Monday 11 October 2010

Kitchen Hotseat

Most of the sore bottomed guys on this site are straight, however, at the suggestion of site visitor RM here we have a gay couple who made the mistake of getting romantic while cooking chili!


  1. LOL


    I had been wondering what happened to you guys, it had been a while since you'd updated.

  2. Great picture. Maybe a little more flame on the seat of his pants will cause him to jump up and we see a hole burned in his jeans showing his burnt underwear

    1. It's funny you should mention that. What you just described happened to me on a campout. My buddies dared me to see how long I can sit on a burning camp stove. I took the challenge. When I stood back up, flames were licking the seat of my pants. Immediately I ran about the campsite swatting at my rear end and sitting down. When that didn't work putting out the flames, I had to run to a nearby creek, on rocky soil, barefoot. The fire burnt a hole through my pants and made burnt marks in a circle on my underwear. The heat became so intense that it singed the hair on my butt. Talk about a red and sore bottom!!! I couldn't sit for two days. My buddies laughed while my butt was on fire. Later they admitted they pour lighter fluid on my trousers before I put them on.

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  4. Forget chili-- rump roast coming up!!