Saturday 13 December 2008

The SpankOmatic

The search for the perfect spanking machine has produced various devilish devices, here is one designed by Jonathan


  1. This might be the ultimate RUMP-TERROR!, in that all boys who get spanked a lot know the brush is, as someone said recently on a M/m spanking site, the "nuclear option."

    This machine would mean that, even AFTER his arm got tired, the MAN WHO SPANKS! could hook his badboy up to the SPANK-O-MATIC and the punishment would continue.

    1. ,in my view no machine can do it like it one does it with a paddle. - give me a paddle and bare Hiney and. I will. Show you the results it works all the time

    2. In my view one doesn't need a machine in order to. Give one a good spanking - give me aaddle and one. Boys Hiney and it will be all that I need