought had hardly left Finn's head, when his bad luck got even worse!

An angry voice behind him boomed “WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?, What are you doing?” ….CAN'T YOU READ?”

Finn spun round to be confronted by a large bearded man wearing an untucked plaid shirt and carrying a gun. In other circumstances Finn might have called the man a “Rube” or a “Redneck Hick” but in this instance discretion played the better part of valour and he just stammered “I..I was ...swimming!” he was suddenly uncomfortably aware of his nakedness.

The bearded man, Otis Hollister, had also noticed Finn's nakedness, in fact he had been hiding among the bushes watching Finn for a while and very impressed by what he saw. Despite his sulky expression, Finn was a strikingly handsome guy, with a the well formed athletic body of a healthy young adult and a perfectly adorable little pink bottom, which Otis was itching to give a slap.


Finn did not answer, he just shrugged and quickly Looked around him trying to remember where he had dropped his underpants.

I suppose you didn't see the other sign neither?” sneered Otis striding over to Finn, and, before the latter could react, grabbing hold of his ear “Come and I'll Show you what it says!”

Otis dragged the angrily protesting Finn over to where the lage No Trespassing sign was partially obscured by foliage and, using the end of his rifle pushed the branches aside to reveal the full wording “No Trespassing, Violators will be Spanked

What on..?” yelled a slightly alarmed Finn “That's crazy, you have to be joking!”

In fact the wording had originally not been intended to be taken literally, however, Otis was not ready to let a golden opportunity pass him by.

It means exactly what it says boy!” sneered Otis “If you ignore warning you're going to pay the consequences!”

Let go of me you redneck moron!” snarled Finn struggling to free himself from Otis's grip “You are not doing that to me !!!”

Otis grinned “Oh yes I am boy! It's what you deserve!”

The older man dragged the struggling and protesting younger man along the back to where an old tree stump provided a convenient seat.

Finn, who was no weakling, attempted to break free, but many hours of hard farm work had given Otis the greater strength with strong arms and a firm grip which could easily overpower him.

Otis sat down on the tree stump, sat down and pulled Finn face down across his lap.

Finn could not believe what was happening, in all the eighteen and half years of his spoilt and privileged young life he had never been seriously punished, let alone spanked, and he was outraged at the indignity of of what the bearded rube planned to do to him. “Let me go you … you ...! “ he yelled “This is illegal!”

Ha!” replied Otis “It seems a spanking is well over due!” he grinned “I saw you get stung by that little ol' bee earlier, now where was it that gold ol' boy got you?” he looked down and soon spotted the wasp sting, which had risen like a small shiny red pimple standing out from the snowy white perfection of Finn's adorable bubble butt.

Ah! There he is!” chuckled Otis raising his hand high above his head, before bringing his hard leathery palm down with a hard resounding SMACK! Landing squarely on top of the sting!!

Finn gave a furious roar of pain and anger “AAAOOWW that hurt you f....!!” he yelled, he had briefly forgotten the wasp sting in his anger at his assailant, but it was now firmly back at the centre of his consciousness and would remain there for some time.

It was supposed to!” replied Otis “And this one will to” he delivered a second smack, this time his hand landing on Finn's un-stung but soon to be equally tender left buttock, leaving a large red hand print to match the one already showing on the right cheek.

 With that Otis began to give Finn his first ever, but long deserved, bare bottom spanking. The countryman strong and muscular brown arms rising and falling like a rapid piston, whilst his large leather like palms landed with explosive sounding smack's on Finn's reddening bottom.

It was unlucky for Finn that Compassion was not a strong suit with Otis who took sadistic pleasure in ensuring that at least one out of every four smacks landed directly on the, now seriously smarting, wasp sting.

Unknown to Otis, the smacks were also connecting with the still very sore jellyfish sting, thus adding to young Finn's discomfort.

For Finn's part, he could only swear, curse and issue impotent threats, whilst struggling and kicking his long tanned legs in an unsuccessful effort to free himself.

Otis continued spanking until he was satisfied that Finn's entire bottom was a uniform and glowing shade of red. Finally, he released his grip and allowed Finn to clamber off his knee.

Once back on his feet Finn stood, rubbing his burning butt and glowering at the man who had just inflicted such a humiliating indignity on him “You will pay for that!” he snarled.

Otis laughed contemptuously “I'd like to see you try!” he snorted.

It was then that Finn spotted Otis's rifle, which was leaning against a rock, where it had been let while it's owner was occupied in Spanking.

Before the older man could stop him, he jumped like a puma springing onto it's prey and grabbed the gun, which he quickly aimed at Otis “I told you that you would pay!” he growled triumphantly “And you will!”

Unfortunately for Finn, his triumph would be extremely short lived, clutching the rifle, with his wildly trembling forefinger hovering over to the trigger, be took a step backwards. That step was to be his downfall, as his bare foot connected with the tiny half hidden stump of what had once been a sapling, causing him to trip and fall backwards.

Following the continuing series of misfortunes which had blighted Finn's day, our handsome young hero landed bare bottom first into a patch of stinging nettles, immediately adding a few hundred tingling nettle stings to his already spanked, wasp and Jellyfish stung bottom. Seconds later he was back on his feet, jumping up and down, whimpering and clutching his eyewateringly sore bottom.

Meanwhile, Otis causally picked up the rifle which Finn had dropped as he fell, and now he aimed that at Finn.

That was very naughty!” he said. “It seems you haven't learnt your lesson yet, and need more punishment” a smile flashed across his face “and I know just what you need!”

Otis then lead Finn at gun point back to the path, where the two of them loaded Finn's bike into the back of Otis's battered old truck, before Otis slung Finn's discarded clothes and sneakers in after it.

M clothes!” stammered Finn

You won't be needing those!” chuckled Otis as he jumped into the driver's seat of the truck and slammed the door, “I figure a nice embarrassing walk back to town with your little bare butt on show will be just what you need to cure that bad blood of yours!!” he laughed and added mockingly “There is a fair in town. So there will be plenty of people there to see you!”

Finn tried to glower angrily at his tormentor, but his lips trembled and the horror of his situation sunk in. It was only about five miles to town, which would not be too much of a challenge for a fit young male, even bare foot, but his step-father's house was on the far side of town, there was no way to get there without being seen.

Then he remembered his underpants, at least they would provide him with some dignity, if only he could remember where he dropped them. As if in answer to Finn's thoughts, Otis put his hand in his pocket, and pulled out object “And I wouldn't bother hunting for these!” he said, holding up Finn's underpants as if they were a trophy. “You are going naked pretty boy!”

He then the pants back into his pocket, fired up the ignition and then, without a further glance in Finn's direction, drove the truck back down the country path towards the road, leaving the handsome but stark naked young man staring helplessly after him.

Sore bottomed Finn's unlucky day was not over yet!


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