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The Shaman's Revenge Part 18 (Chase Goes to Prison)

The Shaman's Revenge Part 18
(Chase Goes to Prison)

Chase Colby needed money, and he needed it quickly, not only was he well behind with his rent, and the finance company were now threatening to repossess his car, but, on top of all this his new chick Lulabelle Handcock,was really high maintenance. He had borrowed money from a loan shark, and he was running out of things to sell and buddies prepared to lend him cash, so he could pay the interest.

He was running out of options other than criminal ones, which until now he had avoided. He had no moral objection to robbery, but he was already on probation and getting caught could have unpleasant consequences.

However, being young, foolhardy, and not very bright, Chase soon convinced himself that he wouldn't get caught. All he needed to do was hold up a couple of guys and steal a couple of wallets, and he'd be back on top.

Getting down on his knees, he reached under the bed, and retrieved a brown paper wrapped object which was taped to the bed frame. He had kept the unlicensed revolver there in case he got back into trouble with the mob, but it would now come in useful for what he had planned.

Thus it was, that, later that night Chase was lurking in a dark alleyway behind in if the town's more swanky restaurants, in the hope of mugging a couple of well to do diners, who would likely have a well stuffed bill fold and hopefully a wife with expensive jewellery.

After an hour it began to dawn on Chase that there was a flaw in his plan and that very few rich restaurant patrons would chose to depart via the back door where they could be more easily robbed.

He was about to give up and head home, when the kitchen door opened and a young waiter, who was hoping to grab a quick smoke in his break, came out. A waiter would not provide the rich pickings Chase had been hoping for, but he would take what he could get, and who knows, the waiter might have done well for tips which Chase could relieve him of, and Italian waiters often tended to wear gold chains, crucifixes, rings and watches, which might be worth a few dollars. It would be a more meagre hall than Chase had been hoping for, but it was better than going home empty handed.

He stepped out of the shadows and pressed the gun into the young waiter's back “Hand up Buddy!” he whispered, attempting to sound menacing.

He was about to demand That the unfortunate waiter hand over his tips plus any jewellery, when he suddenly felt a firm hand on his shoulder and a voice boomed out from the shadows “BAD BOY! It looks like you have just breached your parole Young'un!!” 


Chase looked back in horror and saw a grinning police officer pointing a gun straight at him.

I'd say you ass is in one heap o' trouble!!” continued the officer in a slow amused drawl “One big heap o' trouble!”

The following hours were just a confused mess in Chase's terrified mind, the arresting officer, had pushed him into a police car, driven him to the police station, where he was charged, with attempted robbery, possession of an illegal and unlicensed weapon and breach of probation, before being locked overnight in a cold and forbidding cell.

The next morning, he was taken straight to court for a bail hearing and appointed a court attorney, who seemed totally disinterested in assisting him. To make matters even worse, instead of the kindly old judge who had previously approved his probation, this judge was an angry faced old man who he seemed to recognise from somewhere, but couldn't quite recall where.

The judge however, had instantly recognised Chase as the foul mouthed young jerk who had badly scraped his car when carelessly parking next to him a few weeks previously. When the judge had complained, Chase had been unforgivably rude and told him to do something anatomically impossible.

Needless to say Chase had not endeared himself to the individual who now had total power of his short term future, and he would soon lean to regret that.

Frowning grumpily the Judge thumbed through the papers in front of him, before he raised his head and looked at Chase over the rims of his glasses. “The defendant is requesting bail after he has already breached one court order, … an order which in my view was already unduly lenient!!” his lips curled with distaste as he continued “That is not the first time you were let off lightly young man, you have a significant previous record … what do we have here, … DUI ….. Taking and driving away without permission....”

I just borrowed it judge!” pleased Chase

The Judge continued “you were also violent towards a previous girlfriend I see ...”

It was her fault Judge ….sir … she split Pina Colada on my suede boots …and she had flirted with ….”

