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The Shaman's Revenge Part 7 (part 1)

The Shaman's Revenge Part 7 (part 1)

Goran could not forget about the kitten that Jordan had kicked, the more he thought about the thoughtless cruelty that nasty boy had inflicted on a trusting little animal the more and more angry he became.

As the old warlock's anger grew his spell grew stronger, and his incantations, which still echoed in the dark recesses and forgotten places, began to travel further to even deeper and far darker places where it was heard by things, the likes of which would make the bravest of men tremble.

It was now the turn of one such thing to answer his call, a creature which had slumbered for many centuries began to stir. Gradually as the thing awoke it began to change its form transitioning bit by bit from something beast like into the recognisable form of a man.

At last, the shape shifting complete, the creature which had become a man stepped forward from the shadows, it's manly body now illuminated by the flames of the fiery cavern where it had slept. As it did so, a sardonic smile settled on its now passably handsome features. It had been centuries since it had last been called, but now that it was awake, it planned to have some fun.


Back in the place where human dwell, Jordan was moody and miserable, both emotions made worse by the constant stinging throb in his now much punished bottom. He felt sore, he felt humiliated and on top of all that, he felt hot. The brief respite of the cooler morning had passed and the steamy mid – summer temperatures had returned with a vengeance.

Being young and in good shape, Jordan was not usually affected by hot weather, but even he was suffering in this level of heat and humidity, not least because the hot weather seemed to make the fire in his butt even more painful.

It was as if hell fire had been unleashed and was heating the very air, as a result, Jordan was in a Hellish mood.

His backside had been stinging ever since those damn injections that morning, followed by hard and embarrassing bare bottom, hand spanking, from the Coach. Weirdly, the burning sensation was not fading, in fact, if anything, it was getting worse, how was that even possible?!

The heat, and the pain in his rump were not the only reasons Jordan had cut class that afternoon. Now that everyone in the school knew what had happened to him in the locker room, and were probably already being informed of his latest humiliation, attending a class full of grinning and giggling students was an embarrassing and humiliating experience.

It was intolerable that everyone knew what had happened to him, and the damage to his fragile ego would take a long time to heal, even after most people had forgotten. He could only be grateful that so few people knew that his father had been spanking him every night, Jordan's younger brothers knew, but they also knew what would happen to them if they dared to reveal it!

A strong desire to escape from the whispering and scornful glances, as well as relief from the city heat, had led Jordan to jump on his motorbike and ride out of the city into the open countryside and into a large forest beyond.

On the weekend, the forest, which was a national park would have been full of hikers and tourists, however, as it was now midweek, Jordan found that, as expected, apart from an occasional passing car, he was alone, which was now the way he wanted it.

Jordan was not a natural nature lover, but trees and bushes did not know what had happened to him, they did not giggle, point and snigger at his humiliation, so right now he preferred the company of trees to that of human beings.
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Turning off the main road through the centre of the forest he followed a narrow pathway until he reached a small river. Jordan stopped his motorbike and got off, before pulling a pack of cigarettes from the pocket of his shorts.

He lit a cigarette and took in a long drag of smoke. Only an occasional smoker, this made him cough and he angrily threw the still lit cigarette aside and walked on, careless of the fire risk in the summer dried forest.

A few hundred yards from him, the river flowed into a large pool, almost the size of a small lake, before flowing on through the woods. On this scorching hot day, the cool water looked very tempting, however, there was a clearly visible “NO SWIMMING” sign on the other bank.

Fuck That!” thought Jordan, “Who's here to see me? It's fucking hot, and I feel like a swim! To hell with their damn rules”

With that, he swiftly slipped off his T-shirt, shorts and sneakers, all of which he dumped unceremoniously into the grass, then, when naked, he ran to the edge of the pond and waded in.

The pond was deep and the water a cool and refreshing respite the ferocious heat of the day. As a champion level swimmer, Jordan was in his favourite element, and his beautiful, fit, lithe and supple body shimmied through the water like a young otter, easily completing laps of the pool and diving deep under water.

For a brief while Jordan could forget the humiliation and sore bottom which currently beset his life and enjoy doing the one thing at which he really excelled.

Finally, Jordan pulled himself out of the water and climbed onto a large rock on the bank. The spurt of rigorous exercise has relaxed him and he lay down on his stomach to sunbathe for a while. 

His body might feel relaxed , but his mind was still buzzing with the trauma of the last few days. As he lay there he remembered that he was due for another spanking from his Dad later that day, and another the next day. Then on Friday, he was supposed to return to the doctor for more injections in his backside, there was no way of getting out of that, he knew the coach would make sure he attended. As the implications of his situation swirled through his brain he put his head in his hand, a look of pure desperation on his handsome face.

Suddenly, despite his anxiety, he began to feel drowsy. Although he was a fit and healthy 18 year old, the stress of the last few days had been exhausting, and within moments of closing his eyes, he had fallen asleep.

