Sunday 28 June 2009

The Tender Butt Kid

The Dakota kid had been riding for two days, and finally felt sure he had shaken off the posse which had been on his tail since his latest bank robbery. Her was tired and saddle-sore a that creek looked mighty inviting.

Stripping off his sweaty and dusty clothes he dived into the creek playing about in the water more like a ten year old boy than a nineteen year old outlaw.

The cool water felt real good on his tired and aching body.

Man his butt sure was sore after all that riding.

Exhausted from the hours in the saddle weariness finally overtook him and he fell asleep on the rocks at the side of the creek.

As he slept the sun rose higher and higher into the sky and got hotter and hotter

By noon the temperatures was approaching 100f, and the scorching sun shone fiercely onto the sleeping outlaw, turning his tender white behind, which had previously been protected from its rays, pinker and pinker.

Eventually the Dakota kid awoke, and immediately aware of a sore and burning sensation to his butt cheeks.

To his horror he realised he had a sun burnt bottom, he cussed at his stupidity, that would make the rest of his ride really uncomfortable.

Then the sound of galloping hooves distracted him from his sore behind, to his horror, he realised he had slept too long and the posse had caught up with him.

Crouching down behind a rock, the kid failed to notice the cactus patch behind him

The sharp spines jabbed into his tender saddle sore and sunburnt bottom.

His butt like a pin cushion the kid jumped up with a cry of pain, immediately giving away his hiding place to the amused deputies.

Laughing heartily the posse members gathered round to pull cactus needles out of their captive's stinging rump.

One all the needles were removed, the sheriff threw the Dakota kid across his knee and delivered a well deserved but (from the Kid's perspective) badly timed, spanking to his already well punished bottom. “That will teach you to rob banks in my town!" snarled the Sheriff.

It would be a long ride back to town.

And a very painful one for the Dakota kid, as his cherry red bottom bounced up and down on the back of the horse.

Unfortunately each bounce brought his behind closer to an ill tempered travelling companion, which also had a sting in its tail!

The End


  1. whoa thats so hot !

    glad to see you back posting :)

  2. brilliant; dont understand the technique but brilliant results!

  3. Awesome update...thank you so much for this.
    Please do carry on with Joshs' story too.

  4. That was super..thank you.And really glad your posting again :)

  5. ver happy for your come back ! your blog is wonderful ! thanks

  6. Any open hole spankings? If done right, it,s HOT!!!!

  7. You've surpassed yourself, Doug! Absolutely great!

  8. Very hot. Love sitting on cactus scenes and other pointy things in a guy's butt.

  9. excellent work, first class horniness!

  10. Kudos to you! Great story, hot and well done!

  11. HOT,HOT,HOT !! All bad boys should get it in the end --- over and over and over...

  12. OMG seeing the gay guy with his butt poised over that cactus like it was a dildo practically made me shoot in my pants! So naughty!

  13. Hmmm, bound, gagged and bare ass on the horse. Wonder where the sheriff is taking him. :)