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Unlucky for Levi - Levi Johnston's very public spanking

This was originally posted to JockSpank, but I think it is less likely to get lost in the archives here. This young guy gets a sore bottom AND a sore ego:

Based on the results of the JockSpank poll: "Does Levi Johnston deserve a spanking?"

Unlucky for Levi

It was an arrogant and self satisfied young jock's worst nightmare. “This can not be happening!!” fumed a deeply miserable 21 year old Levi Johnston as he nervously glanced back over his shoulder at the brightly lit television studio, packed with cameras from a dozen TV channels, all focused on his very exposed and very tender bare bottom, as was the 500 strong, specially invited, studio audience of people he had managed to offend and upset in his short life, all grinning from ear to ear, and the positively beaming CNN TV anchor man Anderson Cooper, who was acting as host for the event.

But unlucky for Levi, it was happening

It was not supposed to be like this, when he had agreed to participate in the TV poll “Should Levi Johnston be given his own Reality TV show, or should he be spanked live on National TV?”, he never imagined for one moment that the answer would be a resounding “He should be spanked live on national TV!”.  In his swollen headed arrogance he had been so certain that the nation would go wild at the prospect of a Levi Johnston show that he had invested what was left from what he had been paid for the PlayGirl shoot and what he had made from the sale of his book “Deer in the Headlights” together with everything he could borrow, into advance merchandising, none of which would now be sold, leaving him with huge debts, all of which would have to be paid back.

As a result he had no option other than to go ahead and take the spanking in return for the paltry fee the TV studio had offered. It was either that or he would have to deal with some particularly unpleasant loan sharks, who would in all likelihood do considerably greater damage to a considerably greater number of his body parts.  At least after the spanking he would still be able to walk (and breath), if not sit down for some while.  

He couldn't believe that the chicks would not have saved him, and what about his legion of gay fans, surely they would prefer to see him in his own reality TV show rather than getting his bare ass spanked, …... gradually the flaw in that particular argument began to dawn on him.

It hadn't started too badly, East Coast Democrats in places like Vermont and Massachusetts, still delighted that he had pissed off Sarah Palin had voted for the reality show, but they were a rare exception not joined in any significant numbers until residents of the the crazier corners of California began to vote. Meanwhile, throughout the central fly-over states, the cry of “SPANK THE BRAT!” could be heard from sea to shining sea, growing louder as the states became redder. “Fucking Tea Party” snarled Levi under his breath.

However, the vote was by no means split on party lines, America's demographic is changing and in many multicultural urban areas, which would usually vote solidly Democrat, people voted in droves to see the white boy get his little pink butt spanked.  Likewise, cities with large gay populations like New York, Miami and San Francisco voted for the spanking, few gays may vote Republican, or be  fans of Levi's one time mother in law to be, but they are first and foremost gay, and they had all seen that butt in PlayGirl.  If Levi had understood the power of advertising, given his low pain threshold, he would never have risked participating in a vote where him receiving a spanking was an option after posing for all those extremely spankable bare bottom pictures, or that shower video.

When the results had come in they were devastating, and a clear indication that Levi's high opinion of himself was not widely shared.  A gigantic 90% had voted to see him spanked, the reality show was the choice of a tiny, and primarily rather eccentric,10%.

Bad news, they say, often comes in threes, and it was certainly so for Levi, firstly some joker had stolen his clothes from his dressing room while he was taking a shower, leaving him with only a small white towel similar to that he wore in the PlayGirl shoot, to cover his young naked body.                        
Then ,when the security guards had finally dragged him to the studio, who should he see but Todd Palin wearing a huge, very smug, grin and tapping a large hairbrush against the palm of his hand.  It turned out the TV channel had asked if he would deliver the spanking, and he had waived his fee!.

Thus it was that the handsome, but very unhappy Levi Johnston, one time school hockey jock,  D list celebrity, nude model and relatively unsuccessful writer, found himself face down across the knee of his one time prospective father in law, in a network TV studio, wearing nothing but a skimpy white towel.

The towel did not provide protection for very long, as a gleeful Todd immediately reached down and firmly lifted it up revealing the very tempting target of Levi's bare 21 year old bottom.

At that very moment seismologists with particularly sensitive equipment would have reported a slight tremor running across the nation, as, in unison, two hundred million viewers moved closer to their TV sets, had they not all been watching their own televisions or live streaming at the time.      

Levi hung his head in shame, his face glowing hot and pink with embarrassment, and with the horror of knowing his total humiliation was about to get infinitely worse.

“Good evening Todd ...and .. uh.. Levi!” rasped an unusually animated Anderson Cooper “Welcome to Network TV's one off, 90 minute, prime time event “Levi Johnston Spanked Live”

“Well Hello Anderson!” replied a cheerful Todd Palin, while a miserable, humiliated, and delightfully bare bottomed Levi just glowered silently.

“As I say, this a 90 minute live show Todd, are you up to it?” asked Anderson Cooper raising an already arched eyebrow  
“Don't worry Anderson, I'll fill that slot, with footage to spare” grinned Todd “When do I get to start?”

“When you are ready!”