As he slept, the noon day sun became gradually hotter and hotter and it's rays grew more and more intense as the burning ultraviolet shone down on the land below and onto Jordan's naked slumbering body.

Of course, as Jordan spent many hours outside in the sunshine, wearing just his speedos, his body was well tanned and largely immune from the more harmful effects of the sun. However, one part of him was not. The part of him which lay between his golden tan-lines, and which was usually covered by a protective layer of nylon and spandex was still winter white and, given recent events, even more tender than normal.

That part of him, his little bare white bottom. Was now fully exposed and directly in the path of the sun's rays. As the fearsome southern sun blazed down on Jordan's naked behind, the snow white, baby soft skin, began to grow pinker and pinker.

An hour later Jordan awoke, and quickly became aware of a burning sensation to his butt cheeks, which were now very tender and quite badly sunburned. He jumped he feet and peered back over his shoulder at his considerably reddened backside “DAMN and FUCK IT!” he thought, that was the last thing he needed right now, especially as his Dad had threatened him with yet another spanking the coming evening.

CAN'T YOU READ?!” a loud gruff voice rang out, causing him to jump forward and nearly fall of the rock. He spun round to see an angry faced forest ranger glaring at him.

Didn't you see this sign?!” the ranger pointed to the sign which Jordan had ignored “There are dangerous currents in this river, you could have drowned!” 

That's BS!” sneered Jordan “ I was in the rock pool, anyway I am a strong swimmer!”

That doesn't give you the right to break the rules.... or wander around in a public place bare butt naked!”

Until then Jordan had forgotten he was nude, he glanced quickly around, and realised that the ranger was standing between him and his clothes.

What's it to you?” Sneered Jordan “I....”

Before any further words had left Jordan's mouth, the ranger had stepped forward and grabbed hold of him by the arm. “Don't you be disrespecting me!” he snarled. He pointed to his badge “I'll show you what happens to impudent young pups who disrespect this badge!”

The ranger strode towards a fallen tree trunk, pulling the protesting Jordan after him. He sat down and with one powerful movement pulled the unlucky young athlete over his knee. 

Where I come from, when a young varmint like you disrespects the law he ends up with a butt hotter than a jackrabbit's tail in a pepper patch!” He looked down at Jordan's bare bottom perched temptingly of his knee “Which is just how that cute little white …. um .. pink ... tail is gonna' feel when I am done with it!”

With that the ranger began to give Jordan yet another spanking. The long, sweep through swing of his arm, and the almost lazy body language belying the force of his blows.

However, Jordan was under no illusion as to how hard the Ranger's slaps were are they assaulted his upturned rear end. Smack after smack landing hard on the extra tender, sun burnt, cheeks with a sound not unlike an artillery discharge.

OOWW!!” yelled Jordan, “Please Officer Stop!! I didn't see the OWWW sign ….. I OWWCH … didn't see the sign!” he lied.

However, the grinning Ranger showed no intention of stopping, and in fact, increased the force of his slaps in response to the young swimmer's lies.

Meanwhile, and unnoticed to both Jordan and the ranger, Jordan's discarded denim shorts were gradually being swarmed by a troop of fire ants from the nest beneath where he had carelessly tossed them. The tiny creatures crawled all over the short blue pants, most, by pure coincidence (of course) assembling in the seat area.

Whilst the swarm of small stinging insects continued to take up residence in his pants, over by the river bank the spanking continued until Jordan's bottom glowed red with the officer's hand prints, at which point, when he was satisfied that the boy would not be sitting down easily for quite a while, the Ranger shoved Jordan off his lap and stood up. “Let that be a lesson to you youngun!” he said “In future you obey lawful instructions! That sign is there for a reason!”

Meanwhile, Jordan began crawling across the ground clutching his burning butt cheeks, oblivious to the comical spectacle he was creating. “My ass is on fire!” he moaned plaintively.

It will hurt a lot worse than that if I catch you breaking park rules again!” snapped the Ranger, the stern tone belied by the amused twinkle in his eye “Now put your clothes on get on that flashy bike of yours and head on back to the city!”

Then the Ranger mounted his own motorbike, gave Jordan a contemptuous mock salute and rode off down the forest trail, while a glowering and resentful Jordan watched him leave. The Spanking on his sun singed bottom was really stinging like crazy, why did this keep happening to him?!!!

He stomped over to where he had left his clothes, picked up his shorts, without looking at them, and quickly put them on. Within seconds he was to realise what a big mistake this was, his shorts were full of fire ants, especially the seat area hugging his just spanked bottom. The ants, of course, did what ants do when they are threatened, or have their space invaded and immediately began to bite.

AAAAGHHHH!” screamed Jordan as two dozen tiny but ferocious insects began sinking their sharp jaws into his bottom expelling acid like venom as they did so “AAAAAAGGGGHHHHH!!”

Jordan jumped up and down, yelling out in pain as the angry little ants kept furiously biting at him. He struggled with the button of his shorts, but it would not budge. It was as if some mysterious external force was holding it firmly in place and preventing him from stripping off his ant invaded shorts. 

