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The Shaman's Revenge - Part 2 (Dr Shultz's Prescription)

The Shaman's Revenge – Part 2
Dr Shultz's Prescription

(Click here to read part one and here to read the prologue)

Dr Shultz arrived at the College infirmary ahead of his usual time, he had a busy week ahead of him with a series of students, mostly from the athletic teams, visiting him, either for treatment, or more often with the young athletes, for a medical check up, and he wanted to ensure he had everything ready for them.

This was especially true in respect of the first patient that morning, 18 year old Jordan Draper, a member of the college swimming team, and widely considered to be one of the most handsome and popular jock's in the College. Although the doctor noted that Jordan's popularity rather depended on whether one belonged to his “in” crowd or not.

Jordan was due for his bi-annual medical, which all members of the swim team were required to undergo. He was also the student regarding whom Coach Amundsen had phoned the doctor the night before.

The doctor and the coach were like minded men who had, over the years, developed and understanding and a mutual approach to dealing with certain problematic male college students. They both believed in discipline, and that discipline was most effective when it had real impact.

Consequently, when he had received the call from Thor Amundsen the doctor had immediately understood what was required, and knew what he had to do, therefore, he began his day by making the necessary arrangements.

True to form, Jordan was late for his appointment. Punctuality in such matters is an act of consideration, and as Jordan had little if any consideration for other people, and he invariably kept them waiting. As the Doctor checked his watch and noted how tardy the young athlete was he nodded to himself, the coach clearly had just the right treatment in mind for this young man.

Ten minutes late for his appointment a nonchalant and somewhat bored looking Jordan arrived at the infirmary for his medical. The sight of Jordan caused the doctor to frown with irritation, the students were no longer required to wear uniforms, other than on formal occasions, but they were expected to dress smartly. However, Jordan was wearing a pair of shorts and a Hawaiian T-Shirt, a souvenir from his Easter vacation, which was not what the Doctor considered suitable attire for college.

When requested, Jordan calmly stripped to his jockstrap, as a senior year athlete he was now well used to the procedure.

The doctor asked him to step onto the moving treadmill and first walk and then run on the spot for five minutes at varying speeds. Meanwhile Dr Schultz stood behind the young athlete watching, the young man's well rounded, smooth and hairless white bottom fist swaying gently as he walked, then bouncing up and down as he ran, framed by the tight athletic jockstrap. The Doctor smiled to himself, imagining what plans Coach Amundsen has in store for that wondrous object which was juggling away in front of him.

After the treadmill session the doctor checked Jordan's pulse, heart beat and blood pressure, as he expected with such a fit young specimen as Jordan, the results were excellent. However ,the doctor frowned and shook his head in apparent surprise “It looks as if your vitamin levels are a bit low young man!” he said “we will have to do something about that!”

Jordan as rather nonplussed this was the first time in his young life that the results of a medical has been anything but perfect. Perhaps all those late nights in bars pursuing the local girls had been having an effect on him. “Is that serious Doc?” he asked.

It could be if we don't treat it!” replied the Doctor “What you need is a course of vitamin shots, please lie face down on the table!”

Huh .. why face down?” asked Jordan
So that I can give you your shots!” replied the Doctor

You mean … in my butt? … why not the arm?”

It needs to be in the bottom, otherwise in will not be effective!” said the doctor calmly “Now get on the table”

No way Doc!” replied Jordan disdainfully “You 'ain't jabbing my butt!”
Either do as you are told, or I will inform the Coach, and he will take you off the swimming team!”

Jordan paused, he did not want to be removed from the team, and, after the incident in the locker room, he certainly did not want to anger Coach Amundsn. Reluctantly, and with a very glum expression on his handsome face he climbed onto the table and lay down on his stomach.

Dr Shultz's eyebrow raised as he allowed his gaze to travel slowly over Jordan's firm young body stretched out before him, like a sumptuous cannibal banquet. Long muscular legs and torso, a light golden brown from exposure to the sun, whilst in between the two nestled that incredible bottom. A much lighter colour, almost snowy white, having been protected from the tanning rays by tight speedos. Plenty of exercise and a fine muscle structure meant that it did not flatten as the body lay flat, but rose like two ivory globes, almost presented to him as trophies encircled by the white cotton of his jockstrap.