SILENCE!” boomed the judge “It is quite clear to me that you have demonstrated an appalling lack of respect for the leniency previously granted to you by the courts. You are in dire need of a sharp shock to the system and I would be failing in my duty were I not to deliver it” a cruel smile flicked on his mouth and was then gone “You are remanded in custody and the Special facility at Smackover Butte until you face trial …... and the way the courts are backed up at the moment, you can expect to be there for at least four months … which should give you plenty of time to reflect on your behaviour .... Officer take him away … out of my sight!! 

Chase's mouth fell open, as he stared back at the judge unable to fully take in what he had just heard, .. no bail … at least four months on remand …. in a special facility. This was not the soft touch, liberal, reformist justice system which his good looks and natural charm had accustomed him to.

Chase was about to discover that criminal behaviour had consequences.

Before he could even think of responding to the judge, the firm hand of a Court officer was on his shoulder and another officer had grabbed his arm, and he was lead from the court and out to the prison van waiting to covey remand prisoners to the Special facility at Smackover Butte.

Shortly after his arrival at the remand facility, a grinning guard ordered Chase to strip and shower “Make it a thorough shower buddy!” he snapped “the doc will be examining all crevices and …. uh …. orifices!”

Chase was not sure what a “orifice” was, but he didn't like the sound of it, however, he was bright enough to do as he was told, as the guard was carrying a very nasty looking “night stick” baton.

Once he had showered, the guard led the now naked Chase into a side room, where a a stern faced doctor was waiting for them.

Dr Tushman was a single gentleman of a certain age who lived with his aged mother in a well kept town house in a fading but still gentile part of town. Other than his role as secretary of the Mitzi Gaynor fan association, Tushman had few interests outside of work, and was otherwise totally devoted to his job, caring for the medical welfare of wayward young men. He took great interest in all of the flawed youths who he encountered and had come to know their ways very well. For instance, he was fully aware that that certain new inmates, entering the facility had been known to conceal contraband items in intimate parts of their anatomy.

As the Facilities medical officer, he considered it his responsibility to be extra vigilant in discovering and confiscating concealed items, and invariably went about his duties with considerable enthusiasm.

He turned and peered at new Inmate Colby, and was pleasantly surprised by what he saw. Visually Chase was a most attractive and appealing specimen, which always made the Doctors job more rewarding than might otherwise be the care. “He's a cute one isn't he Doc!” murmured the Guard, giving the medic a knowing grin, which Dr Tushman chose to ignore as he officiously pulled on a pair of white rubber gloves.

Bend Over!” he snapped

Uh … what?” stammered Chase “W..Why?”

I need to carry out an … internal examination!” replied the doctor in a businesslike manner “To determine you are in good health .. and that you are not hiding any contraband!”

No way!” barked Chase, stepping back as it finally dawned on him what “orifice” meant, and what the doctor was about to do

BEND!” growled the guard, ominously tapping the heavy baton against the palm of his hand

Chase frowned angrily but reluctantly did as the guard instructed, as the glint in the officer's eye told him that if he didn't let the doctor explore his ass, the large black baton might be inserted there instead.

Chase's muscles stiffened in dread and nervous anticipation as he sensed the doctor approaching him. None of his many girlfriends had ever touched in such an intimate place as the doctor was about to, let alone another dude!

He would have felt even more uncomfortable, had he been able to look back and see the doctor's face as he looked down at Chase's perfect ivory white bottom raised up, as if in supplication, and resembling two smooth firm boiled eggs, parting slightly to reveal a tight pink starfish in between. The doctor's fingers were literally tingling in readiness to get to work on that pink crevice.
Poor Chase, for all his life, his striking good looks and beautiful body had been a bonus he could use to his advantage. In Smackup Butte correctional facility it would prove to be his greatest liability!

As the tip of the doctor's rubber clad finger touched the rim of his anus, Chase lurched forward, as if shocked by electricity.

Stay Still” commanded the Doctor “what are you trying to hide?”

I ain't hidin' nuthin'” grumbled “It just felt real odd!”

