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The Shaman's Revenge Part 7 (2)

The Shaman's Revenge Part 7 (2)
Jordan Gets a “wheelbarrowin'”

As part of the college's new team building program the Capsaicin College junior baseball team had been set a fund raising target with the goal of building a new team club house. One way that the team were raising funds was by offering to do menial jobs, such as gardening, painting or even cleaning for members of the local community.

That afternoon, together their Coach, Coach Amundsen, they had been visiting houses in Parkfield Avenue, and, by another of those spooky and reoccurring coincidences, had just arrived at the Draper household, where Mr Draper was just about to find some tasks for them to carry out in his garage when they heard a loud Knocking coming from the direction of the door.

Mr Draper left the team in his garage and went to answer the door. Returning minutes later and, to the amazement of the boys, he was followed by a park ranger in full uniform pulling a very unhappy looking, and totally naked, Jordan Draper after by a firm grip on his ear.

A number of the smaller boys had endured unkind taunts and bullying from Jordan in the past, and grinned broadly at the sight of his discomfort. “Schadenfreude”, the German tern for deriving pleasure from the misfortune of others, can be a very satisfying emotion. This is especially true, when that misfortune befalls someone as deserving as Jordan Draper, the junior baseball team were to experience Schadenfreude aplenty that afternoon, and would have an even more satisfying spectacle to observe and tell their friends about very soon.

Coach Amundsen forced back the amused grin threatening to spread across his craggy face, it seemed that young Jordan had got himself into trouble yet again. The handsome young swimmers revolving cycle of painful and embarrassing misadventures were starting to become almost comical.

Mr Draper turned to the team, “Instead of giving you boys work to do” he said “I think it is time to expand your education and show you what happens to bad little boys who can't behave themselves!” he pointed to two small benches in the corner of the garage “can some of you sit there please!, and the rest stand on the other side, so you all get a good view!”

He turned back to Jordan “As for the club house fund, Jordan is going to donate this month's allowance to that, aren't you Jordan!”

Jordan opened his mouth to protest but no words came out, he just stood there with his mouth involuntarily opening and closing like a particularly handsome catfish. On top of everything else he was now going to lose his allowance fir a month, how could he survive that?!!

Mr Draper sat down on an upturned metal barrel “I told you what would happen Jordan!” he said “Now come over here and get over my knee!”

Jordan did not obey, he stood rigid, for a moment his only movement was to nervously clench and unclench his fists, as he stared intently at the floor. When he did move it was to step back, look up and turn to face his father, a look of fierce defiance on his face.

NO FUCKING WAY!” he snarled "I'M NOT A FUCKING KID!, I'M NINETEEN” he stubbornly folded his arms, adopting a post which was supposed to appear rebellious, but, due to his nakedness, just looked rather silly, albeit a little sexy at the same time. “YOU CAN'T DO THAT TO ME ANY MORE!” He yelled.

Jordan pointed to the assembled junior baseball team members “ESPECIALLY NOT IN FRONT OF THOSE LITTLE DICKHEADS!” he spat the last word with contempt.
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Jordan Stood strong and defiant, and a feeling of power began to swell in his chest. In his mind's eye, he could see himself boldly standing up to authority manly and magnificent in his anger. He was determined not to submit to any further humiliation, and certainly not a another spanking. He had always managed to bluff and bully himself out of trouble in the past and a small voice inside his head told him it would work again this time and he was now big enough and powerful enough to intimidate his own father.

He would say what had to be said and then would triumphantly walk out of the garage. Then these boys would tell everyone how tough and “BAD” he was, then, just maybe he would start to regain the respect he had lost, at least with the other jocks and jock groupies on campus, who were the people who really mattered. Perhaps then they would start to forget about the bare ass spankings, the nudity and all the embarrassing stuff.

All they would remember was that he had stood up to his father, to the coach and the ass hole ranger and he had won. Jordan's worst ever week was coming to an end, and the revolution had begun. Jordan was now Che, all he needed was a bandanna an an AK47.

He was fired up now, and ready to show everyone present that he was back on top. He began to shout “IF YOU FUCKING TOUCH ME AGAIN OLD MAN ...I'LL FUCKING KILL Y ….. OOOOOWW!! LET GO! ….OOOOWWWWW!! THAT HURTS!!!! OOOOWW!! ...LET GOA'A ME!!”

Jordan had been so intent on shouting at his father and showing off to the watching baseball players, he had not noticed the ranger sidling quietly up behind him. In fact his usually keen instincts failed to sense the uniformed figure standing right behind him, until the officer reached forward and grabbed hold of his ear between his thumb and forefinger, with a painful clamp like grip.

