Thursday 15 September 2016

The Shamed Peeper

The pain from the wasp stings may have faded into a painful and embarrassing memory, but Darrell Todd's punishment was not over.

Deciding that Darrell needed to be taught a proper lesson. Sam Burgess had taken it upon himself to phone Darrell's father and tell him all about his 19 year old son's attempt to spy into the girl's showers.

Marshall Todd, was deeply shocked, shamed, appalled and infuriated in equal measure to hear what his son had been up to. Punishment was required, and that punishment should be severe and memorable

A devout member of his local church, Marshall had never chastised his children physically, however, after speaking with the new pastor he had undergone a significant change in views "Thou shalt beat him with the rod, and shalt deliver his soul from hell!” he muttered, angrily quoting from Proverbs, as the Pastor had done “For what son is not disciplined by his father?"

The gentle approach had clearly failed with Darrell, and, 19 or not, it was time his son experienced the discipline he had been missing.

Darrell guessed something was wrong when he saw his Dad's face as he picked him up from the bus stop, and drove him home in total silence. However, when he was ordered to bed and told he would be dealt with in the morning, he knew he was in serious trouble.

The next morning Darrell awoke, took a shower and headed downstairs for breakfast, only to find his father waiting for him at the foot of the stairs. Marshall ordered his sun into the study and told him to drop his shorts “You will not need them for a while!” he said before pulling the protesting Darrell over his knee.

I know all about what you did at camp!” shouted the angry man.

Dad! You can't do this to me, I am 19!” cried Darrell

I am going to do a lot worse to you!” Marshall snapped before proceeding to give his unlucky son a long hard OTK spanking.

This was, if anything almost as embarrassing to Darrell as what had happened at Camp, being spanked bare bottom, over his father's knee like some little kid, was totally humiliating for him. To make matters worse, he realised that his Dad had left the study door open, and his younger brother, Tyler, was watching his punishment with a broad, ear to ear, grin on his face.

However, this was only the beginning of Darrell's punishment. His Dad had decided that to reinforce the message, his son should be shamed and humiliated.

He continued spanking his son until his bottom was bright red, and would remain so for some hours, and then pushed him off his knee. He stood up, picked up a jockstrap which was on the table and tossed it to Darrell “Put that on!” he demanded.

Darrell was confused, but did as he was told, he then reached for his shorts.

No!” Snapped Marshall, “You will not need those, leave them there and come with me!”

Darrell reluctantly followed his father as he led him out into the garden. “Dad, people will see me!!” he whispered.

That is the idea!” Marshall replied. “Now I want you to get on that!” he pointed to Darrell's old bike. Darrell immediately noticed that a sign had been taped to the back of the saddle, and, as he approached it, he realised, to his dismay that it carried the statement:

stencilled onto it.

W...hat's that for Dad?” stammered Darrell

You are going to ride round town, so that everyone can see that you have received the punishment you deserve!” replied Mr Todd coldly … “And to make sure nobody misses the fact you will wear this ….”

He picked a large yellow card with the statement:
stencilled onto it. The card was attached to a length of white cord, which Marshall proceed to tie round Darrell's middle, so the card sat squarely on his back.

This is so humiliating!” wailed Darrell painfully aware that his younger brother had followed them into the garden to watch.

Humiliation is exactly what you need!” replied Marshall, “I intend to punish you in a manner you will not forget in a hurry! You will ride your bike all around town six times, so that all of our neighbours can see that you have been punished!”

...but … but!!” spluttered Darrell “That means they will all know that I still get spanked …. I'm 19!!”

That is why you need a more severe punishment …. NOW GET ON THAT BIKE!”

Darrell Reluctantly began to mount the bike, but then noticed that there were three thumb tacks glued to the seat “I can't sit on those!!” he wailed

They are there to ensure that you keep your bottom raised, so that everyone can see it!” replied his father “and see how red and sore it is!”

I won't do it!” protested Darrell

Oh yes you will” replied Marshall ”and I will be following in the truck with your Grandpa's size 14 slipper, and, if I see you trying to hide yourself or take a detour, I will use it on you in the street!!” he waved the large and scary looking slipper in front of Darrell, who was sure it would sting like hell, and had no wish to experience it.

I will then tie you over the hood of the truck and drive you round town that way! So you decide!!”

With a sinking heart, but knowing he had no option, Darrell climbed onto his bike taking care to avoid the sharp points of the thumb tacks glued to the saddle, and pointing unnervingly in the direction of his bare, jockstrap framed, bottom.

Followed by his Dad's truck, Darrell slowly rode his bike down the drive and into the main road. He had never felt so embarrassed and so exposed in his life, it was only fear of what his father might do if he didn't obey which forced him on.

The Todds' house was just over half a mile from town and the road was empty, so the first part of Darrell's ordeal passed unobserved other than by his father and Tyler, who accompanied Marshall Todd in the truck. However, with mounting dread Darrell knew his relative privacy would be short lived, …. and he was right!