You'll get used to it in here!!” mocked the Guard “Now let the Doc do his thing!”
Chase gritted his teeth as the doctor made a second attempt to insert his finger.

Very tight!” muttered the Doctor “ however, he still could have pushed something up there …. a cigar tube full of narcotics perhaps!” He pushed harder, and finally the finger slid inside Chase, who let out an audible gasp of surprise, as it did so.

Chase had never experienced such a sensation in his life, and he certainly did not find it in the least bit pleasant.

However, unlike Chase, and despite his severe and serious facial expression, the doctor was enjoying himself no end as he moved his finder around inside the young inmate's tight and previously unexplored back passage. He had now become an expert in the young heterosexual male anatomy, he could determine instantly if a patient was a “virgin”, and always felt a pleasant sense of sadistic power knowing that he was the first to deflower a young man. Even if with only his finger.

Dr Tushman was feeling that power right then, and he intended to enjoy it to the full, pushing his ling plump digit back and forth, effectively finger fucking the unhappy young man, before probing deeper, flexing his finger to feel the sides of the tight orifice.

OWW!” Chase complained “That hurts … there's nothing up there, honestly!”

Be quiet, I will determine that!” replied the doctor pushing his finger even deeper inside the unlucky young prisoner.

The guard grinned cynically, he was fully aware what the doctor was up to, however, he was gaining pleasure himself from observing the scene and had no plans to intervene. There was something about Chase which made a man want to see him punished and humiliated, and he guessed, correctly as it would turn out, that Chase would have many uncomfortable experiences while in Smackover Butte correctional facility.

Finally it was over, the doctor withdrew his finger and removed his gloves. “That's all in order Officer, the inmate does not have any concealed property, you an take him to his cell. “

Once the guard had taken Chase out of the medical room the doctor sat down at his desk, aware of a strong desire for a post coital cigarette. Chase was a very hot looking stud, and the intimate examination had left the medical man feeling extremely aroused, but frustrated and ready for more. He opened a draw and surveyed the array of medical syringes, and needles of varying lengths. He always insisted that the more handsome of the young inmates in his charge receive regular vitamin shots in their backsides, and he determined to prescribe a double does for Chase Colby!

Meanwhile Chase, the subject of Dr Tushman's sadistic imaginings was being escorted to his towards the cells. The Guard who had dealt with him upon arrivals had handed him over to two other guards, whom, instead of carrying batons, both had leather paddles emblazoned with the words “Attitude Adjuster”. This might have raised some warning flags for the handsome new inmate, had he not been preoccupied by the fact that he was still as naked as a newborn baby.

Where are my clothes?” he demanded.

New prisoner uniforms are on order” grunted one of the guards “But there's been some hold up at the dispatch firm, so you will have to stay as you are!”

But I'm bare ass naked!”

So you are Buddy!” grinned the second guard looking Chase up and down appreciatively “That's tough, but hey, it's summer, so you won't get cold!”

Expect your new cellmates'll keep you warm enough!” said the first guard mysteriously.


Yup, you are in a four bed cell, with three other guys!” replied the second guard “You find them …..... interesting, they have a … um …. special interest!!

And I'm guessin' they'll want to involve you in their …. activities …. you'll be just what they are looking for, if I'm not mistaken!!”

What do mean?” the alarm was clear in his voice.

You are about to find out, my friend, here's your cell!”

With that the first guard turned unlocked a cell door, and bodily shoved the naked and now very reluctant Chase through the door, before slamming it shut and locking it after him.

Stunned and uncertain, Chase turned to see that the cell was occupied by three men, two large muscular men with shaven heads, who appeared to be in their early to mid thirties both lounging on bunk beds, and a much older man with long grey hair and a thick bushy grey beard who was seated at a small table beneath the cell window.

Hey man!” hissed one of the shaven headed men as he sat up “Is it my birthday, it sure is too darn hot for Christmas!!”