Although, through the conventions of the time, the doctor was married with children, whereas, thirty years later hi life might have taken a different course. For Schultz was highly susceptible to the attractions of a beautiful youth, and the sight before him was enticing enough to challenge the sexuality of of the most heterosexual of men. He tried not to grin, but it was always a bonus to enjoy one's work.

On an impulse he plucked a thermometer from his desk, shook it, and before Jordan knew what was happening, he had parted the boys butt cheeks and inserted the ice cold glass tube into the tight pink button of an anus between, enjoying Jordan's sudden shocked intake of breath as he did so.

What's that?” asked a clearly displeased Jordan, looking back over his shoulder.

I'm taking your temperature, now lie still!”

Does that have to be ….. there to?!!” grumbled Jordan

The Doctor stepped back to survey the delightful vision before him, of the handsome swimmer lying face down on the table with the tip of the rectal thermometer intruding from between the cheeks of his buttocks.

The doctor deliberately left the thermometer in place longer than necessary to take a temperature, as he enjoyed Jordan's humiliation.

This was obviously the first time anything had been inserted into Jordan's tight, straight little rosebud, and he clearly did not like it. The Doctor contemplated whether if might be fun to add an anal examination to the young man's next visit.

When he finally removed the thermometer, the reading was normal as he had expected with such a healthy young athlete , however, the Doctor tutted as if there was another problem. “Well young man!” he said ominously, you are definitely in need of these shots!”

He picked up a small vile of clear liquid and shook it “This will resolve the problem!” he said “Just so long as you complete the course!”

Course?” Jordan did not like the sound of that.

Yes, you will need to return on Wednesday and again in Friday …. for booster shots..!” as he spoke he picked up a large are rather old fashioned looking syringe from a silver coloured metal tray on his desk.

Jordan's eyes widened as he saw the size of the needle “That's fucking huge!” he gasped.

Don't swear boy!” snapped the doctor “and don't be a wimp!” as he spoke he moved towards Jordan holding the unnervingly large syringe. Jordan's eyes widened in horror as the doctor approached with the syringe in his hand, the huge needle seeming to grow larger the closer it got to him.

The Doctor used a small swab to rub an area in the right cheek of Jordan's bottom, somewhat lower down the gluteus muscle than usual for an injection, this injection had a specific purpose and was applied to the area most in need of attention. Then, before Jordan had time to brace himself, he jabbed the needle hard into the young athlete's well rounded butt cheek.

OWW!” yelled Jordan, “that f … that hurt Doc!”

Don't be a girl Draper, it's only a little prick!”

Jordan frowned, accusing others of being girlish was a favourite insult of his, and he did not like getting it back. However, the insult was quickly forgotten, as to his horror he saw the Doctor pick up a second syringe which he then filled front the same vial of translucent liquid.

Not another!” he gulped

You need one in each buttocks” smiled the doctor “so the vitamins are equally distributed you see!” he continued, correctly guessing that Jordan's limited grasp of science would not lead him to challenge his assertion. 

The Doctor then proceeded to repeat the process of applying an alcohol swab, followed by a sharp needle jab, this time in Jordan's left butt cheek. 
Although on this on this occasion Jordan did brace himself and grit his teeth seconds before the injection, that did not lessen sting of the painful jab as the large needle penetrated his sensitive flesh for a second time.

Again the doctor targeted the most tender and sensitive area in the lower part of Jordan's butt cheek.

YeeeOWCH!” he hissed through gritted teeth.

The Doctor placed the syringe, next to the previous one, on the silver tray. “Okay, you can get dressed now Draper!” he turned and looked sternly at Jordan “And make sure you are here again at the same time on Wednesday for the next dose!”

NO!! NO MORE FUCKING INJECTIONS??!” Spluttered Jordan “They hurt! FUCK OFF!!”


Before Jordan knew what was happening, the Doctor had grabbed him by the ear, and pulled him across the room before pulling the stunned young jock over his knee.

I will teach you to speak not to speak to your elders like that!” snarled the genuinely angry Doctor “How dare you use profanity!”

Although initially caught off guard, Jordan quickly realised what the Doctor was planning to do. He might have been spanked by Coach Amundsen, but there was no way he was going to let the Doctor do the same.

Using the superior strength of the young athlete he was, he easily pushed the doctor's hands away and jumped to his feet. “Fuck off Doc! You ain't spanking my butt!” he snapped.