Todd was more than ready and did not need to be asked twice. He immediately raised the hairbrush above his head, before bringing it down with a stinging WHACK!” on Levi's quivering pink butt cheek, followed within nano-seconds by a ringing SWACK! across the other inviting and equally trembling butt cheek.

YAAAAOOOWWW! ….. AAAAGGGHHOOW!” yelled Levi “Stop, I've changed my mind!”

But there was no going back, Todd Palin was not going to stop, and the TV networks had sunk too much money into the show to let an arrogant little twerp like Levi to wriggle out of his obligations.  Levi's protestations were ignored, he was getting spanked like it or not.

The blows continued to rain down on poor Levi's exposed and vulnerable behind with a loud WHACK!! ….WHACK!! ...SWACK! Levi was mortified, not only was he being publicly humiliated by being spanked naked, like some little kid, in front of a national TV audience of millions, plus a syndicated worldwide audience in numbers he could only guess at, but it also stung like fucking hell!!!!”

By now Todd was really enjoying himself, he was 110% straight, yet few things in his live had been quite as pleasurable as was toasting Levi Johnston's plump little tush, it was something he had looked forward to for a very long time, and he was going to enjoy every moment, with each blow he  paying back the good looking little jerk for each slight and slur he had inflicted on the Palin family, and compensating for all the hurt the young asshole had caused. This thought reminded him of all the things the young varmit across his knee had done over the last three years and Todd continued to belabor the swiftly reddening rump with added vigur.   WHACK!! ….WHACK!! ...SWACK! ...WHACK!”   
Then, with one firm movement he pushed Levi further over his knee so that the lower part of the young man's behind was uppermost enabling Todd to concentrate his assault on that sensitive area where the young jock's perfectly formed bottom reached the upper back of his legs, an area which as Todd recalled from his own youth was particularly tender.

As Anderson Cooper watched Levi Johnston's bare legs kicking in the air and the piston like rotation of Todd Palin's spanking arm, he became aware of a odd, but not unpleasant sensation swelling in his lower body, which to his amazement he swiftly identified. This was most unexpected, he was a member of a particularly refined liberal social and political elite, a scion of a  socialist dynasty to the far left of the Democrat party, a debunker of birthers, a scourge of the Tea Party and, until now, a lifelong opponent of corporal punishment.  Yet, contrary to a lifetime of experience and against his better instincts, he was for the first time considering the possibility of being attracted to a Republican.

It would  take months with his analyst before he was able to determine which of the two men in front of him, and which of their respective positions, Anderson found most desirable.

Finally, Todd threw the hairbrush to the floor, however, Levi's ordeal was far from over. A significant number of voters had chosen the supplementary option in the poll which said that Levi should be “paddled until he cried”, and Todd was determined that they should get what the voted for.

He ordered Levi to bend over and then picked up a large leather paddle.   
Levi's who's, now bright red bottom was already burning as if he had been attacked by a hundred angry hornets, looked back over his shoulder in horror at the latest agonizing instalment of his ordeal and immediately saw the bank of cameras all focused on his upturned bare bottom. He realised, with a searing  rush of embarrassment, that now his most intimate parts were on full public display.

In his horrified mind's eye he imagined the image appearing on a hundred million TV screens across the country.

“It make no difference kid” chucked Todd Palin guessing at the cause of Levi's reaction, “They already knew you were an asshole, they are now just seeing the evidence!!”    

With that he delivered a thunderous “TWHACK!” across the centre of Levi's reluctantly proffered bottom, eliciting a highly satisfying yowl of distress from the miserable and bending 21 year old hunk in front of him.

The show would rank among the top ratings hits of the decades, in state after state parks and town centres were empty, as from homesteads and apartments in every city every town and every rural community could be head shouts of “SPANK THAT BRATT!” … “LET HIM HAVE IT!” …. “WHOP THAT ASS!” Followed by whoops and loud burst of applause.  With the exception of a small number  of anti-spanking campaigners, and  sundry misguided do-gooders, the vast majority agreed that the networks had rediscovered a lost art of entertainment, and in general they applauded the deal the main television channels had made with HBO and various cable channels, enabling then to change established policy, and broadcast images of male nudity at prime time.

At last the 90 minutes were over, and as Todd shook hands with with a highly impressed, and politically confused, Anderson Cooper, a naked Levi Johnston, tears running down his face jumped up and down clutching his stinging and seriously well spanked bottom.  In doing so, he unwittingly  exposed to the hungry cameras and cheering viewers that final part of his anatomy which he had kept hidden from view during his infamous PlayGirl shoot. By doing so, he ensured that his ongoing humiliation would be heightened by the endless comparisons and late night TV jokes he would be forced to endure, for months and years to come.  

As Todd watched the sobbing Levi rubbing his still cherry red bottom, which resembled nothing so much as two little ripe tomatoes, he had the satisfaction of knowing that a not only well deserved but also long lasting punishment had been inflicted.  He smiled to himself reflecting on the fact that although the sting would eventually fade from Levi's smarting young bottom, the sting to his ego would be an unwelcome companion for years to come.

As an added bonus, Todd knew his wife would be in a very good mood that evening!!

The End          
The results of the JockSpank poll - “Does Levi Johnston deserve a spanking, which inspired this story, can be seen in the right hand column of this blog.

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