AAAAAGGGHH!!” Yelled Jordan “I'm being eaten alive!!” he continued to frantically struggle with the button of his increasingly tight shorts, but it would not give way. “Make them stop!! make them stop!!” he screamed, but only the trees heard him. There was only one option, he had to drown the vicious little beasts.

Frantic to stop the biting, Jordan ran back to the river bank, he dived into the water and sat chest deep in the shallower area near the bank, submerging his bottom and shorts until the ants finally stopped biting. 
Jordan signed in relief, as the cool water gave some much needed soothing to the stinging of his sunburn, spanked and insect stung bottom!

I TOLD YOU TO KEEP OUT OF THAT WATER!!!” and angry voice roared from the river bank. The Ranger, who had appeared to leave the scene had, in fact, doubled back an instinct alerting him to to check that Jordan was behaving himself.

My pants were full of ants!!” wailed Jordan “They were eating me alive!”

However the Ranger was in no mood to listen to excuses, Jordan had broken the park rules again and there would be consequences! “Come here now boy!” he ordered.

There was a note in the Ranger's voice which demanded obedience, so, reluctantly, and with an overwhelming sense of doom, Jordan waded to the bank. The moment he reached the bank the Ranger grabbed him by the ear and dragged him onto dry land. As he did so, Jordan's shorts, which, only minutes before had been so tight he could not get out of them, fell down around his ankles, leaving him naked once again.

Still holding firmly to Jordan's ear, the Ranger pulled him towards the path, forcing him to stumble out of his shorts, which were then left, together with his t-shirt and sneakers were left together back by the river bank.

What is your address boy?” snapped the Ranger

W...Why do you need that?” stammered Jordan

Don't Mess with me youngun'!” yelled the offer “address now!”

7 …um ... 727 Parkfield!” replied the unhappy young swimmer.

Fine! That's where we are going!” with that he pushed Jordan face down across his motorbike, and the straddled the seat behind him, trapping Jordan between his bulging groin and the steering column of the bike. He then slammed his booted foot down on the pedal, revered the powerful engine and and began to ride the bike, with it's unhappy cargo back up the track towards the road.

Jordan frantically looked back at his own bike, still leaning against the tree. “My bike!!” he yelled.

Forget that boy!” laughed the Ranger, “You have much bigger things to worry about than your old bike”

With that he increased the throttle and sped off down the track, leaving Jordan's clothes and his prized new Yamaha where it was.

The Ranger's own motorbike, with the bare bottomed Jordan draped across it was soon past the track and onto the main road out of the forest, before joining the free-way back towards town. Once again, Jordan could not believe the horror of what was happening to him, once again he was in an embarrassing and exposed position, with a bright red bare bottom on delay, and once again he had the sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach that things were about to get even worse.

Jordan was right, it was about to get worse.

Although they could have reached Jordan's home via quieter side roads, the Ranger chose the more public route through the centre of town, thus ensuring that far more people got to stare and laugh at the one time top jock on campus's latest humiliation.

When a group of young men who Jordan knew from the sports club began cheering the passing spectacle, the mortified lad lowered his head and closed his eyes in shame. His instinct was to try and leap from the bike and escape, but he was held in place by the pressure of the Ranger's bulging groin and rock like thighs, against the bike's metal steering column.

It was then that he became aware of large hard object pressing into his side, and realised with helpless outrage that his captor was actually enjoying humiliating him.

Finally, after having taken a long and very public diversion, the they turned into Parkfield drive, where the Draper family lived. On reaching the house, the Ranger dismounted, pulled the naked Jordan off the bike, and led him to the front door.

The Ranger knocked hard on the front door, and then rang the bell, but there was no immediate answer, and Jordan began to hope that for once he would escape further punishment, perhaps the Ranger would leave him there, so he could get dressed before anyone else saw him, and then work out how to bet his new bike back before his dad found ...ou..... Before he could finish the thought, Jordan's bad luck continued.

can I help you officer!” asked Mr Draper appearing suddenly from the side of the house “Jordan …. where are your clothes?”

Before the, now very miserable Jordan, could reply the Ranger had answered for him, telling Mr, Draper that Jordan had left his clothes littering the countryside so that he could break park rules by swimming in a dangerous river.

After the Ranger had finished Mr. Draper turned to Jordan, the expression on his face thunderous “I can't trust you out of the house for five minutes boy!!” he bellowed! “You know what is going happen now don't you?!!”

No Dad please!” wailed Jordan, “my as... bottom is really sore already, you spanked me this morning, then I got sun burn, then the ranger guy spanked, then all these ants …...!!!”
Don't argue with me boy!” Barked. Mr Draper “Officer, please bring him round to the garage, there are some people who need to see this!!”

Jordan's father then led the Ranger, with the unhappy Jordan in tow, his father's last words “Some people who need to see this ...” still ringing in his head....



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