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The Shaman's Revenge Part 16

The Shaman's Revenge Part 16

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What is going on here?” Floyd Cody's voice boomed, as he approached the small group, initially unnoticed by his younger brothers, who spun round nervously at the arrival of their fierce older sibling.

Uh … Hi Floyd!” stammered Billy Bob “you came back bro?!!”

I wanted to check on you and the City boy!” replied Floyd “And it seems I was right to” he looked across at Jordan, who was still bent double, his wrists tied to his ankles, with a 'tail' of stinging nettles and poison ivy sticking out of his rump.

Lazy scumbag wasn't working hard enough!” replied Seth hastily, “So we decided to punish him!”

Despite the fiery burning sensation in his anus Jordan's senses were in high alert mode, and he listened intently to what was being said. It was obvious to him that the two younger Cody brothers were scared of their elder brother, and after the two spankings Floyd had given him, Jordan could understand they had good reason to be nervous.

His mind buzzed with ideas as to how he could use the men's fear of their brother, but nothing came to him.

The lazy brat was refusing to work was he?!” Snarled Floyd “We'll soon see to that!” He pointed to Jordan “Untie him and get that damn vegetation out of his butt!” he ordered “I'll make him work!!

Untied, but with his butt and anus burning madly from the combined nettle and poison ivy stings Jordan was led across the field to an old ramshackle barn with a ladder leaning against the wall “Climb up that!” ordered Floyd, who then turned to his younger brother Billy Bob and pointed to the ranch house “Go get the old rug beater's!” he said “It's time this brat got a dusting!”

Jordan had no choice other than to obey and stepped nervously on the bottom rung of the ladder, he was not quite sure what Floyd meant by “a dusting” but he was in no doubt it would be unpleasant. His shoulders sank in misery as he climbed reluctantly up the ladder.

As soon as Billy Bob returned, carrying two very ancient looking rug beaters Jodan realised that his worst fears were well founded, and it took little imagination to guess exactly what Floyd had in mind for those cruel looking objects.

Stick that Butt 'o yours out boy!” snapped Floyd

With no option but to obey Jordan did as he was ordered and braced himself for the impact to come.

Floyd lifter the rickety rug beater above his head and then swung it forward hard landing the hard wicker of it's business end across Jordan's backside with a bruising thud!

AAAAGH!!” yelled Jordan as the juddering pain shot through his body.

Next Billy Bob aimed a swing at the trembling target, Resulting in another cry of pain from their unlucky captive.

A second, equally painful whack from Floyd brought tears to Jordan's eyes, and he wondered frantically how he would survive much more of this savage onslaught.

It was then that one of Jordan's very rare strokes of good luck intervened, presenting him which a change of escape, which he eagerly grasped.

The bringer of that good fortune was young Billy Bob, who is an excess of enthusiasm, when attempting to whack Jordan again, swung the rug beater too wide, and instead delivered a bone numbing blow to his elder brother Floyd's craggy face.

Floyd let out a roar of agony, dropping his rug beater, and clutching at his face as he staggered forward. Meanwhile Billy Bob was frozen to the spot petrified with horror at what he had done, and with fear at what vengeance his thunderously bad tempered brother would doubtless inflict on him for his carelessness.

Jordan's self survival instincts were at a heightened level, and he immediately saw the chance of escape, which this temporary distraction presented him with. 

Quick as a flash, whilst the Cody brothers were occupied with Floyd's apparent injury, Jordan climbed down the ladder and made a dash for freedom, slipping quickly and unnoticed past the fear stricken Billy Bob, before sprinting across the field.

Jordan was half way across the field and heading towards the woods before Seth Cody, who had been standing apart from his brothers and watching the scene realisedd he was making his mistake. “Come back here !” he shouted, lifting his rifle and pointing it at the departing Jordan.

Shoot him in the butt!” yelled Billy Bob waking from his fear frozen stupor 

Seth took aim at the fleeing Jordan's backside and fired. Luckily for Jordan, Seth was the least proficient shooter of the family, especially when aiming at a moving target. The bullet missed it's target and whistled past Jordan, inspiring the fleeing teenager to run even faster, as a second missile flew past him on the other side.

Get him!” commanded the now furious Floyd as he continued to nurse his swollen and bruised face.

