Saturday 29 November 2008

Poll Results - Justice for Josh

Well the poll results are in and the results are quite decisive. 73% of those who voted, a total of 177 people, want to see Josh soundly and humiliatingly spanked, bare assed, in front of his girlfriend, hence our handsome bad boy will certainly be going over someone's knee very shortly.

The majority in favor of of giving Josh a spanking was overwhelming, however, other leading results were as follows:

39 votes (16%) were cast in favor if Josh receiving a series of painful injections in his bottom
34 voters (14%) wanted to see a group of guys kick handsome Josh in the butt
26 (10%) thought Josh's perfect 19 year old butt should become a human dart board
while a further 21 (8%) felt that a sun burnt bottom would teach Josh well deserved lesson

It seems that a lot of visitors agree that Josh deserves to become a sore bottomed guy, and they won't be disappointed.

Justice is coming Josh's way, it may take a few days to arrive, but sure as Christmas, destiny is on its way, and it is heading straight towards Josh's bottom

Watch this space

1 comment:

  1. A locker room paddling on the bare butt is a horriblly humiliating experience--cause other guys are all looking at your abre butt and watching to see how you take it. It is completely different from getting paddled bare from mom or dad. It happened to me. I was not like Josh--I just happened to disobey a coach who was in a bad mood and I got my bare ass paddled hard (and it hurt!) It is punishment enough for Josh --He will never forget it--I never did. Beleive me--I never needed a saecond spanking from coach!