AAAAOOOWW, stop, it hurts!” bleated Jordan pitifully “It hurts! I 'm sorry … I'm sorry” To the delight of all those watching the arrogant young thug of moments before had been reduced to whimpering and humiliating surrender.

The ranger forced Jordan's head down so he was almost bent double “How dare you speak to your Dad like that you brat?!” he bellowed “Where I come from ifin' a youngun disrespect his elders like that he ain't bin' sittin' again for short'n a month!”

He turned to Jordan's father “i'm not teachin' you your job or nothing Sir!” he said “But I'd say this brat is in neded of a good wheelbarrowin'”

Wheelbarrowin' …?! asked a confused Mr Draper. “What is that?”

A wheelbarrow spanking Sir” replied the Ranger “It gives you extra control and …. um … access!” he looked down at the helplessly struggling young jock “An' it is extra humliiatin' for the brat!” he added “Which is as it should be! …, ... I'll show you how it works!”

Still holding Jordan firmly by the ear, the Ranger then pulled him forward until he was standing directly in front if Mr.Draper, before placing his free hand on the naked swimmer's shoulder, he turned the lad around so his back was facing his Dad.

Pushing Jordan's head down so he was back in the half bending position, the Ranger then ordered him to support his body by placing his hands on the floor, then placing one leg on either side of his father's ample waist.
NO WAY.. OWW!!” began Jordan before the ranger used his free hand to deliver a loud SMACK to his tender bare bottom

Do as I tell ya' brat!” snapped the Ranger

Reluctantly Jordan did as he was told, the excited giggles from the watching baseball team ringing in his ears.

That was when Jordan found himself in the humiliating “wheelbarrow” position, face down between his father's legs, with his own legs on either side of Mr Draper's waist. To make matters worse, although Jordan's farther was not particularly fat, the natural broadening which often accompanies middle aged combined with the splaying effect of the seated position made his waist quite wide, forcing Jordan to spread his legs risking the exposure of his most intimate areas.

To add to his total mortification was that what was happening to him was being observed by a grinning team of 18 year old kids, who could be guaranteed to tell the world what they had seen.

The Ranger noticed the horrified expression on Jordan's face and grinned sardonically “that's the beauty of the wheelbarra'” he said, “It's a stress position for the brat, while giving you the perfect target!”

It's certainly a great target!” laughed Coach Amundsen, who had been watching and was always open to learning new teaching techniques.

The ranger then pointed to the, now well revealed lower part of Jordan's bottom. Just above where it met the back of his thighs. “You should aim around half the spanks here!” he said “It's what back home we used to call the 'sit spot', its where the skin is most tender and it's the part that takes most of the weight when he tries to sit down after!” He laughed unkindly “Smack him there and he'll feel it and remember it longer!” he picked up an old fly swatter which had been conveniently left in the garage, and tapped it gently, but ominously, against his leg.

That is good advice Officer!” replied Mr Draper “If only I had you here to advise me earlier, maybe Jordan would not have turned out so badly!”

Ya'all can ask me advice anytime in future! And I'd more'n happy to assist! ” replied the Ranger “I'm movin' into town tomorrow, an' rentin' the ol' McKinny place across the street! …. so I'll be real close” he grinned “Here that Jordie Boy … REAL CLOSE!”

Jordan's heart sunk at this latest instalment of bad news, the goddamn park policeman would be living 300 yards from his front door! That was all he needed!

Jordan did not have long to think about the possible ramification of having a new neighbour, as his attention was immediately captured by an even mire immediate issue as his father began spanking his upturned, and very exposed bottom.

As the spanking started, a loud ripple of laughter ran through the group of excited young baseball players as they happily watched a spectacle they had never in their wildest dreams expected to see.

Jordan should have been fast becoming accustomed to humiliating situations, however, there was no way that anyone with an ego the size of Jordan's would ever become used to being embarrassed, shamed and humiliated. In fact with each new humiliation the cut became deeper and more painful to his precious sense of pride.

The wedgie spanking in front of the swimming and lacrosse teams had been really embarrassing, and the the events in the clinic had been the most humiliating thing to happen to him so far.

However, this was a completely new level of humiliation, the position he was in made him feel uniquely exposed and vulnerable and although the baseball team were all over 18, to his 19 year old mind, they were just snotty kids, it seemed even more shameful to be spanked in front of younger boys.

The situation was made even worse by the fact that his sunburnt, pre-spanked and ant stung bottom was already on fire before his dad had started smacking it!! 
It was then that a side door opened, and his two younger brothers appeared, they had been attracted by the noise and had come to enjoy the show. The two boys joined in the laughter, their enjoyment increased by the back that it was their bullying big brother who's bare bottom as getting the treatment it had so long deserved.