The two younger Codys ran after the sprinting Jordan, however, although they were both strong and muscular, these heavily built corn, pork and potato fed country boys were no match, in terms of speed for their agile, athletic young prey. Jordan easily outran them and vanished into the woods beyond the farm.

Jordan ran through as fast as his well toned young legs would carry him, while the shouts of the men pursuing him grew fainter as the distance between him and them increased.

Once he was deep in the woods, Jordan determined to find a hiding place where he could remain hidden until the two older men gave up looking for him. At that point he spotted a tall tree with plenty of branches, which might hide him from someone on the ground.

With the agility of a young monkey Jordan quickly scrambled up the tree, until he reached a point about forty feet up, where a number of thick branches shielded him from being visible to someone on the ground. He then crouched on a large branch and determined he would hide up the tree until he was sure the Codys had gone.

He glanced around and noticed a small gap in the leaves, through which he might be seen if someone in the right position on the ground happened to look up. He quickly backed up the branch, moving closer to the trunk of the tree, where he would be afforded greater cover.

It was at that point that his bottom bumped into something attached to the tree trunk. He heard a cracking sound and felt whatever he had pushed up against begin to crumble around his butt cheeks.

Slightly nonplussed, he looked back over his shoulder to see a large structure, about two feel wide and four foot high, seemingly made from clay and grass attached to the tree just above where the branch he was crouching on connected to the tree trunk. It was then that he heard a loud angry buzzing sound, and came to the horrifying realization that he had just rammed his bare bottom into a hornets' nest

The angry hornets reacted instinctively to this violent attack on their home and flew straight at the large pink object which they perceived to be attacking them, furiously stinging Jordan's tender and recently beaten butt cheeks. 

To make matters worse, Jordan's precarious crouching position had the effect of spreading his cheeks, enabling one hornet to fly in between the cheeks and sting Jordan directly on his vulnerable puckering anus, causing him to give a shriek of agony.

These were an especially aggressive breed of hornet, which had emigrated north from South America. In appearance they were very similar to the fearsome yellow jacket wasps, but these creatures possessed even more powerful and painful stings.

Jordan lurched forward and immediately lost his balance, sending him tumbling head first onto a branch about six foot below, where he dangled for a few moments, bottom up across the branch, kicking his legs and struggling for a hand hold, whilst the aggressive hornets continued to attack his behind.

Jordan finally managed to clamber back up the new branch, whilst still being assailed by angry hornets, and quickly began climbing back down the tree, he had no option but to risk capture by the Cody brothers, as the hornets would surely kill him if he stayed in the tree. Images from the 1978 movie “The Swarm”, with Michael Cain and Katherine Ross flashed through his mind.

When he was back on the ground, the good news was that there was no sign of any sadistic hill billies, the bad new was that the hornets had followed him down, and still seemed determined to sting him to death.

Running as fast as he could Jordan tore off through the woods with a swarm of outraged hornets perusing him all intent on sting his fleeing bottom.

After a very unpleasant and painful half mile run, Jordan found himself on a small country road through the woods, and to his relief saw a vehicle heading towards him, which he frantically flagged down. It was not until the vehicle stopped beside him that he realised it was the ranger's car.

The Ranger wound down the window to a small crack and shouted “Get in quickly Sport…. and close the door after you!” 

For the first time since their first encounter, Jordan was relieved to see the Ranger, however, that relief would not last for long …......

To Be Continued ….........

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  1. Wow! Truly HOT! Ever since his outdoor adventure started, I've been hoping to see Jordan get his behind thoroughly stung. And boy did he get it, even right on his boy hole like in episode one! Coming right after the nettles, his ass is now stinging inside and out!

  2. Great job, Bruce. Lovin it.

  3. Thanks for reporting this possible Terms of Service violation. We will examine it soon and take action as necessary.

  4. One question though. Isn't he ranger's vehicle awfully modern for a story set in 1980?

    1. Well Doc, if he is indeed a creature from the darkside, he may have strange powers, which might include time travel!!

  5. Haha so funny: Instead of fucking Cindy-Mae, Jordan is fucked by hornets. I love how you describe that even he is agile like a monkey when climbing that tree, he is too clumsy to avoid crushing the hornets nest with his bubble butt. The hornets probably do not see any beauty in it;)