Sunday 24 May 2015

Some more Medical fun

Mostly from Sting Pictures




Followed, of course by a good hard spanking


Followed by the paddle  

Anyone want to add a caption to this last one?


  1. In his peculiar application of the ‘Mens sana in corpore sano’-adagium, the commandant of the military academy declared it only fair that cadets forming the rear rank in results in any class of sports team would be forced to ‘volunteer their rear’ for practice by medical training cadets, to be bountifully poked, probed and injected at nauseam, and, worse, for any staff feeling like practicing corporal punishment, putting the poor pups pantless over the knee before and after sessions with strap, switch of scourge to assess the actual acuratesse of academically-applied assinine-adolescent-arse-agony ad-lib all-afternoon! - FASTIFEX

  2. Oww!Doc how many more?

    Now son you you're on an athletic scholarship. That means to avoid detention you volunteered to let the medical students practice their skills. Only 25 more students, 2 injections each.