Meet your new cell mates Colby” laughed one of the guards, banging his leather paddle against the cell bars “SF Leather Daddy, Paddle Man and that there is Daddy Obadiah …. and guess what, they are all frustrated Spanking Tops, ain't it just your lucky day?!!!

Thank you JEEZUZ!!” growled the second bald and muscular man “We done got us a little blond spanking boy to play with!”

You were allocated this cell by special request of the arresting officer, Ranger Tartarus, he thinks you'll get on really well with these guys!!” laughed the guard

Chase backed up towards the door “Let me out of here!” he pleaded “You can't leave me with these maniacs!”

Ha! You're outa' luck kid, you made your bed, and now you gotta' lie on it, except I guess from now on you'll be lying on your belly!” Laughed the second guard “Hey guys, young got this cute little blond honey's butt for the next four months, so take your time and enjoy!!”

Oh yeah!” added the first guard “Just so you know, he beats up on chicks, so whatever, you want to do to him, he deserves it!!”

It was only one chick and I only hit her once!” stammered the now very unhappy Chase “please put me in another cell!!”

However, the guards were already walking off down the corridor between cells, laughing as they went!

Chase turned round, his back now pressed against the bars of the cell door, and looked back at at his new cellmates. “Look guys, I'm not being funny, I don't care what you guys are into, but I don't want to play your games!!

You don't get no say in the matter Blondie!” replied Daddy Obadiah gruffly “You been a naughty boy, and you know what happens to naughty boys, they get their bottoms spanked, whether they like it on not! He turned to the man whom the guards had introduced a SFLeather Daddy “Go turn him round so's I can see his butt!”

Seemingly acknowledging Daddy Obadiah seniority, SFLeather Daddy, jumped off the bed, strode up to the now dumbstruck Chase placed his hands on the younger man's shoulders and forcibly spun Chase around “YES!” he cried gleefully “YEEEEESSSS! Now isn't that the cutest little bare bubble butt you ever did see!!”

That is an answer to an old spanko's prayers!” agreed Daddy Obadiah “I promise you one thing Blondie, us three are going to keep your little fanny so pink they will be able to see the rosy glow from here to Omaha!”

My name's Chase” as he struggled to think what else to say.

That was your name!” laughed SFLeather Daddy mockingly “From now on you are Blondie Bubble butt, our little blond spanking boy!” He leaned closer and spoke menacingly as Chase could feel his breath on his cheeks “You are in here because you've been a naughty boy, and you need to be punished, so we are going to whop your little blonde bottom every night and every day you are in here!” he paused “In fact, what better time to start than now!!”

With that, SFLeather Daddy grabbed hold of Chase by the arm and dragged him towards the table.

Chase was a young, fit and relatively athletic male, who could usually account well for himself in a fight against an equal opponent. However, this was not an equal fight, SFLeather Daddy was considerably stronger than him, with muscles of steel, honed to the peak of strength and fitness though many hours in the prison gym and exercise area, hence he quickly overpowered the struggling and protesting younger man.

Paddle man laughed gleefully and a grinning Daddy Obadiah stood up and moved out of the way, as Chase was dragged across the small cell and thrown over Leather Daddy's broad and muscular thigh.

Pushing Chase's legs roughly apart, the first spanking top grinned down at the delightful vision splayed across his knee, and felt a sense of pure white hot lust surging through him “I am going to enjoy this!” he growled “I am going to enjoy this a loy!”

Leave some for us!” laughed Daddy Obadiah, also aware of a pulsing desire in his elderly but still agile bones.

The old shaman's spell was strong, and stirred the three older convicts deepest fantasies and focused them on the now helpless target, Chase Colby's upturned bare bottom

Wile holding Chase firmly in place with one arm SFLeather Daddy made a wide swinging motion with his free arm, his broad leathery palm connecting with the very centre of Chase's backside with a stinging blow!

AAOOW!!” yelled Chase “Stop that it hurts!”
The older man's snarled reply send a deep sense of foreboding to the pit of his young victim's stomach “I ain't even started spanking your little blonde butt, so you might as well shut up, and take what you're given!”