In that case, I shall inform Coach that you disobeyed me and refused to take discipline!” replied the Doctor sternly.

Jordan paused as the implications of the doctor's threat sunk in. The look on the doctor's face told him the man was totally serious and that he would immediately phone the coach, if Jordan disobeyed him.

There was no doubt what the coach would do, if the doc told him that Jordan had refused a spanking, Coach would spank him himself, and after the events in the locker room, he did not wish to repeat that experience. If he was going to have to take another spanking, he figured the Doctor could not possibly smack as hard as the Coach could. So reluctantly and with his characteristic sulky expression he stepped forward and lay back down across the Doctor's lap.

With that the Doctor proceeded to to deliver a dozen hard Smacks to the young swimmer's upturned, and just injected bare bottom!”

Jordan might have correctly judged that the Doctor would not spank as hard as the coach, but the spanking still hurt, a lot, especially as the Doctor was careful to aim the smacks where he had jabbed his needles only moments before.

OWW!” Yelled Jordan “I am sorry Doc, I didn't mean it!

Instilling discipline was not usually part of the doctor's duty but there was something about Jordan's arrogant and belligerent attitude which made spanking his behind a pleasure, and and, of course, Jordan had an awesome ass! Therefore Doctor Shultz spanked it with relish.

His only regret was that Jordan's shots had not yet had time to take full effect, so the spanking would have less effect than it would in an hour or so. Coach, he guessed would get the benefit of delivering that spanking.

The spanking complete, Doctor Shultz then pushed Jordan off his knee, and pointed his finger at him. “I will accept your apology, but I will expect to see you back here on Wednesday … ON TIME … for your next dose of shots!”

Jordan grimaced as he rubbed his sore, spanked and jabbed bottom “Not sure I can make it Doc!” He muttered.

You had better make it Boy, or I will tell Coach to take you off the team!” snapped Dr Shultz

Fuck! … Damn!” Thought Jordan, his face now resembling that of a sulky six year old. He could see the doctor was dead serious, it seemed that to keep his prestigious place on the swim team he would have to put up with further injections, despite how much they hurt.

Dr Schultz allowed himself the merest hint of a grin as a very moody looking Jordan Draper swiftly got dressed and stomped towards his office door. “See you on Wednesday Draper!” said the doctor, to which Jordan responded with a grunt before slamming the door behind him.

Picking up his phone, the Doctor dialled a number. “Good morning Coach! It's Brian Schultz” he said “Yep I skewered him good …. that's right in both cheeks, and with the biggest needles I have!”

He picked up the glass vial and studies the remaining liquid “It's an effective little potion!” he grinned “A totally harmless stimulant, which was initially used for the treatment of people, who had lost sensation as the result of a stroke or nerve damage!”

It's use has been largely discontinued because it is just a bit TOO effective and actually exaggerates sensation, .... especially unpleasant ones!

unpleasant sensations, like a spanking you mean?” replied the Coach from the other end of the phone line.

Exactly!” said the Doctor “He will certainly Feel a spanking …..! … How long will it last?” … he shrugged “It depends, usually the effect wears off after 36 to 48 hours!” He smiled broadly “However, he has been ordered to come back for booster shots on Wednesday and again on Friday! So my guess is that young Jordan will be sleeping face down for the rest of the week!”

He put the vial back in to a box containing further similar vials “It should start to take effect in about half an hour, So you can be confident that any ….er... discipline you feel appropriate will have a significant …. impact where it will have the most effect!” He paused

Oh yes,” he added “I regret that I had to discipline the boy myself, for using filthy language …. yes a spanking … he will feel that for a while!”

That is perfectly in order” replied the coach from the other end of the phone, “That young hoodlum needs a lot of discipline and we will make sure he gets it …. and feels it!! …. thanks for your help!”

You are welcome, Coach, any time .... it's my pleasure to be of assistance!” replied the Doctor, truthfully, before he replaced the phone and sat down, a look of satisfaction on his handsome face “Young Master Draper will not be sitting comfortably for the next week, that's for sure!” he though. “and it is no more than he deserves!”

The Doctor paused and frowned, for a moment he thought he had heard the sound an old man laughing. He shook his head and decided he must have imagined it.

To Be Continued ….


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