On reaching the town, the miserable 19 year old's worst fears came true. The streets were crowded with people, including many of Darrels buddies and previous classmates. In panic he briefly thought of turning round and making his escape, but then he remembered the oversized slipper sitting on the dashboard of his father's truck, and realised there was no escape.

At first nobody took any notice of the boy on the bike, but then one of the football team read the notice on Darrel's back then spotted Darrell's bare and still very red bottom and let out a “Whoop” of glee, alerting others that there was something to see.

Then the shouts, whistles and catcalls began, as passers by stopped to stare point and take photographs of the disgraced Darren, riding his bike down the street, his bare and spanked bottom raised and fully displayed for all to enjoy.

This would continue for the next two hours, as Darrell rode back and forth through the town, knowing that his humiliation would be remembered and laughed about by everyone who saw it, for years to come.

From time to time his legs grew tired and his bottom began lowering towards the saddle, only to spring back up again as the sharp tips of the thumb tacks pricked his skin.

Was this an appropriate punishment for what he had done? who can say, but he certainly never tried peeping into the girls' showers again!!


  1. This blog gives me an instant boner!

  2. I agree with Anonymous about the instant boner. I love the last pic. I can't wait to see him sit down on those tacks. Looks like 1 is under each cheek and the 3rd ready to get him right up his crack.

  3. Also after he gets tired enough to sit on those tacks he rides over a speed bump.

  4. Best story ever! Thanks for posting it. Wish we could have seen the OTK spanking. Great work.

  5. Bravo! How about a cocky tall athletic Prince Charming in skintight tights getting his comeuppance from an old wizard , in the form of various butt punishments such as a spanking monster , stinging neetles etc before escaping on his hose , butt exposed

  6. Can I just take a moment to commend you on your humour - something I find sadly lacking from many spanking video producers these days. Humour used to go hand in hand with homoerotic spanking with production companies such as mans hand films and Amg. Sadly it's gone to a more extreme dark tone with many.

  7. Several weeks later, Marshall, (Darren red haired stepdad) will have an incident he won't be able to avoid.
    It's Friday night, (Darren's mom and the younger kids went to grandma's farm for the weekend) around 7:30, the doorbell rings, Darren opens the door, an undercover cop (badge on a chain around his neck) says, "Are you Darren", "yes" I'm officer Stout, your stepfather was caught in an off the record sting at a strip club, I was told to bring he and his buddy (Jesse co-workers and best, Hispanic, furry legged, friends) here.
    "Are you at least 18"? Darren said "yes"(and could not believe his luck so soon after his own embarrassment.
    What happens next?

  8. Lovely story! The tacks glued to the bicycle seat were an inspired touch.

  9. Officer Stout's phone rings,
    "That little stunt (Helping stepdad & Jesse escape the punishing consequences of the "sting") is going to get you suspended" "Now put me on speaker, Stout" "Yes Captain"
    "Darrell, your stepfather and other young married or relationship committed men were caught in a sting designed to keep young men from sexually straying." "This officer aided in their (stepdad and Jesse) escape, and is guilty of disregarding a direct order"
    "I am ordering all three to be immediately punished (bare ass, boots and socks only) by you. Additionally, they are suspended for the weekend (during this time you will restrain and punish them however you like" under your supervision." "Can you do this?"
    Looks like Darrell will enjoy the weekend!!!

  10. Darrell followed his stepdad, Jessie and officer Stout into the living room with a bulge growing in his crotch, still holding the phone.
    "Because of the sexual nature of the incident, certain additional conditions and punishment will happen. Stepdad and Jessie were ordered up to the bathroom to shave each others' privates, (they were told to shave "Stem to Stern" pubes to crack, placing a metal cock ring, to quell erections, given to them by officer Stout) leaving Darrell and officer Stout in the living room.
    "Officer Stout, you disobeyed the command decision to complete this mission, by rescuing your friends. This is the third similar infraction in 6 months, I have no alternative except corporal punishment to keep this off your record." "Yes sir"
    "Remove your belt and hand it ti Darrell, then strip naked, you may keep your boots and socks."
    Stepdad and Jessie returned (about 30 minutes, in boxers and socks) surprised to see officer Stout's hairy, red ass draped over the arm of the couch, whom I had been whipping for that entire time.
    What happens next???

  11. I think he should have to wear a backpack, and bike around picking up packages. And the backpack gets heavier and heavier... (Jim)

  12. After tiring out and getting a backside full of tacks, Darrell tries to gingerly remove them. Until he groans in horror at the sound of the family truck pulling up.

    "NOOOOOOO! " he groans as his brother hoists him over the tailgate. Dad gets out and slowly removes his thick leather belt. "Maybe a public lickin will finally straighten your backside out Son!

  13. So fuckin hot. There is no other blog as good as this one