Held firmly in place and aware that any attempt at escaping would be useless, Jordan's only option was to endure, but it was unendurable!!

STOP! DAD!! … OOOOWW!! PLEASE STOP!! DADDY!! I'LL OWWWWW! BE GOOD! …. OWWW! IT HURTS” he wailed, all attempt at pride now forgotten.

HaHA!!” laughed the ranger, “When they start squealing like little piggies you know you are getting through to them!!!!

Jordan looked up at the Ranger, a look of burning hatred in his eyes.

The Ranger looked back with a slow cruel cruel, he then glanced away, and fixed his gaze onto the the large sliding door an the side of the garage where it opened onto the street.

As he looked at it the door began to slowly slide open, the new remote control device which Mr Draper had recently had installed seemingly activated by the vibrations caused by his hand smacking his son's bottom.

Jordan's mouth fell open in horror as as he watched the door slowly glide upwards into the roof. The garage opened directly onto the street, if the door was open, anyone passing on the street would be able to look in and see what was happening.

Please let the street be empty!” he thought frantically “Please, please don't let anyone be there!!” 

However, Jordan Draper's stubborn streak of bad luck was showing no sign of changing, because there were people on the street …. there were lots of people on the street ….....

To be continued …......


  1. Excellent! So the Ranger IS the demon...and will be close at hand to lend his supernatural hijinks to Jordan's continued misfortune! I'm really looking forward to where this is going!

  2. Love the first pic in the wheelbarrow. Talk about on display!

  3. Thanks, great as always!
    I hope the Ranger will accompany Jordan to his next butt-injections appointment to help the Doctor with some helpful tips, just like he helped Jordan's Dad. I'm sure the Doc will appreciate it!
    Also, everytime I see the name 'Draper' it reminds me 'Diaper'. Maybe it's time we all got to see Draper in a diaper?? For extra punishment & humiliation... ;)

  4. Hmmm! You are giving me ideas, I will think about that for a future episode. The Ranger will certinly make Jordans life even eventful (in an uncomfortable way)

  5. Just brilliant - a great looking audience all enjoying Jordan's humiliation and discipline.

  6. I'm curious to see where this will go, now that the garage door is up and Jordan has a captive audience. Maybe they'll tie his hands over his head so he can't cover himself as they give him a well-deserved paddling. It would be great if, say, his crush happened to pass by and catch him in such an embarrassing state.

    Keep up the great work!

  7. I wonder if my dreams ever come true and see an F/M version too. I believe many people here will like it as well. You are really talented

    1. Stop with the f/m nonsense straight people already have enough representation in the spanko world!!

    2. I would be grateful if we could avoid arguments. I am not planning to include F/M material on this site, however, I don't think it is true to say that there are many F/m equivalents to Sore Bottomed Guys, (we are not solely a spanking site) and although there are plenty of F/M Spanking sites and studios only a tiny fraction of those feature Hot young men, I can only think of Sting's CFNM brand and as site with Hot guys. All the others feature attractive women spanking much less attractive men

      I think there is a place for a F/M equivalent of SBG, however, this particular site will remain M/M for the foreseeable future.

    3. I doubt that F/M has enough representation in the spanko world as you said. Also it’s not a ‘straight’ thing :). I don’t know if the first commenter is straight or not, but I’m gay and would love to see an F/M story from SBG too. It’s actually very rare to find F/M with SBG style. I only remember Reforming Ricky which is very old but gold. So I don’t think it’s nonsense.

  8. It would only be appropriate since the Ranger is the Demon, that the Demon uses some fire on Jordans butt. Maybe a blowtorch.

    1. i agree. this would be very appropriate since the ranger is a demon.

    2. I agree. It would make sense since the ranger is a demon.

    3. Well, by coincidence, Jordan will have a fiery encounter in the next episode (due very soon) but not quite in the way you imagine!!!

    4. on that point, when will the next episode be ready?

    5. I hope it will be ready this weekend

    6. can't wait to see this fiery encounter. lol

  9. Or a Fiery pitchfork or branding iron.

    1. Now, there's a thought!

    2. maybe the fiery pitchforks and branding irons could be a "fitting ending" for Jordan

    3. You did it! Thank you Bruce. awesome.

      Btw. Having a foot fetish too, I notice you have sexy barefoot soles on these handsome arrogant jocks and other characters. Would love to see a picture of their soles being tickled simultaneously while their butts are on fire or jabbed with many pointed objects, or a fiery pitchfork would do. The look of painful laughter on their faces would be priceless. Either way, thanks for the work you do, it is appreciated.

  10. Howdy! Do you use Twitter? I'd like to follow you if that would be okay.

    I'm definitely enjoying your blog and look forward to new updates.