With that the desire ridden spanking top let loose a volley of resounding slaps all landing on the same spot in the centre of Chas's bottom, leaving pink and red palm prints in the once snow white skin.

Lower down guy … hit him lower down!” instructed Daddy Obadiah

What d' you mean 'lower down'?”

There … there!” replied the older convict pointing to the lower part of Chas's bottom where the pert and firm curve met his smooth suntan golden thigh “The sit spot, it is where the kid's skin is most tender, and where he'll feel it most... You need to aim around half your smacks, so they hit the sit spot!”

Butt out!” snapped SPLeather Daddy “I've been spanking boys for years, I know what I'm doing!”

Well you're not doing it right …. let me show you!”

Wait your turn old man!” hissed the now angry spanker “I I've got work to do!”

he then proceeded to take out his anger on unlucky Chase's bottom by blitzing it with a series of rapid fire smacks! Meanwhile the handsome but very unlucky young would be mugger struggled helplessly, protesting loudly and increasingly desperately.

By now prisoners in nearby cells had heard the commotion and realised what was happening, so soon the prison was echoing to cheers, catcalls and whistles, adding the humiliation of knowing the whole prison was aware he was being literally spanked to unlucky Chase's ordeal.

Finally, Daddy Obadiah lost patience with the younger top, and exerted his pack authority, by demanding that SFLeather Daddy surrender their new toy to him.

Placing a chair in the centre of the cell, he sat down and pulled poor Chase over his own ample lap.

The old man may not have had his younger companion's strength and speed, but his many years experience in punishing willing, or, as in Chase's case, unwilling submissives had left him with an expertise, which was, in it's own way devastating. Daddy Obadiah knew exactly how to inflict the most discomfort on his hapless victim, and any boy this Daddy had disciplined knew he had been spanked! As expected, many of the old mans blows landed squarely on what he had quaintly called the 'sit spot' which was indeed just as tender and sensitive as he had predicted. A fact re-enforced by Chase's squeals of pain every time he smacked it. 
He ordered Paddle Man to pass him a rubber soled slipper. One of the privileges he was allowed in prison due to his age and status.

Now I will show you how it's done!” thundered the old top “and as our new boy is with us for a while, I can repeat these lessons every night.

Paddleman, the younger top of the three obligingly held Chase's legs in place to prevent him kicking or struggling free, he grinned, and licked his lips with anticipation, not unlike a junior member of a pride of lions awaiting its turn at the feast.

Meanwhile , elsewhere in the prison a guard was checking the various TV monitors, which were constantly filming various areas of the prison. He turned a switch and the film from the camera above Chase and the three top's cells flickered onto one of the monitors.

Hey Buddy” he called to his colleague “You got to see this!”

The other guard crossed the room and looked at the screen “WOW! Who is that, and what are they doing to him?”

It's that cute blond guy, Chase Colby, who was brought in today!, and they are beating his ass! Those three guys are really into the male spanking fetish, so pretty Boy Chase is gonna end up with a fine sore ass!” he grinned “I hear he beats up his women, so he sure deserves it!!”

Hey that is so hot!” he paused “Say! Can we put colour film in those cameras?”

Yup, we use black and white for the sake of cost, but any of the cameras can take colour film!”

Great, I have some contacts who can help us make a fortune with film like that!” he winked and added with broad gin “I guarantee we can make Chase Colby into a star!!”


The three men finally stopped playing with their bubble butted new toy at about midnight, but even then his nightmare had only just begun. The next morning when the guards unlocked the cells, Chase rushed to the showers in the hope of easing the sting in his bottom, but he would find no relief there.

The other prisoners had all listened to the previous night's spanking, and knew how sore and tender Chase's red bottom would be, so they thought it was a huge joke to aim stinging swats at it with their towels.

Poor Chase was quickly realising that his time in prison would be very uncomfortable pain in the butt. Of course, he did not know how correct he was, or how hard the Shaman's spell was working to make sure of it.